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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring | 7 Favourite Winter Looks

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! 7 Favourite Winter Looks | Fake Fabulous

My 7 favourite Winter outfits

Winter has been the usual mixed bag of odd Scottish weather.
Ranging from the glorious crisp days of winter sunshine to torrential rain to thigh-deep snow.

Despite the huge (melting) piles of snow outside, today was the first time I've felt the hopeful glow of Spring.

The sun is shining and there's a feeling of optimism.

Of course, it won't last long (this is Scotland after all!) and the rain will return at any moment, but for now, it's a slice of heaven and the perfect time to share my 7 favourite winter outfits.

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1. A Blue 1950's Vintage Coat

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! 7 Favourite Winter Looks | Fake Fabulous

This outfit is all about this gorgeous Vintage coat, made in 1958.
The coat makes a statement on its own but also works perfectly with other shades of blue... and a splash of pink!
Find out the great story behind this piece by following the link in the title above the image.

2.  Black and White Stripes with Bold Contrasts

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! 7 Favourite Winter Looks | Fake Fabulous

This outfit makes me happy which, for me, is 80% of the way to embracing your personal style.
Happiness in an outfit means you feel good.
If you feel good you look good.
It really is that easy!

This outfit is bold, eye-catching and colourful without compromising on comfort or warmth.
Perfect for a cold and dark day.

3.  A Burgundy Jumpsuit with Layers

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! 7 Favourite Winter Looks | Fake Fabulous

This outfit came together because I found this jumpsuit in a charity shop and fell in love!
It was so easy to style and comfortable to wear... who cares if it's not an on-trend colour?

4.  Wearing Red, Orange, Burgundy and Pink... together!

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! 7 Favourite Winter Looks | Fake Fabulous

More burgundy in this outfit.
It's a colour I'm really enjoying this season.
Another thing I enjoy is wearing layers, layers and even more layers.
Mixing burgundy with shades of orange, red and pink makes for an interesting look.
There's plenty going on here!

 5.  Faux Fur and Over-the-Knee Boots

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! 7 Favourite Winter Looks | Fake Fabulous

This outfit is my favourite of the season.
Cosy and practical but still full of personality.
Multicoloured faux fur is such fun to wear and it keeps you nice and warm.

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean we need to compromise on our personal style, does it?

6.  Androgynous 80's Inspired Outfit

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! 7 Favourite Winter Looks | Fake Fabulous

This was such a fun look to wear.
Retro and androgynous.
Unfortunately, I did have to change my shoes quite a short time into my day.

These shoes are not the most comfortable.
It's so annoying when a nice looking shoe turns out to be all style and no substance, isn't it?

 7.  Cashmere & Culottes... a Nod to Spring!

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! 7 Favourite Winter Looks | Fake Fabulous

Last but not least...

Knitted culottes and a loose-fitting tunic.
So comfortable!
This outfit is spring-like and fresh.
It fills me with the joys of spring.
All whilst staying cosy and warm.

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What makes the perfect winter outfit for you?

What about my picks, especially my favourite?
Do you agree?
Please let me know!
I'd love to hear your opinion.


  1. Oh I defenitely like that jumpsuit look! But that pastel yellow looks very good on you!

  2. My fave is the black and white stripe with the bold green, such a fun color pairing! That yellow outfit looks like spring to me, not winter, how did you sneak that in?? :-)


    1. Hahaha...Cheeky, I know.
      It was a freaky sunny and relatively warm day.
      I was desperate to get some spring-like colours on and shake off the winter blues!

  3. You have such great style! Creative use of colors and prints. I discovered your blog through our many mutual friends and look forward to reading your future posts.

    1. Thank you so much and welcome!
      I'm glad you've popped over to leave such a lovely comment.

  4. You look fabulous in each and every outfit her, Samantha! I'm still in love with that vintage blue coat. Beautiful!
    Suzy xx

  5. These looks are truly wonderful Samantha. I followed a few of the links back go the original posts just to refresh my memory and came to a couple of conclusions.
    First, I am always fascinated by your ability to put together unexpected color combinations in really striking and artistically exciting ways!! In my opinion you are a gifted stylist because your personality shines in every ensemble! At the same time I'm always subtly encouraged and inspired to be more adventurous by your photos as well as your narrative. Additionally, I LOVE the way you inject a bit of light-heartedness and humor in many of your outfits with your accessories. Your jewelry,stockings,shoes, hats often reveal your sense of humor which I think adds a dimension of joy to being fashionable. That androgynous cartoon shirt is a less subtle example of this but one of my favorites too!
    Second, I have concluded that your sense of style is my hands down favorite Samantha. That you were the first fashion blogger I discovered is noteworthy (to me) because I was very much a novice to blogging in general and I feel blessed to have started at what I consider the top! The attitudes, wisdoms, lifestyle and philosophies you've shared all resonate with me. I still appreciate your kindness, patience, and honesty with my first questioning comments and emails. I knew nothing about the blogging world you inhabit and you welcomed me informatively and warmly.
    Thank you so much Sam. For the record, your top favorite Winter look is mine as well! :-) <3

    1. Gosh Judy!
      What a fabulous (and humbling) comment.
      I'm bowled over by your lovely words and your continued support and kindness.
      You're a real gem!

  6. My favourite is the same as yours! I cannot WAIT to see the multicoloured faux fur coat again next year, and to see how you will be styling it differently. (Also, I'm secretly hoping to find something similar for myself, for my future winter trips <3)

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. I could see you in this hair beast Liyana!
      I'm sure if you have a good look around you'll find one of the lovely Topshop or ASOS versions kicking about.
      Imagine the scarf options?!?!
      I hope you find one so I can steal/borrow your styling ideas.


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