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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Old Fashioned is the New Cool!

Tweed dress, vintage satin blouse, coloured tights & Chunky boots | Fake Fabulous

I don't know about you, but sometimes the annual springtime sales push that tells us...
"This is the latest must-have-fashion, don't miss out!" 

Leaves me a little chilled.

Of course, I love looking at the new season's latest trend pieces... especially the colour trends and combinations.
The 'new' stylings are always inspiring, and I love seeing how I can use similar pieces in my current wardrobe to create a modern look.

Tweed dress, vintage satin blouse, coloured tights & Chunky boots | Fake Fabulous

However, some days I crave something a little more unique.
Perhaps a better quality fit and finish?
Items that are more skillfully and thoughtfully made.
Pieces built to last.
For this nothing beats a bit of vintage.
Vintage pieces are perfect when you're looking for something different.

AND vintage (or vintage inspired) looks are easy to create for that one-of-a-kind feel.

Tweed dress, vintage satin blouse, coloured tights & Chunky boots | Fake Fabulous

All you need is a little confidence to pull them off.
AND, it doesn't even need to be genuine!
Fake confidence works just as well.

{If you lack the confidence to strut try these 5 steps to body confidence or find out How to overcome fear...HERE.}

This vintage blouse was just the ticket to star in this simple outfit.
Rich colours and different textures add interest.
Chunky boots and equally chunky earrings finished things off nicely!

Today's look is no more high-fashion, fashionable or on-trend than flea in the air.
BUT, somedays we just need to do our own thing don't we?
Regardless of what the world is telling us we should be doing.
A mini style rebellion!

BLOUSE: Vintage Jacques Vert
BOOTS: Vagabond
BAG: Old
POLO NECK: La Redoute

Tweed dress, vintage satin blouse, coloured tights & Chunky boots | Fake Fabulous

Do you sometimes tire of being sold something "New" that is just a re-worked version of something old!?
Please let me know by leaving me a comment.
I love reading them!



  1. Actually, I'm totally loving that you 'crave something a little more unique'. Your vintage blouse looks amazing! and I do love those chunky earrings and chunky boots!, so cool accessorizing!
    I hate being pushed into something 'new' or 'trendy' which I don't feel like wearing. And many new trends are only 're-worked version of something old', as you wisely wrote! I prefer the genuine version!

  2. I'm increasingly finding that the 'new fashion trends' that we're told we must splurge on each season just leave me cold. They usually just don't strike me as very creative or interesting! I dress in a very vintage-inspired way anyway, and have a few treasured genuine vintage pieces; occasionally I can find something on the high street that blends well with my current wardrobe, but mostly not. I've finally reached a point in my life where I'm very happy with my own personal style, and no longer feel the need to jump on every fashion bandwagon. Of course I don't want to look frumpy, but neither do I care about always being 'on trend'. It's very liberating!

    1. I agree Fran!
      It's one of the benefits of getting older... we care less about fitting in or what other people might think of us.
      Very liberating!

  3. Yes, I am all for better quality, older pieces. As of late I am shopping only at charity shops and having a blast finding high quality name brands, in good condition, for the price of a coffee! Btw, love the photo of you with your hands on your hips, you look positively confident and cheeky (in a good way) :) Lise

    1. Hahahaha... thank you Lise :oP
      Nothing beats the thrill of a charity shop bargain does it?
      I've found some amazing things over the years too.

  4. Oh you know me Samantha I just wear what I like when I like. Fashions and trends mean nothing. I wouldn’t know the latest thing if I fell over it. If I do have something in vogue it’ll be by pure chance haha.
    You work the individual look so beautifully with every outfit
    Lynn xxx

    1. Hahahaha... if you wait long enough Lynn EVERYTHING come back on-trend in one form or another.
      Anyway, vintage is always in style!

  5. I would definitely wear that outfit from head to almost to toe (I'm not a bootie person). I, like you, love to see what is new on the horizon but can't afford to (nor want to) keep up with every trend and cycle.

    1. Hahaha... fair enough Tami!
      I'd love to know what shoes/long boots you would pick??

  6. The older I get the more rounds of seasonal fashion hype I've experienced. When you love fashion it's difficult to observe your own creeping cynicism but that is balanced by the creative empowerment you feel when your own closet can satisfy the demands of a new season in authentic self styling.
    You do that kind of styling so well Samantha!! I LOVE your mustard color tights! This is a color that can be tough for me to wear but I'm finding ways to incorporate it. I'm pretty sure you're a catalyst for that Sam!!
    I also love the sort of architectural feel of the suede embellishment on your dress. This outfit is just cool!

    1. Thank you Judy!
      I'm so glad you're trying a bit of mustard. Anything is possible if you make it. :o)
      Yellows are such a big trend this spring/summer (again!!).... luckily we have that covered already don't we?
      One of the joys of being colour loving.

  7. You're absolutely right, Samantha! It's good to see what the latest looks are but then just spice up old pieces to make that look more unique! You look fabulous!
    Suzy xx


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