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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Dots, Spots and Comfortable Shoes!

Blue Fit and Flare Dress, Spotty Tights and Mary Janes | Fake Fabulous

Today the snow is coming down heavier than I've seen it in a long time (we have a Red Met Office weather warning which has never been seen here before) so I'm cosied up in layers of wool and sharing an outfit from last weekend.
No snow in these photos but it was still bitterly cold!
My big coat is just out of shot, and I'm gritting my teeth against the chill.

This outfit has so many layers under it that I'm almost a dress size thicker, although my bare wrists are still not happy.
My feet, on the other hand, are grinning from pinky to biggy.
Happy toes!

Blue Fit and Flare Dress, Spotty Tights and Mary Janes | Fake Fabulous

These cute (in both senses of the word) shoes were sent to me by Calla and I must admit that when they first contacted me I thought...
"Erm...No thank you!"
A shoe company that specialises in shoes for people with bunions.
It doesn't sound very cool, or particularly sexy does it?!
Words such as 'comfortable' and 'bunions' don't exactly get me excited when it comes to footwear. 😝

However, as someone who has a small tailor's bunion (aka a bunionette) on my right foot, I know how horrific the pain can be.
Especially in shoes that press against that area.
So, I decided to have a look around the site for the sake of research and keeping an open mind.

Most of the styles are what I would call classic and, as much as I love a classic shoe on other people, I tend not to wear too many myself.

Luckily, these classic yet cute little Mary Janes caught my eye immediately!
The Mary Jane style of shoe is the perfect way to showcase fun coloured (and/or patterned) pair of tights.
There's something about that little strap over the foot that makes a shoe seem cute and quirky... reminding me of (uber-cool) Japanese street style.

{This post isn't sponsored BTW, I just loved the quality of these shoes!}

Blue Fit and Flare Dress, Spotty Tights and Mary Janes | Fake Fabulous

The rest of this outfit came together really easily.
Starting with the Mary Janes I went straight for my spotty tights... a recent gift from a good friend with a great eye for what I love!
Adding a simple skater-style dress shows off as much of the leg (and the tights) as possible, without looking too trashy.
My spotty bag and trusty old magpie necklace finished things off nicely!

Blue Fit and Flare Dress, Spotty Tights and Mary Janes | Fake Fabulous

It was only when I was going through the photographs of this outfit that I realised that I'm channelling my Magpie necklace more than I realised!

Black, white and blue... bold and eye-catching like our feathered friends.
Although, the Magpie's plumage is more of an iridescence then a real blue colour.
So, technically, I'm not quite right but I feel as colourful and cheeky as Mr Magpie himself!

Do you suffer any problems with your feet?
I use various cheats to make my shoes more comfortable, from sheepskin liners to chiropody felt.
Do you have any tips or tricks?
I'd love to steal hear them!

DRESS: Charity shopped for 50p... yep only one half of a measly pound and it's heavyweight and fully lined. I LOVE finding little gems like this one... try this one
SHOES: c/o Calla
BAG: Dune... Charity shopped (again!)... similar.
TIGHTS: Oroblu.. a gift.




  1. Love the tights! This outfit really is cute. Lise

  2. Those tights are amazing! I had similar ones in the 80s from good old Woolworths and definitely need some again. ��

    1. Oh I miss Woolies Kate!
      Almost everything came from there when I was a girl.

  3. OMG, Samantha! This is definitely my favourite EVER outfit I've seen on you!!!!! I would totally wear this whole ensemble. Those tights are divine and I love them with the Mary Janes. GORGEOUS!!!
    Suzy xx

    1. Hahahaha... thank you SO much Suzy!
      I'm glad you like it.
      I felt quite cheeky and flirty in it :oP

  4. what a lovely outfit!, those tights are amazing, I love your dress (such a cute shape) and that magpie pendant!, fabulous accessorizing! Really, you rock your accessories!. Gorgeous!
    Those shoes look really comfy and cute!. I think that bunions are the only problem I don't have!, mwahaha, my fussy feet include plantar fascitis and morton neuroma, so I've become a huge fan of sneakers and similars!. So difficult to find a cute shoe that I can walk in!

    1. Ouch and ouch!!
      My friend suffers from plantar and she wear ugly ugly shoes.
      Bravo to you for not doing that.
      Proving comfy doesn't need to mean ugly.

  5. I also have a tailor's bunion and you're the first person I know to have one! I adore Mary Janes and cool hose, and you have both!

    1. Hahahaha... My friends thought I was taking the Micky when I told them!
      I'm glad I'm not alone. although it's bloody sore at times so I'm sorry you have to suffer too.

  6. What a fun and fabulous outfit! Absolutely love the tights! X

  7. The whole outfit is fab, but the tights are simply amazing (what a great friend!) I have never seen any similar - and I look a lot! The shoes are also great, and that colour dress works so well on you. One of my favourite of all your looks!

    1. They are great aren't they?
      I think she was surprised by how much I liked them.
      Thank you very much for your kind comment!

  8. Oooh! fun spotty legs!

    I have extra sensitive feet partially due to my Fibromyalgia. They are what I call the "divas" of my body. When my feet aren't happy none of me is.


    1. That must be miserable Suzanne!
      My feet are delicate little divas too... so annoying as I want to wear killer heels but always have to take a change for when the divas go into full-on meltdown mode.
      I envy those women with feet of steel!

  9. Birds of a feather??? The magpie necklace has the same humorous charm that the black fishbone necklace has and is a perfect accessory for this look. I also love the positive/negative effect of the tights and your handbag. Maryjanes will always have a place in my heart and they absolutely help to showcase the tights! Whenever you wear something in this stunning cobalt blue I'm swept up in the loveliness Samantha. I see it as your signature color.
    I'm plagued by nasty bunions on both feet. My Scottish grandmother had them too! Mine aren't usually painful but they do create other foot problems so they're not fun! There are certain shoestyles I avoid. I recently found a package of wool fiber among my dad's hunting boots and I immediately yhought of you Samantha! What exactly do you do with it?

    1. I use it a bit like a dancer on pointe... putting it around my toes, like a nest, in the front of shoes. under socks if needed!
      The chiropody felt is on an adhesive strip (a bit like a thick wool plaster) I stick that to the inside of shoes that have a bit that rubs... you can cut it to any size.
      The sheepskin liners are just an insole made of sheepskin and they are absolute heaven in any shoe.
      Especially if it's a cold day!
      I'm sorry to hear you have bunions Judy... so annoying and they spoil the look of some shoes, especially sandals.
      However the fact they are not painful is a real blessing!
      My teeny bunionette is sometimes agony, so you are lucky in that respect.
      Long may your pain-free feet continue to give you good service. :oP

  10. These shoes are super cute indeed. I sometimes have feet pain, especially when wearing high heel pumps that are narrow and pointy. I can relate to the agony! You look so pretty and I love the printed tights. Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion and beauty blog

    1. Thank you Vale.
      Sore feet can be miserable, can't they?
      Hopefully we can strike a balance between comfort and style most of the time.

  11. Love, love, Love it!!! The Mary Janes are too cute and are perfect with those amazing tights. I really like the bright blue dress and how you layered it, as well. Have a wonderful weekend, Sam!

  12. I know I'm a little behind with this post but I have to leave a comment telling you this: I LOVE ALL THE DOTS HERE SO MUCH <3 <3 <3


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