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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Bad days, eBay Pitfalls and Charity Shop Consolation!

Magenta Wool Dress, Teal Coat, Fuschia Bag | Winter Colour | Fake Fabulous

Wouldn't it be nice if we could sail through life without a glitch?
No major problems.
Not even any minor niggles.
It would be great, wouldn't it?
I bet there would be no furrowed brows in the world!

However, back in reality, sometimes really bad things happen to us all.
It's inevitable.

What's also guaranteed are those silly and annoying little things that happen more regularly than we'd like them to.

Today was one of those annoying little niggle days.

In a nutshell...

I had decided to get back onto eBay after an age away from it.
I'm selling a few pieces that don't fit me too well, or I've only worn once or twice and don't see myself wearing again.
You know the type of things, don't you?
We all have them lurking.

Anyway, I am thrilled to sell a coat of mine I've only worn a couple of times.
It's a beautiful coat, only being sold because it's too tight on the shoulders for me.
{You can see the coat HERE.}
I'm sure any buyer will be thrilled with it.

Yay, I'm all excited!
My first eBay sale in a long while.

Then the inevitable happens...

My single sale turns out to be a disaster.
The buyer claims the coat is damaged (a button has been ripped off tearing the fabric of the coat)... I'm gutted.

I know it was immaculate as I made a point of checking everything carefully before sending.
I want to treat people as I would like to be treated after all.
So this comes as a blow.

So the buyer obviously wants a full refund, plus a postage refund plus I have to pay return postage.
And there's nothing I can do about it.
Nothing at all.
I just have to write it off as a loss...

The loss of an expensive coat, which is now unusable.
The loss of money.
The loss of my time and effort.
The loss of my faith in eBaying and other eBayers.

Gutted doesn't even cover it.

So... I'm feeling glum.
What to do?

Magenta Wool Dress, Teal Coat, Fuschia Bag | Winter Colour | Fake Fabulous

THE best way to shake off the doldrums is to get a little perspective on things.

Yes, it's time and money down the pan... plus the loss of an expensive (and beautiful) coat that is now ripped and unwearable.

BUT... it's only 'stuff' isn't it?

YES, I may be seriously in need of that money this month BUT I still have a roof over my family's head, and food in our bellies.

It's only money at the end of the day.
No one is hurt.
Nothing of any real value is lost.
None of the important things in life.
Only my faith in Ebaying!!

So with my moping "poor me" head on I needed to reach for some comforting clothes!

Magenta Wool Dress, Teal Coat, Fuschia Bag | Winter Colour | Fake Fabulous

It may sound silly but, in times of need, I always want to wear something colourful and bold.
Colour never fails to lift my mood... no matter how serious (or trivial) my worries are.
Positive dressing is the catalyst for a positive attitude.

And what could be better to ease a sore purse (or an empty bank) than some real Charity Shop bargains!
Oh yes, Great quality items picked up at rock-bottom prices.

Already I'm beginning to forget my eBay hassles and focus on the good things in life!

Please share any little niggles that have ruffled your feathers this week!
I'd love to hear them!

{Oh, and if you'd like to have a nosey as to what I'm selling on eBay my username is Samantha4b... See me HERE!}

Magenta Wool Dress, Teal Coat, Fuschia Bag | Winter Colour | Fake Fabulous

HOBBS WOOL DRESS: Charity shopped for £3.00
REISS WOOL COAT: Charity Shopped for £1.50... oh yes!
PINK LEATHER BAG: Charity shopped for £4.00
BIRD BLOUSE: Charity shopped for £1.50
BOOTS: La Redoute (old)
SCARF: New Look (old)

Magenta Wool Dress, Teal Coat, Fuschia Bag | Winter Colour | Fake Fabulous



  1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. There are some awful people out there. Your bold colours look fabulous - and even better that some of the clothes were thrifted! M

  2. Oh what a total pain that is. Maybe the coat was damaged in transit, or perhaps your buyer tore it and is being dishonest? Whatever, all water under the bridge now...

    Your cheerful outfit more than makes up for it all. I adore the combination of colours and the coat is just a thing of beauty! I want to go to YOUR thrift shops, you always find the most amazing pieces. Maybe you should have a shopping section on your blog where you sell some of the gems you find?!

    My gripe this week is that my phone AND laptop battery have died within a week of each other. I hate you APPLE!!! xx

    1. Oh Lisa I hope it was the former and not the latter!
      Whatever happened it's water under the bridge, as you say... I just refunded her the money and told her to keep the coat. No point in wasting time on it or throwing good money after bad.
      Just draw a line and move on.
      I'd love to visit YOUR charity shops down in London... maybe one day Lisa??

  3. It is annoying when these issues happen, but I do feel like life would be awfully boring if everything went smashingly!!
    Color is always the best answer, and you are the prime example of how it makes one smile!!

  4. Love this color combo! Lise

  5. Oh that would me feel down too! But luckely there are worse things that can happen! Isn t it fantastic that colors can brighten a day up!

    1. I agree Nancy... a trivial matter really!
      There are always bigger fish to fry.

  6. I hope you went outside and howled at the moon a couple times just to ease your anger a bit. DANG!! What a dissappointing experience! I'm really sorry that this happened to you Samantha. You seem to have very rationally and effectively dealt with the bad taste left in your mouth. You have some cute items for sale and I hope they all go quickly and SMOOTHLY.
    YOUR COLORS ARE SO PRETTY!! I just saw a gardening website that featured a section/ bed in these same hues of blues, lavenders, and pinks. Loving the booties SO much!!

    1. Nature is the best source of inspiration Judy!
      If mother nature put a colour combination together then it must work perfectly... green with everything!! :oP

  7. Happy belated birthday dearest Samantha!!!

  8. Such a disgusting thing when you have to deal with untrusty people at eBay, that kind of things usually make me feel sad for days! and it's not about the loss of money and time, it's all about feeling cheated (injured pride!)
    Glad that you get through it with a lovely attitude, not taking things too personally, just like 'shit happens'. Anyway, I'm sorry for you!!
    Lovely to see you rocking a colorful outfit and looking so fabulous!, I love all those colors and the fab accessorizing!(that scarf!), and the cute details (those birds on your blouse)!

    1. Thank you so much Monica!
      As you rightly say... shit happens and we just move on.

  9. What an irritating, totally accessory saga. I am glad you brightened yourself up with some colour. And what colours! I love this combination. Who would have thought that the dress and tights would work together, but they do. You really are the queen of colour! Kx

    1. Thank you so much.
      I think of burgundy/oxblood as a neutral, I didn't even think about it really... but now you mention it!! :op

  10. How horrible, Samantha! I'm assuming this person is just saying it's ripped to get their money back There are some horrid people about, aren't there? But you look gorgeous – you mix and match colour so well. It's enough to make anyone smile and forget about the trivialities of day to day!
    Suzy xx

    1. Oh Suzy I was hoping not, and giving the benefit of the doubt BUT it looks like it!
      Sigh... never mind, it's just a sad waste of a beautiful item that someone else could have loved.

  11. I do envy your charity shops in the favorite part of shopping when I'm visiting there! Wish we had them in the US. I do love your talent in assembling lovely and distinctive outfits.

    1. Oh thank you so much Julie!
      I always imagine the US to have much better charity shopping/thrifting opportunities. Wouldn't it be fun to have a good rummage together? :o)

  12. The contractor who is replacing our kitchen cabinets has broken two promises to call when he said he would to finalize design and scheduling. When I nagged, he got all huffy, then quickly sent an apology email a minute later. Luckily, no $$$ paid until the job is done. I hate having to remind contractors and other workers that homeowners are customers and should be treated professionally. Ugh

    1. Ugh... that's the worst Rosie!
      I get so impatient with workmen in my home.
      Hurry up and get out!... LOL.
      I hope your issues are resolved soon and you get your house back.

  13. What a pain the buyer is! If that had been me I would've checked with you first to see if it had been pristine when you sent it, then repaired it myself if you assured me it was. It's a valuable lesson for me too as I often send artwork and glass art, including posting mirrors, to customers. And so it highlights the need to be extremely careful.

    Another one is to always send things by trackable mail. You'll know this, of course, but my little sister didn't. She sent something out by EBay and the woman claimed she'd never received it. One look at her account showed that she had a habit of giving bad feedback saying the same thing - coincidence? It looked very much as if she was trying it on, but of course my little sister could say nothing as she hadn't taken the precaution of sending it by signed-for post.

    1. It's awful isn't it?
      If only people treated each other the way they would like to be treated then we would all be happy!

  14. Long time no see sweetie! Yes, I feel for you with the ups and downs of eBay, but hopefully you'll have a few sales thanks to this lovely post. Your colourful outfit today is the perfect antidote to the blahs and how wonderful that you got so many charity shop bargains - you're a girl after my own heart!

    Anna x

    1. We love a charity shop find don't we dear Anna?
      Thank you for popping by to say hello!


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