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Sunday, 4 February 2018

7 Fabulous Bloggers you Should be Following

I've been bowled over with inspiration after my plea to...
"Please share your favourite bloggers with me!" 
I decided to be utterly selfish and trim the list down to 7 bloggers that I loved from all of your (fabulous) suggestions.

Thank you so much to anyone who took the time to comment and email me.
I really appreciate your efforts.
I was overwhelmed with all of the suggestions.

Please check out my blogroll for some more awesome blogs with wonderfully inspiring ladies that I love following.

However, my daughter challenged me to list my top 5.
"Mum, if you had to pick ONLY 5 unmissable, must-read, can't-miss-a-moment blogs which ones would they be?"
Yikes... SO tricky!

I narrowed it down to these 5 amazing ladies...

Catherine @Not Dressed as Lamb

Monica @Senora Allnut

Lisa @ The Sequinist

Lisa @ Lisa Eldridge

Liyana@ Affordorable

I love these 5 blogs for different reasons.
Some of these bloggers are HUGE, making their living from blogging... others are relatively small BUT all of these ladies are truly unmissable for me.
When I only have 5 minutes to browse the blogging world I HAVE to see what these women have been up to.
They are always so uplifting and inspiring!

Do you agree with my top 5?

Now on to some 'new' blogs... that aren't new at all but they are new to me and my blogroll and definitely worth checking out.

To quote a lovely email I received... 
"She lives in California (and) is in her 50s.I think she is, or was, a style consultant. Very sweet gal, seems very likeable.  She has a casual lifestyle and a great knack for styling casual clothes." 

2. Bettye @ Fashionschlub

The lovely Bettye seems like a genuinely nice person with a very supportive and generous nature.
I love her attitude and style
Plus, she is a dog lover too!

3. Angie @ You Look Fab

Angie's blog is different from the usual.
She has an interactive forum where you can get plenty of support from likeminded ladies all around the globe.

4. Andriana @ Fake Leather

This blog is SO beautiful.
Andriana is a stunning Mexican lady living in Spain, her style and her photos are fabulous!
Chic and stylish.

4. Paola @ Finding Paola

Colour, rich colour and .... more vibrant COLOUR.
I LOVE the images and the attitude.
My kind of blog!

5. Tolly @ Tolly Dolly Posh

I've got jeans older than Tolly! (She's 17) but she has a mature and talented head on her (beautiful) shoulders.
Her blog is colourful and eclectic with an ethical angle.

6. Amina @ Tassel Fairy

I must admit that I let out a little squeal when Amina's page loaded.
If you love colour then check out her (uber) bright style!

7. Jessica @ Jessica Rose Williams

Monochrome and minimalistic... certainly not 'me' but absolutely beautiful.
Calming and inspiring!

I could go on and on.... (and on)... as there were SO many suggestions!

These ladies, however, made me linger on their blogs for longer than the others and I spent hours exploring their posts!

Is there anyone missing from this list?
Is your favourite not mentioned here (or on my blogroll)??

If so, please let me know so I can check them out!



  1. I'm off to check out some of these blogs I didn't know about!
    Have a great week Samantha
    Laurie xx

    1. I've just noticed you aren't on my blogroll Laurie... and I was sure you were!!! Off to fix that now! XXX

  2. Oh gosh you were so kind to mention my blog here! And in such excellent company! Some, like Tassel Fairy, I knew, but others are new to me and I'll be sure to check them out!

    Bettye (aka BIG dog lover!)

  3. I think I gasped when I saw my blog listed as one of your favourite fives - I just cannot believe it! (I told my husband immediately in excitement!) I feel so incredibly touched and humbled by it, as you have been a huge inspiration to me when it comes to blogging. This really encourages me to continue blogging, despite the fact that I don't even have that many readers. I cannot thank you enough for showing your support to me but I will continue to thank you anyway - thank you thank you THANK YOU.

    ps: You are DEFINITELY on of my MY firm faves too.
    pps: I'm glad you like the blogs I suggested! I got excited by that too!!!

    1. Oh Liyana you KNOW how cool I think you (and your blog) are. :oP
      Thank you for some amazing suggestions...I had loads to look at and these really made me sit up and take notice.

  4. I think this is such a great, inspirational post! I'm going to check out all of these great bloggers. Some I already follow, others not. My friend, Anita, and I have been discussing how bloggers aren't always very supportive of each other. We can't understand that behavior. Your post goes to show how supportive you are! Check out my friend Anita's blog at . She's so worth following. Have a great week ahead!

    1. TBH Julie I think women (in general, not just bloggers) are often guilty of not supporting each other.
      Goodness knows the world is a tough enough place for the XX chromosomes without us tearing each other down too :oP
      I'm off to check out your friends blog too... thank you for the suggestion.

  5. I have to go check these all out now! Thanks for the recommendations! I do love Bettye of Fashion Schlub already!


    1. She's fab isn't she? Thank you so much Shelbee... I'm adding you to my blogroll too (I thought you were there already TBH) XX

  6. wowww, I feel like a rockstar!! Do you know that I'm smiling so much and so much time that new wrinkles are now appearing on my face!? mwahaha, I love you!!
    (and taking notes on these 'new' ladies, lots of inspiration and talent!)

  7. To be listed as a favourite blogger by one of MY favourite bloggers is a real honour. Thank you so much for including me in your list, Sam. I always drop into your online space whenever I can because your originality and flair for colour never ceases to inspire me (although your knack for finding incredible vintage or thrifted pieces is a little infuriating, if I'm honest!! :-) How do you DO it?). I'm already working my way through your other recommendations... Love to you xxx

    1. Awww shucks Lisa.... I've gone all bashful! :oP
      You're super-cool and your photos are always amazing.
      As for charity shopping... in London it should be a a breeze!!!
      Most of the pieces up here are from George or Primark... hardly classic vintage.
      I'd LOVE to have a look through the pickings down south.
      Maybe one day we can shop together!? :o)

  8. Will be having a peek at these Samantha, thanks for sharing them. Jacqui

  9. I'm going to take a close look at all of your favorites. I follow 3 from your top 5 but Liyana/ Affordorable has a very special place in my heart. As do you my dear!!

  10. Ah, I just found this! Thanks so much for listing me - I really appreciate it! :)

    1. My pleasure Tolly!! I'm so glad I've been introduced to your blog! XXX

  11. Nailing the blogs down to 5 favorites is tough!

    1. I know Nicole!!! It was SO hard. My daughter took great pleasure in it! :oP

  12. Samantha I'm SO honoured to be in your top 5, thank you!!!!!!! And I love these sorts of lists - there is always someone that's new to me so I shall be checking them all out stat :)

    Catherine x

  13. I love your 5 favourites Sam - I would have found that super hard to do. I simply feel honoured to be on your favourites list on the side full stop. I love your blog, so original and always with great ideas.

    xx Yvonne


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