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Saturday, 6 January 2018

I'm not ready to be Frumpy! Breaking colour Rules | Blue & Green

Mixing Blue & Green | Breaking Colour Rules | Fake Fabulous

I'm starting my 2018 posts in earnest this week (Hogmanay recovery over!) and I plan to be breaking a few (more) fashion rules this year.

Last year I was getting a little fed up with being force-fed the 'age appropriate' frump factor.
Companies, brands and media letting me know that now I was in my 40's I should be buying their (frumpy and boring) clothes and stop making a show of myself in brightly coloured items from shops that are 'too young' for me.

Well, for 2018 I'm sticking two fingers up to those boring rules and plan to be mostly wearing MORE colour.
And hopefully being totally inappropriate to boot!

While flashing the flesh leaves me cold (literally!) I still plan to be sporting more unexpected shapes and putting together more interesting colour combinations.

Some outfits might work.
Some may not...
You can be the judge of that!

This year I will be wearing anything that catches my eye... no matter where it's from.
From Topshop to M&S 'Classics', anything goes.

2018 is not only the year of the dog BUT the year of having an (even more) open fashion mind.
Woof woof!

I plan to be re-working old items, scouring more charity shops and checking online for super-duper-bargains.

I also plan to do some more 'Beauty trends for real life' videos... hopefully, a little slicker than my previous rough-around-the-edges videos.
Stay tuned for that!

So, in the spirit of my "Stop telling me what I should be doing!!" attitude, I'm wearing a naughty colour combination today.

Blue and Green.

Plus a little Black and Navy...
Bad girl!

Mixing Blue & Green | Breaking Colour Rules | Fake Fabulous

This is a simple and comfortable work outfit that is also fun to wear.
A few cheeky touches make all the difference.
Check out these socks!

Mixing Blue & Green | Breaking Colour Rules | Fake Fabulous

These Navy trousers are really old now but were such a great buy.
Top notch quality, wash well and very comfortable!
I'm pairing them with a patterned blouse that has a pretty pussy bow detail.
Unfortunately, the bow seemed lacking in oomph today.

{See this blouse styled in a different way...
With black dungarees HERE and with a cobalt coat and pattern clashing HERE.}

A simple way to add more impact to a limp bow is to layer another scarf with it.
Any fine silk (or silky) scarf will work perfectly.

Mixing Blue & Green | Breaking Colour Rules | Fake Fabulous

Layers were essential today!

{Stepping outside without my coat for these photos was awful.
I was SO cold and kept saying to my husband.... "1, 2, 3 ...fake warm face!"}

Adding a couple of thermal base layers and a colourful polo-neck kept me cosy (indoors).
A classic bag and a pair of pretty earrings finished things off nicely.
Workwear doesn't need to be dull.

What are your (fashion) plans for 2018?
A style revamp?
Being braver and bolder?
Shopping less and restyling more?

Please let me know by leaving a comment, I love hearing from you!

BLOUSE: Charity shopped (Zara, I think??)... similar.
GREEN POLO-NECK: c/o Kettlewell... similar.
EYE SOCKS: c/o Zohara
BLUE BOOTS: Zara... similar.
NAVY BAG: c/o Lotus
SILK SCARF: A gift from a friend... try this one.

Mixing Blue & Green | Breaking Colour Rules | Fake Fabulous

Yes, we are still allowed to have fun with fashion in our 40's and beyond.
Make 2018 the year of being true to YOU.




  1. Second blog with blue and green I've seen this week, this one will catch on I think. Super outfit Sam, I love it and will try it out. x Jacqui

    1. Where did you see more blue and greenness Jacqui?
      I'd love to check that out too.
      Blue and green are really appealing to me at the moment.

  2. I just was reading a post by Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust and she used the words "wild abandon"...I think I am going with that for my theme of 2018! Dress with wild abandon! Do what makes you happy. And rock your own unique style without any regard for the opinions of others on the topic of style. You look amazing as usual and every detail is perfectly added with strategic and wild abandon! Love! Thanks so much for joining my Link Up On the Edge!

  3. Blue and green are fabulous together! Just like red and pink don t you think so too? What a fun socks you are wearing and those booties are also such a fabulous color! Always inspiring yours outfits! I hope you would like to join my Fancy Friday linkup!

    1. Thank you Nancy!
      Red and pink... a big YES to that combination too.

  4. Yay! I love blue and green together! I often wear boring grey or dark blue in winter just because I find it so hard to find anything nice in the shops that suits me. However.., I did snap up a designer stretchy leopard print skirt in the sale recently paired with black tights and black ankle boots.., and planning to splurge on a black silk high neck short sleeve blouse which has a slightly sheer top half for that extra little bit of oomph ;-) ok so not a lot of colour going on but for me that leopard print skirt is super brave! It can be worn longish below the knee or a bit higher. Just need an excuse to wear it! I too have short hair. Love your blog. I’ve just turned 45 so you give me hope ��

  5. Wonderful mix of colors and patterns with unexpected pops of surprising details certainly showcase your unique style that is modern and ageless. Fabulous!


  6. Mwahaha, I'm wearing some blue and green together right now!, so lovely to see you wearing colors and fabulous boots and accessories!
    I think that your blouse looks perfect with a green polo-neck and a cute scarf, a really interesting layering!

    1. I'm so glad you love blue and green too.
      Although you are a master at wearing ANY colour Monica!

  7. I love your 2018 fashion plan Samantha! Looking forward to seeing more chic outfits like this one - blue and green have never looked better together.

    By the way I almost, almost bought those boots! I was contemplating between them and the glittery similar ones. You're making me regret not buying them now though, oh dear...

    1. Glittery ones....?????
      I'm off for another look!!
      {You are a bad influence on me Liyana :oP}

  8. I love the idea of adding a scarf to literally pump up the volume of your pussy bow. Blue and green are lovely together! What fashion ogre is hiding under a bridge somewhere making up these ridiculous rules?!?
    Your booties are just killer cute and the eye socks put them right over the top!
    You have a great start ln your rebel resolve for 2018!!

  9. I love blue and green together, Samantha and think you pull it off absolutely brilliantly! LOVE this entire look on you. I also love your attitude and shall look forward to seeing loads more bright colours on you!
    Suzy xx


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