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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

FIRE & ICE | Red Hot Tones on a Frosty Day

Fire & Ice | Layering warm tones, orange, red and pink | Fake Fabulous

Baby, it's cold outside... or (much more likely to come out of my mouth) "Ye Gawds it's Baltic!"
I love crisp and sunny winter days.
The light is SO beautiful.

With the cold crispness comes the urge to wear roasty-toasty clothes but I don't always want to look (and feel) bulky or 'wrapped up'.

For me, the best way to get a warm feeling is to mix some traditionally HOT colours together.
Reds, Pinks and Oranges are perfect.

This outfit is all about the "fiyah"🔥 ... and the secret thermal layers!!

Fire & Ice | Layering warm tones, orange, red and pink | Fake Fabulous

Despite this (relatively) thin blazer, I am as snug as a bug in a rug in this outfit thanks to my under-layers that are giving the illusion of a much lighter look.

I'm wearing wool socks under my tights plus a culotte slip and an extra thermal base layer under my polo-neck and jumpsuit.
Plus... two pairs of gloves!

A silk scarf at your neck is surprisingly warm, especially when paired with a pure wool wrap.
Layering scarves can add more interest, colour and texture to a look.

You may think all of these layers make trips to the bathroom a three-act play?
But this jumpsuit is a simple slip design and is easy to take down.
Bathroom trips are as easy as pie as my thermal layers are in two simple sections.
No fiddling around with zips and buttons on the jumpsuit either (who has time for that?).
The only thing to remember is to smooth things down when tucking in.
Bumpy bits aren't a good look!

Fire & Ice | Layering warm tones, orange, red and pink | Fake Fabulous

I did think about wearing my burgundy buckle boots from THIS POST.
They would have worked well but sometimes a little leopard is what we need, isn't it?

What colours are floating your boat this week?
Please let me know in the comments (or drop me an email)... I'd love to try them too!

ORANGE JUMPSUIT: Topshop (from eBay)
PINK GLOVES: John Lewis (a gift)
BAG: Lango (Charity shopped)
PINK SCARF: Charity shop

Fire & Ice | Layering warm tones, orange, red and pink | Fake Fabulous



  1. you rock your layering!! lovely color combo, lovely textures (the 'wrinkled' jumpsuit adds lots of interest, and such an amazing color!)
    I love that you layered scarves, such a wise tip!, I love a silk neckerchief, and it looks nice under a wool scarf! and toasty!
    And your leopard boots look perfect!, a genuine touch of elegance!

    1. Thank you Monica!
      I love layering up scarves... such an easy way to keep warmer.

  2. I adore all of these colours together; what a fantastic mix. I'm not creative enough to layer like this; I just chuck on a huge coat! xx

  3. I would never have thought to layer two different styles of scarf that way, but I think it looks great and I will have to try it myself! I discovered a bit of a passion for mustard yellow last year, and I'm still wearing it now, in every way possible, even thought it's not traditionally a winter shade.

  4. Such great colours together, Samantha! And I love that you mentioned going to the loo is a breeze lol!!
    Suzy xx

  5. OMG I am DY-ING over this whole outfit and the colours and the layering Samantha... it has to be one of my absolute FAVOURITES of yours to date!! I'm pinning it right now, then I'll DM you my address and you can just post it to me and then that will avoid any arguments, nnnnnnnkay?!!!!


    Catherine x

  6. What a fabulous color combo and then the pop of leopard print. You are divine pretty lady!

  7. I'm forever charmed and intrigued by your thrilling and unbridled play with color. I honestly think that there's something grounding and neutral about choosing the leopard booties. They're perfect!
    No one would ever guess that you've piled on warm layers beneath all this lusciousness. These colors read fiyah=warmth. Do you think they work subliminally to help you feel warmer too! :-):-)

  8. Sam, you look fabulous! I love all the fiery colors to warm up the icy atmosphere! And while burgundy boots would have worked just perfectly, I agree that leopard is better! I am going to need to try this double scarf look...I think I have done it once or twice before when I have wanted to wear a silk neckerchief but it was so cold that I needed a heavier scarf for venturing outdoors...but I don't think I have ever done it with style in I know that this can be done! Thanks for the great inspiration, my friend. Stay warm!


  9. I love all of these colors, the orange and reds.. fab look! I love the double scarf idea as well as the dual mittens! i have done dual socks, but not more. The booties are such fun..everyone needs one pair of leopard booties!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  10. First of all Samantha let me just say this: I honestly would LOVE to hear you say, "Ye Gawds it's Baltic!"

    This outfit is "fiyah" alright! I love all kinds of reds after all. You just have this knack of pairing unexpected colours together, I don't think I've ever done purple + red, but I'll be thinking about doing so now!

    xo, Liyana |

  11. Those boots! Love them!

    My colours of late are black, purple and grey - and I love them! It's mainly because I'm living in my yoga gear because I'm keeping fit. But also because I've been in and out of hospital for a (thankfully) daily minor but important treatment. I've been told to rest my voice as much as possible, which means a fair bit of time indoors. Another advantage of yoga gear is it's thin enough to put my new coat on top of for when I want to go out for walks (every day!).

    Emerald x


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