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Sunday, 21 January 2018

3 Easy Ways to be Stylish on a Budget #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

1. Get the Best Quality 'Basics' you can Afford...

Spend your money on your basics.
BUT before you start, remember that not everyone's basics are the same.

My basics would be dark jeans, boots, a warm coat, jumpers, belts and bags.
Your basics might be dresses, cardigans and court shoes.
Or... trousers, trainers and blouses.
Whatever your favourite items are (your go-to items) those are your basics.
Ignore anyone that tells you that you need certain pieces, like trenchcoats and blazers.
Only buy them if you really love them... and will wear them to death.

2. Try Outlet Shops and Charity Shops.

Be careful.
Only buy what you fall in love with.

Make sure the quality is there.
A bargain priced acrylic jumper will look nasty in no time.
Good quality wool (or cashmere) on the other hand, looks great forever.
{If you look after it}

Sometimes items are at rock bottom prices because they look bloody awful!
If you can, read the reviews.
Check the cost (and ease) of returns.

If in doubt remember my Grandpa's wise words...

"It's only a bargain if you'd have happily paid full price!"

3. Be Cautious with Colour!

Yes, we all know pale coloured outfits can look uber-expensive and super-chic but, only if the quality is tip-top.

Cream trousers (for example) look fabulous if they are made from quality wool crepe.
Not so nice in cheap poly/viscose.

If the budget is tight avoid cheap versions of quality pieces.
If you really want those cream trousers don't waste your money on a cheap pair.
Play the waiting game.
Save a little money here and there, and invest in the best you can afford.

Pale colours draw attention to poor finishes, low quality fabics and dodgy tailoring.
Ignore anyone that tells you pale colours are instantly chic.
They're not.

If money is too tight, and the buget tiny, stick to darker hues like charcoal, aubergine, navy and black.
Darker colours can hide a multitude of sins.
If you crave colour and NEED paler coloured items in your life, you're going to have to get to work searching those sale rails and outlet shops... it's not always easy.
However, when you find a gem it feels fantastic!

BONUS: If you want to elevate your 'cheap' items try changing the buttons and definitely ditch that self-tie (or 'free') belt.

I've stuck to 3 easy tips.... do you have any more to share?
Id love to hear them!

Last week Mary Leigh's pregnancy update post caught my eye, and made me remember (fondly) being so very pregnant.
Personally...I looked like a hippo, and she looks so cute and pretty.
Some women simply bloom.
It's such an exciting time for her and I wish her all the luck in the world with her new arrival!
See her full post HERE.



  1. When I find something in a store that I really like, especially TK Max Gold label, I try and find that item cheaper on Ebay. I found a DKNY blazer in TK Max and it was a hundred pounds. I got home and found the same item with tags for fifteen pounds! (fist punching the air!)
    Laurie xx

  2. I agree with you Sam, that not everyone's basics are the same! There's no point for me to buy a "classic trench coat" for example, when it never gets cold enough here to wear it! I love your Grandpa's wise words, too! I used to buy up big at the sales because the prices were so cheap and then end up with a wardrobe full of clothes I didn't even like! Luckily for my bank balance (and the environment!), I now only buy what I know I will get a lot of wear out of! Hope you have a great week, Sam! XXX

  3. Three very excellent points. The one I would add, or expand on, is the one about color. It's not just lighter colors that can highlight low quality or cheap construction. Caution should be exercised with any accent or pop of color items that will catch the eye to be certain that it meets the quality level that you wish to portray. Thanks for sharing your insights and for the link up. I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead.


  4. Even basics can be bought second hand. If you know your sizes of your favourite brands (for instance mine is Levi's jeans) you will find very good deals on eabay-like sites.

  5. Great tips, Sam! A saying that my sister and I always use came to mind..."Buy cheap. Buy twice." Sometimes when you go the super cheap route, you do end up spending more money because you have to keep replacing the same thing.


  6. fabulous tips, really useful advice (as usual)!. I do love that you recommend to buy best quality basics, as they last forever. Even better that you've told us to be true to our own (particular) style and look for our own basics. It's also interesting to think on which is your predominant season, and invest in it, even if it's not your favorite season (and don't buy lots of coats if you live in a warm climate, for example).
    My grandma was used to say that cheap shoes are the most expensive ones! and she knew a lot about living on a budget!

  7. I fall victim to many of these bewares...LOL! Especially in the thrift shops, I always have to remind myself to really look the piece over and check for irregularities!!

  8. Thanks for the tips! I tend to always get a size bigger when I'm shopping at thriftstores.

  9. Your point that "basics" are not the same for everyone is so smart Samantha! It's also a bit revolutionary. One result of knowing our unique basics is probably more money remaining in our pocketbook. Self awareness and self confidence are mandatory in economical wardrobe building.
    You're advice is so wise Samantha. Ever thought of doing a book?

  10. What great advice, Samantha! And I must say I loved your Grandpa's wise words – that is such a good point. I think sometimes I buy stuff just because it's got a great discount when I wouldn't have bothered if it was full price. I need to remember this!
    Suzy xx

  11. Hi Sam!
    I try and make the most of my money buying some things out of season..just bought a teal coat for $75 on Mango. I also shop a fair amount on Poshmark, and choose brands I love so it narrows it down to what items i will see, knowing the quality. PM is an online thrift store. I enjoyed your tips!
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

  12. Great tips! I spend my money on the basics and if it is a trend item I don't, I buy the cheap thing. Especially with a little who can ruin an expensive shirt in 3 minutes flat.

  13. I love, love your advice Sam! I feel I am good with purchases but here in Italy we do not have so many thrift stores and I wish I was a good thrifter! Your tips are great, and I do agree pale colors aren't instantly chic. I am a color addict, anyway :) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion and beauty blog

  14. I buy a lot of clothes in charity shops and on eBay. Sometimes I wait ages to find exactly what I want on eBay, and at the price I want to pay. I also buy from members only sites like Cocosa and Brand Alley. Nothing beats the thrill of a fantastic charity shop bargain!

    Emma xxx

  15. This post offers some really great advice! My basics are jeans, a fitted cashmere sweater or tee, flats or boots and a nice belt. This blogging process has really opened my eyes to how differently people dress on a daily basis. I'm not one to want to mess with a lot of ironing or dry cleaning, so I tend to wear the things most that don't require that. However, I really appreciate people that take the time to do all of that.


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