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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Bold Stripes and Bright Colours in Winter

Boden Ottoman Dress & Bold Colours | Winter Style | Fake Fabulous

Bold stripes are quite a statement on their own but why stop there?
Especially on a dull Winter's day.

Today I'm wearing my black and white striped dress with plenty of layers... and a splash of colour!

{See this striped dress worn with flat shoes.....HERE and stripes with lots of shoes HERE}


Sunday, 28 January 2018

Does Blogging Make you Fat?! #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

Okay, I admit that title is a little (ahem) on the sensational side.

What I really mean is...

Does blogging contribute to a sedentary lifestyle?
Does sitting all day at a computer make us a bit squishy around the middle?
Unless you're a fitness blogger, does blogging make you unfit?


Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Hard Snow and a Spring Chicken!

Navy Wool Skirt, Rust and Lemon | Fake Fabulous | Style over 40

On some days taking blog photos is more of a challenge than others.
Today was one of those days!

Navy Wool Skirt, Rust and Lemon | Fake Fabulous | Style over 40

I LOVE snow... especially the proper "fluffy" stuff that's perfect for making snowmen.
Great for playing in, not so great for fashion photographs!

Sunday, 21 January 2018

3 Easy Ways to be Stylish on a Budget #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

1. Get the Best Quality 'Basics' you can Afford...

Spend your money on your basics.
BUT before you start, remember that not everyone's basics are the same.

My basics would be dark jeans, boots, a warm coat, jumpers, belts and bags.
Your basics might be dresses, cardigans and court shoes.
Or... trousers, trainers and blouses.
Whatever your favourite items are (your go-to items) those are your basics.
Ignore anyone that tells you that you need certain pieces, like trenchcoats and blazers.
Only buy them if you really love them... and will wear them to death.

2. Try Outlet Shops and Charity Shops.

Be careful.
Only buy what you fall in love with.

Make sure the quality is there.
A bargain priced acrylic jumper will look nasty in no time.
Good quality wool (or cashmere) on the other hand, looks great forever.
{If you look after it}

Sometimes items are at rock bottom prices because they look bloody awful!
If you can, read the reviews.
Check the cost (and ease) of returns.

If in doubt remember my Grandpa's wise words...

"It's only a bargain if you'd have happily paid full price!"

3. Be Cautious with Colour!

Yes, we all know pale coloured outfits can look uber-expensive and super-chic but, only if the quality is tip-top.

Cream trousers (for example) look fabulous if they are made from quality wool crepe.
Not so nice in cheap poly/viscose.

If the budget is tight avoid cheap versions of quality pieces.
If you really want those cream trousers don't waste your money on a cheap pair.
Play the waiting game.
Save a little money here and there, and invest in the best you can afford.

Pale colours draw attention to poor finishes, low quality fabics and dodgy tailoring.
Ignore anyone that tells you pale colours are instantly chic.
They're not.

If money is too tight, and the buget tiny, stick to darker hues like charcoal, aubergine, navy and black.
Darker colours can hide a multitude of sins.
If you crave colour and NEED paler coloured items in your life, you're going to have to get to work searching those sale rails and outlet shops... it's not always easy.
However, when you find a gem it feels fantastic!

BONUS: If you want to elevate your 'cheap' items try changing the buttons and definitely ditch that self-tie (or 'free') belt.

I've stuck to 3 easy tips.... do you have any more to share?
Id love to hear them!

Last week Mary Leigh's pregnancy update post caught my eye, and made me remember (fondly) being so very pregnant.
Personally...I looked like a hippo, and she looks so cute and pretty.
Some women simply bloom.
It's such an exciting time for her and I wish her all the luck in the world with her new arrival!
See her full post HERE.


Friday, 19 January 2018

5 Inspiring (and Thought Provoking) Links

1. How to Spot the Difference Between Real and Fake Fur.

I know it's hardly "breaking news" but, after the recent (appalling) reports about many big brands with no fur policies using real fur under the guise of "Fake"... see this news report from April about the use of real fur by big brands I was keen to share with you something that might help give you the confidence to spot the fake-Fakes.

Apart from the obvious avoidance of the "Made in China" under £30 labelled products THIS article offers a simple guide as to how to tell if your faux fur is actually a fox, mink, racoon dog or even cat.

A horrible thought if you consider the animals are often skinned alive to obtain the pelt.
Whatever your thoughts on meat eating, leather wearing and use of animal-derived products, no one wants to be responsible (and we ARE responsible, as consumers) for such barbaric treatment of any creature.

2. The BUY NOTHING Makeup Tutorial. 

Lisa Eldridge is one of my favourite bloggers.
She is uber-famous, super-successful, makes up the stars and attends fabulous events on a regular basis.
She has millions of youtube follows and could be making a mint from advertising.
However, she never used to have any adverts until recently.
Has she sold out?
She donates her advertising revenue to Plan International, helping girls that need it.
This particular post really appealed to me as she is talking about using what you have.
Is it time to take a break from the consumer wheel?
I think so.

Read Lisa's fab Blog HERE.

3. Black Holes make my Head Hurt.

I love science.... especially anything to do with space.
And I want to "Get it" ... so badly.
I know I'm not stupid.
I know I understand (a little) maths and physics.
I'm not going to lie, black holes (or, as I should say, the effects of black holes) make my head hurt.

{Reasurringly, a friend recently said to me... "Anyone who says they understand black holes is an idiot. Even the best astrophysicists are still working on it!"}

They are a complex paradox and the more I read the more confused and bewildered I become.
I LOVE that feeling.

Things that make us really truly THINK (and I mean properly think) are SO good for us.
Maybe black holes leave you cold but whatever stretches your mind, and floats your boat, find out more about it.
It feels good to be out of your depth from time to time.

Read an "idiots" guide to black holes HERE.... and get achy brain with me!

Or Dig deeper HERE.... ouch, even my hair follicles hurt! 🌃

4. People are Amazing.

With all of the negativity, hatred and pessimism on the internet just now, this video reminded me that people can be amazing!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Oh.... and Finally...

5. The Best London Shoe Designers... to Know NOW!

As a shoe lover (ahem...obsessive maybe?) I'm always open to some new foot hugging inspiration.
Especially if it comes with a cool London vibe (I can't help myself).
Look at these ankle boots...swoon.
Find more inspiration by clicking HERE.

What makes YOUR brain ache?
I'd love to hear about it!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Would you Buy a "Blogger Favourite"?

H&M embroidered jumper & knitted midi-skirt | Fake Fabulous

Are you ever seduced by reading the phrase 'Blogger Favourite' when buying clothes?
Does something being a "Blogger Favourite" make you think the item is somehow edgier, funkier and cooler than other things you might be looking at?

Hmm... I must admit that I'm not convinced by this endorsement.

What does the term "Blogger Favourite" even mean?

So, a 'blogger' wore it...
Well, big wowzers!


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Best Bloggers of 2018 | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

I really need your help this week lovely people!

I'm on the lookout for some of the best blogs of 2018.
Blogs that you love.
Blogs that you know are going to go from strength to strength in 2018!
Those blogs that you really enjoy following.
The ones where missing a post is not an option!


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

FIRE & ICE | Red Hot Tones on a Frosty Day

Fire & Ice | Layering warm tones, orange, red and pink | Fake Fabulous

Baby, it's cold outside... or (much more likely to come out of my mouth) "Ye Gawds it's Baltic!"
I love crisp and sunny winter days.
The light is SO beautiful.

With the cold crispness comes the urge to wear roasty-toasty clothes but I don't always want to look (and feel) bulky or 'wrapped up'.

For me, the best way to get a warm feeling is to mix some traditionally HOT colours together.
Reds, Pinks and Oranges are perfect.

This outfit is all about the "fiyah"🔥 ... and the secret thermal layers!!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Does Loving Shoes Make Me Shallow? #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

It may come as no surprise to you when I say that I LOVE shoes!
I'm not going to try and deny it.
I'm certainly not ashamed of it.

I could look at shoes all day long.
I could talk about them for hours.

BUT... does the fact I love to talk about shoes (and clothes) make me stupid?

Many people (usually those who don't really 'get' fashion) think clothes, shoes and fashion fripperies are utterly pointless.

Bloggers are narcissistic oddballs.
Fashion lovers are as deep as a puddle.
Women (and men) who like to wear makeup are fake, airheads and bimbos.


Saturday, 6 January 2018

I'm not ready to be Frumpy! Breaking colour Rules | Blue & Green

Mixing Blue & Green | Breaking Colour Rules | Fake Fabulous

I'm starting my 2018 posts in earnest this week (Hogmanay recovery over!) and I plan to be breaking a few (more) fashion rules this year.

Last year I was getting a little fed up with being force-fed the 'age appropriate' frump factor.
Companies, brands and media letting me know that now I was in my 40's I should be buying their (frumpy and boring) clothes and stop making a show of myself in brightly coloured items from shops that are 'too young' for me.

Well, for 2018 I'm sticking two fingers up to those boring rules and plan to be mostly wearing MORE colour.
And hopefully being totally inappropriate to boot!

While flashing the flesh leaves me cold (literally!) I still plan to be sporting more unexpected shapes and putting together more interesting colour combinations.

Some outfits might work.
Some may not...
You can be the judge of that!


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Wearing Vintage in a Modern Way | Blue & Pink | Ageless Style LINK UP

1950's Vintage Coat | Blue & Pink | Fake Fabulous

After a hectic Hogmanay celebration, I'm feeling recovered enough to write the first post of 2018.
Happy New Year to you all!

Apologies if you were looking for the #fakeituntilyoumakeit link up on Sunday but I was in full-on party mode and all blogging business was firmly on hold.
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