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Sunday, 17 June 2018

How to Accept the Fact You're Getting Older | LINK UP

How to Accept the Fact You're getting older | Fake Fabulous

Getting older.
If you're lucky, it's part of life.
And there's nothing we can do about it.

(Despite what cosmetic brands tell us!)

Age doesn't care how rich you are or how much time you have on your hands... it's coming for you!

More on that later.


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Getting your Knees out over 40 | Spot Skirt & Lilac Tee

Lilac Tee, Spotty Wrap Miniskirt & Tatty Devine Mouth Necklace | Fake Fabulous

Bare Knees.
Knees can be a touchy subject, especially when you are on the south-side of 40.

Once we're over this milestone, we've slid smoothly into the second half of our lives and most of our body has gone south with us.
Knees can go particularly baggy from now on in!

So, at what point to we donate our short hemlines to the charity shop and cover up those 'offending' kneecaps?


Sunday, 10 June 2018

Current Trends... to Regret Later! | Ruffle Collars | LINK UP

Vintage Victorian Ruffle Blouse, Clogs & Skinny Jeans | Fake Fabulous

There are always going to be those certain 'trends' that we happily follow (and even love) but, sure as fate, we are doomed to look back on and say...
"What on earth we're we thinking?"
Puffy sleeves and ruffled collars are definitely going to be one of those regretful moments.
I can almost feel the future cringe... Oh, my!

Vintage Victorian Ruffle Blouse, Clogs & Skinny Jeans | Fake Fabulous

It doesn't matter how cool and trendy (or innately chic) you are, anything with ruffles is SO tricky to style and can instantly look a little bit matronly or like a costume from Little House on the Prairie...

(Especially if you're adding a decent-sized bust to the equation.)

Ruffle collars are going to be one of those trends that will cause the 20-years-later comment...
"Hahahaha, check this out!
What was Mum/Granny/Auntie wearing here?
Was that really in fashion?"
{Roll around the floor laughing}

Think a re-run of those dodgy 80's perms, legwarmers and shellsuits...
Oh Yes indeed.
We thought we were SO cool, and we were!

Vintage Victorian Ruffle Blouse, Clogs & Skinny Jeans | Fake Fabulous

Today's look is all about a fabulous Victorian-inspired blouse that is the BEST quality ever.
Stiff and crispy, with loads of great details.

Of course, it's vintage and yes... it was on the £1 rail, like many of my best clothes!

I have been looking around for a ruffle collar to try but the thought of spending £40+ on something I might not really like was just too much.
Plus, with a design like this, if the quality is not there the whole look is ruined, and to find real quality nowadays you need to spend some decent cash.
Something I try to avoid!

Vintage Victorian Ruffle Blouse, Clogs & Skinny Jeans | Fake Fabulous

Now, "Pulling off" a style like this (ye gawds, I hate that phrase!) is made so much easier by simply wearing your favourite jeans.
Jeans make everything ok in my book.

{See my tea blouse and jeans HERE}

Oh, and my outfit was lifted into an even happier place by my new sandal/clog/shoes that I am a little bit in love with!

Anyone who is looking for a more affordable (i.e. less of a rip off) version of Swedish Hasbeens should check out this brand... cute AND comfortable!

(They did not send me these shoes, I bought them with my own money... but if you're listening, Lotta of Sweden... I'm a size 37?! 😛)

Vintage Victorian Ruffle Blouse, Clogs & Skinny Jeans | Fake Fabulous

Do you agree?
If not, what trends do you think we're going to be laughing at in 20 years?
I'd love to hear your opinion on this!

SHOES: Lotta
JEANS: Jamie @ Topshop (my favourites!)
BLOUSE: Vintage... try this toned down version.. or this OTT version!
BAG & NECKLACE: Vintage (Both different in the first picture, the bag turned out to be too small and the belt was riding up!)
BELT: Leibskind

Last week Debbie stole my heart with her story and her love of all things pink and a bit girly.
She really suits this feminine look... with ruffles too!
Read her full post HERE


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

You Can't go Wrong with a Classic Red Dress!

Red fit and flare Olivia dress, pink belt, embroidered mules | Fake Fabulous

I'm wearing a red dress and it's making me very happy.

Red is my favourite colour and this particular red dress has all of the swish a great dress should!

Red is a powerful colour that instils confidence (in the wearer and people surrounding them).
Red means business.

So today, nothing can stop me!

Red fit and flare Olivia dress, pink belt, embroidered mules | Fake Fabulous

This red dress is also distracting from the fact my hair is in desperate need of some skilled scissors.
I feel like I'm wearing a hairy crash helmet.
My light blonde (which is now going grey) section is HUGE and the chemically highlighted bits are heading down the road to brass-ville.
Yellow hair isn't a great look... unless it's deliberate!

I'm off to the hairdresser on Saturday and can't wait.
It's been 10 weeks which is an AGE for anyone with a pixie cut.
I'll be half a stone lighter when I come out!

{I do use thinning scissors and clippers on my hair between cuts but I wouldn't recommend... unless you're willing to make mistakes!
I've been doing it for years and have made many.}

When I feel a bit untidy in the hair department (or tired in the face department) bright clothes never fail to cheer me up!

Red fit and flare Olivia dress, pink belt, embroidered mules | Fake Fabulous

I spent the day in this dress but I was wearing my white frilly gutties, not these mules (see the gutties in action HERE).
I changed in the late afternoon to go for an early dinner and a few drinks.
The dress eases into a casual evening look with zero effort.
Simply changing my bag and shoes was all I needed.
{A hat would have been nice too!! 😜}

Red fit and flare Olivia dress, pink belt, embroidered mules | Fake Fabulous

A dress like this suits just about every age, shape and size, although the hemline might need a tailor if you're shorter than me (I'm 5 feet 6).
I'm just getting away with the midi-length.

Midi hemlines can too easily slip into an old-fashioned or frumpy look.
If in doubt, go just below the knee.

A red dress needs next to no embellishment.
I added a belt, but there was no real need, I just wanted a little bit of pink!
Mules and a clutch finished the outfit off simply.

DRESS: c/o Alie Street... it's discounted just now!
BAG: Linea... older than time! Try this one.
SHOES: M&S... last year's... try these.
BELT: Boden Kids department... old. Try this one... it's from the gent's section but there's no rule for that!
EARRINGS: Charity shopped. Try these.

Some previous Red posts you might enjoy...


Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! 6 Favourite Spring Looks, 2018.

It's officially summer!
Okay, not really, but early June always feels like summer to me and the weather has been playing ball, which is unusual for Scotland.

I feel like summer has arrived (albeit temporarily) and I'm embracing it!

Today is the perfect time for me to pick my favourite Spring outfits of 2018.
{See last year's HERE.}

These 'picks' are not based on post popularity, or views.
They are just the outfits I enjoyed wearing the most.

{Click through the links in the titles to read the full posts}

Please feel free to disagree with my choices!
I would love to hear your opinion.


Sunday, 3 June 2018

Do You Wear Your Favourite Colour? LINK UP

I've been thinking about colour a lot recently.
Mostly because our garden is coming into bloom (early June is always beautiful here) and there are so many stunning colour combinations to enjoy.
Nature is the perfect stylist and I always feel inspired at this time of year!


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Denim Days | Being Girly Comfy & Casual, Over 40!

Denim jacket, ticking stripe full skirt and silver accessories | Fake Fabulous

Can you really get away with being girly over 40?
Is girliness after 'a certain age' simply sad?
Slightly nauseating?

Well... I certainly don't think so!

(No surprise there.)

Unless your idea of looking girly is dressing like a school girl, a Disney princess or a Barbie doll then why not?

Come to think of it, if you want to dress up as Barbie, then go for that too!

{Cosplay can be LOADS of fun, but that's a post for another day... Halloween party (costume) ideas maybe?}

Anyway, I digress...

Girliness is not just for the (young) girls.
Us older girls can dabble too!

Denim jacket, ticking stripe full skirt and silver accessories | Fake Fabulous

For me, there is nothing quite as girly as a 'sticky-out' skirt.
Especially if it has some structure to it and a nice rustle to the fabric!

This skirt has that just-stiff-enough structure and complete crinkle appeal.
It rustles as I move and poufs up when I sit down.
How much fun is that?!

Denim jacket, ticking stripe full skirt and silver accessories | Fake Fabulous

It is lacking in one thing though... Pockets.
This skirt would have been perfect if it had just had a couple of nice deep pockets!

Anyone else with me on the pocket front?

The skirt felt SO feminine and girly to me that I had to stop things there.
The skirt was all the girl I needed to be today!

I'm not really a very girly girl at heart.
I LOVE the look but uber-feminine styles are best suited to other people.
However, that doesn't stop me dabbling with the dark side from time to time!

{I'll be wearing tulle before I know it.}

So in order to make this skirt feel 100% me, I kept the rest of the outfit quite simple... and almost androgynous.

Denim jacket, ticking stripe full skirt and silver accessories | Fake Fabulous

A fine knitted jumper in a neutral grey... which goes with everything.
A denim jacket... which goes with everything too.
{I challenge you to find something a denim jacket doesn't look good with 😜.}
Simple flat silver sandals... ditto on the going with everything front.
{I almost wore my white trainers, which also go with everything!}

A pink leather satchel and some silver hoops finished things off nicely.

Flat silver sandals with a covered toe | Fake Fabulous

And oh so Easy!

More girly skirts you might like...

JACKET: Boden (very old)... this one is nice, but nearly sold out!
SKIRT: Zara (charity shopped)... try this.
JUMPER: Also Zara (on its last legs!)... this one is chic (I need to replace mine)
BAG: Cambridge satchel company
SHOES: American Apparel (old)... these are fab! These are nice... and much cheaper.



Sunday, 27 May 2018

Mellow Yellow | Bold Spring Work Look

Artisan Gold Pippa Dress, Alie Street | Fake Fabulous

I love a burst of bold colour, and where better to wear it than at work?!
Workwear can often be so dull and boring.
Black, navy, grey... Zzzzzz.

Injecting some colour is fun and much easier during the warmer months.
Colours seem much more acceptable in the sunshine.

Also, there is something about a smart but colourful look that says "Confident and in Control"
...Even if you're not!
(I love a confidence cheat.)


Friday, 25 May 2018

How to wear a Tea Blouse, over 40.

Topshop Tea Blouse and Orson jeans, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Tea blouses are so pretty aren't they?

With a nod to the 1940's, and the 1990's!
That feminine and flirty vibe.

Adorable on girls in their teens (and twenties) but frumpy and dumpy on anyone over 35, right?
Tea blouses are probably a trend for the young, impossible to style without looking like an old maid?

Don't be daft!


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Let's Talk about Specs Baby | Trends for 2018/19

Eyewear Trends 2018 | Vision Express LightFly Rimless Glasses | Fake Fabulous

I've got new specs and they're causing a bit of a stir!

(Well, as much of a 'stir' as a pair of glasses can cause.)

I get my eyes tested every two years and never miss it.
Not just because I need my specs to read (a side effect of being over 40) but because my dad has glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a potentially serious condition (you can read more about glaucoma HERE)
Eye tests are also really useful for picking up other health issues.
I'm certainly not going to bore you with a lecture so you can find out more HERE, if you want to.

However, just because I need glasses for reading doesn't mean I don't want them to look nice!
And it certainly doesn't mean I can't follow trends.

Glasses are as much a part of an outfit as earrings or any other accessory.


Sunday, 20 May 2018

Social Media Burnout #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

I'm certainly NOT a lover of social media and I can't pretend otherwise.

{You could have a look at this post about my feeling s towards social and why I think Facebook the worst!}
You could also have a look at...

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Lazy dressing | Well-Worn Clothes... and People!

Blue sailor trousers, green boden cardigan, red bag & Superstars | Fake Fabulous

Over the past few weeks (and more so over the past few days) I've been feeling like a burst ball.

In short... rough as a badger's bum!

Maybe it's perimenopause?
Maybe it's the busy time of year?
(It's manic at work and not much better at home!)
Maybe I've picked up a virus?

Whatever the reason, I've been struggling to put the 'normal' amount of zing into my outfits and I've often been reaching for the jeans or even (gulp) joggers!

Yep joggers, and not in a good way!
I'm not proud of it.

I am normally a fan of simple outfits that are comfortable, functional and practical but I also love injecting a little fun and plenty of personality.
Joggers, unless worn beautifully, don't register in the style stakes, do they?

Unfortunately, every now and again looking half-decent is all I can manage.

Today's outfit is a good example of trying to look half-decent but still sticking firmly to lazy dressing.

It's an outfit that won't win any style prizes, turn heads or cause a stir.
It could help you bluff your way through the day (as it did me).

Bluff your way through!

The easiest way to make a lazy, feeling rough, need to bluff (but can't be bothered) outfit is to use tried and tested pieces.
Items you know you can rely on.
Clothes that have had the job done many times before.

These trousers come out every summer and the cardigan is worn to death all year round.

These two pieces are SO old it's scary... and the quality is completely different from that of modern pieces of the same brand.

You know the details I mean, the ones we all love... and deserve!

  • Wide hems that are doubled over and well secured.
  • Piped edges.
  • Well-finished buttons and pockets.
  • Heavy and substantial fabrication.

{See this post about brands that are letting us down}

I hope the items in this outfit never give up the ghost.
I'll struggle to find alternatives if they do.

For now, I'm hanging on to them with my fingernails.

With classic pieces, you can throw them together as I did today:
Comfortable shoes (gutties for me today!).
Blue striped linen.
A little bit of cashmere
A nice bag in a bright colour.

Blue sailor trousers, green boden cardigan, red bag & Superstars | Fake Fabulous

These clothes are very old and very well worn... and there's nothing wrong with that is there?

{Especially as that is how I'm feeling myself!!}

Do you have any old classics you rely on time and time again?
I'd love to hear about them!

TOP: Boden 
SHOES: Adidas
BAG: Bogner... this one looks nice.

Blue sailor trousers, green boden cardigan, red bag & Superstars | Fake Fabulous



Sunday, 13 May 2018

I Tracked my Food for a Week and This Happened...

Food tracking (or logging) is really popular with some, isn't it?

Whether you're watching your calorie intake in order to lose weight, or you're monitoring your macronutrients with a view to making serious muscle gains.
Food tracking could be the answer.

Whatever your motivation, you can find plenty of apps to guide and inspire you.

{BTW, this post is not sponsored by anyone!}


Friday, 11 May 2018

A little bit of Boho over 40 | Supermarket Shopping

Navy Embroidered Boho Blouse, White jeans, Tan Clog Sandals | Fake Fabulous

Boho chic never really goes away does it?
It comes back into style every year without fail!
The (nothing) NEW boho trend for summer 2018...


Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Barbican Space Inspired Spring Outfit | Grey & Blue

Blue Top & Grey Culottes | Tatty Devine Barbican Space Necklace | Fake Fabulous

I don't know about you, but there is something I find myself doing a lot recently...

Building an entire outfit around a single item that has caught my eye.
Sometimes the inspiring items are not even fashion related...

  • Images in magazines, and life.
  • Interiors.
  • Colours in nature.
  • Even architecture!

Inspiration can come in so many forms, can't it?
Keeping an open mind is always a good idea.

Quite often a pair of shoes will turn my head and get my creative juices flowing.
Call me shallow if you like but I love shoes and often work from the bottom of an outfit up.
But, today a funky necklace is my source of inspiration.

Blue Top & Grey Culottes | Tatty Devine Barbican Space Necklace | Fake Fabulous

This necklace popped up in the sale a few weeks ago and I snapped it up!

I've had my beady eye on it for a while but, as a seasoned deal-finder, it was more expensive than I wanted.
I suspected it could make its way into the sale... luckily it did.

I bided my time and voila!

Unfortunately, this necklace is now sold out, but you can see similar space-inspired pieces HERE.

{BTW... I'm not sponsored or affiliated with the brand that makes this necklace. I just love Tatty Devine's designs and have done for years.}

Blue Top & Grey Culottes | Tatty Devine Barbican Space Necklace | Fake Fabulous

With my space inspired necklace, I wanted to keep things light and spring-like but with that spaced-out futuristic feel.
What better colours than grey and blue?
Just industrial enough.

Super-soft textures were what I needed and these cashmere culottes (plus a silk top) fitted the bill.

Simple chunky sandals finished things off nicely!

Such an easy look to pull together.
Comfortable and easy-going but I still feel 'dressed' and ready for anything.

Chunky Vagabond Sandals | Fake Fabulous

Do you ever build an entire outfit around an accessory such as a necklace, scarf or bag?

What about inspiration from other sources?
I'd love to hear what's been turning your head this week!

Blue Top & Grey Culottes | Tatty Devine Barbican Space Necklace | Fake Fabulous

SPACE NECKLACE: Tatty Devine (sold out)... I found it HERE too!! Alternatively, try this one.... or this one!
SILK TOP: Old... similar
PU BAG: French Connection... this one is cool(er) and on sale!



Sunday, 6 May 2018

Stop Hiding Behind your Clothes... It Doesn't Work! LINK UP

Good grief people, there are LOADS (and I mean oodles and oodles) of articles, vlogs, blog posts and features dishing out advice on what to wear, aren't they?
  • How to look slimmer.
  • How to hide your thighs.
  • How to cover your belly.
  • How to look taller.
{I've even had my tuppence worth with "How to Hide a Bloated Belly" }
  • How depressing.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Finally Letting Go... of BAD clothes!

Pink trousers and Monochrome shirt | Fake Fabulous | Bold Work Outfit

It has come to my attention that I look like a saggy sack of spuds in these trousers!
Don't worry, I'm okay with it, it's just taken a wee while to accept.

There is nothing wrong with the trousers OR my body... we're simply incompatible.


Sunday, 29 April 2018

What should I be Wearing, now I'm over 35? LINK UP

What should I be wearing, now I'm over 35? | Fake Fabulous

Not this old chestnut again!
Are women really still feeling the pressure to conform to some made-up rule book?

I had a 10-second conversation with someone today that got me thinking.
I wish we could have talked more but there was no time.
How annoying!

The gist of the conversation went like this...

A: "I heard you have a fashion blog, that's great!"
Me: "Oh, thank you... yes I do."
A: "I should have a look at it because I'm trying to figure out what my style should be."
"I normally like short skirts but I feel like I need to get something longer... my son is 16 and I (he) thinks I'm getting too old for that kind of thing."
Me: "Oh, really?... I don't agree with that at all!"
"We need more time to talk!!"

We didn't get another chance to chat and I was left with a whole list of things I wished I could have said.
The thought of someone feeling they need to change who they are and what they like to wear upsets me.

Anyone one who visits Fake Fabulous will know I'm completely against age-appropriate clothing... see this post about not being ready to be frumpy.
We've all heard enough about this topic, that's for sure.

But I'm also dead against any kind of peer (or family based) pressure to dress a certain way.
Even if it's not intended.

My friends would happily comment on my outfits (goodness knows there have been some clangers!) but they also know I would just as happily ignore their opinions.
My husband comments from time to time... safe in the knowledge that his comments have Zero to No influence on my choice of clothes, or how to wear them.

My children say nothing...
Except sometimes my 13-year-old tells me I'm the most embarrassing mum on the planet.
{Along with the Mums of most 13-year-olds out there!}

My son (who is now 19) has never commented but I think he secretly likes the fact his mum has a blog and sometimes wears a splash of colour!

I understand this women's plight.
At 38-40 I had a serious style wobble... thinking it was maybe time to make a few changes.
To act more grown up.
To dress like a real woman.

I even got rid of some old favourites that I (stupidly) thought were no longer appropriate.
What a numpty!!!

How I wish I could go back and have a word with my 38-year-old self.
I'd still be the owner of a pair of lime green suede spray-on trousers... sigh.
Hindsight is wonderful.

The moral of this story?

Don't EVER change who YOU are.
Don't EVER stop wearing what you love and being who you want to be.
And never ever EVER get rid of things you love just because you think you should.
Stick two fingers up to that rule book!

Read more about this topic...
And there are LOADS more posts like these at Fake Fabulous... just search for any keyword and I'm bound to have had something to say about it!

What words of stylish wisdom would you give to someone having a style wobble?
I'd love to hear them!

Last week Carrie's statement leather top caught my eye and made me feel a pang of serious style envy.
This look makes me smile despite not being a big fan of black, especially all-black outfits (on me).
It's simple, stylish and with just enough edge.

See her original post HERE.

Now it's your turn...


Saturday, 28 April 2018

Spring Outfit Formula | Floral Dress & White Trainers

Spring Floral Dress and White Trainers | Fake Fabulous

Spring-time floral outfit?
Wowee... that's a new one, isn't it?!

An outfit like this one is a no-brainer.
Perfect for a cool spring day.


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Denim Dress and Red | Classic Casual Style over 40

Denim Pinafore Dress & Red Stripes | Casual Style over 40 | Fake Fabulous

This is such a classic look.
No groundbreaking silhouettes or challenging colour combinations.
Just an easy outfit, perfect for any casual occasion.

It's nice to move away from jeans from time to time, isn't it?

Denim Pinafore Dress & Red Stripes | Casual Style over 40 | Fake Fabulous

This dress and cropped top combination feels like a slightly more interesting version of jeans and a tee.

It feels girly but more grown up!
A contradiction in style terms.

So comfortable and easy... my kind of dressing!

Some simple, pared back accessories finished things off perfectly.
{Although I can barely fit anything in this tiny bag!!}

Without jeans, what's your idea of a classic casual look?
A Denim Skirt?

Please share in the comments... I'd love to hear!

Denim Pinafore Dress & Red Stripes | Casual Style over 40 | Fake Fabulous

DRESS: Whistles (old)... similar
SHOES: Clarks Originals (old)... these are fab!
BAG: Charity Shopped... this one is gorgeous
TOP: Zara (old)... try this
NECKLACE: Oliver Bonas (past seasons)... this one is amazing and on sale!

Denim Pinafore Dress & Red Stripes | Casual Style over 40 | Fake Fabulous



Sunday, 22 April 2018

Preparing for the Summer Blog Slump #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

The warmer weather is on its way.

Yesterday the sun was out (in my town) and plenty of day-glow Scottish skin was on show.

{It was only 14 degrees but we're a tough bunch and all rays count!}

Unfortunately, for any bloggers out there, this also means the summer blogging slump is on its way too.

The sun comes out and everyone that was visiting your blog is now visiting the park, the beach or the back garden.
Blog page visits can seriously suffer.

It's a real phenomenon that can leave some bloggers feeling discouraged... especially if your blog is on the smaller end of the spectrum.
The summer slump can also affect the earning power of bloggers who rely on their blogs as a source of income.
Page visits can bottom out and you can be left wondering what's going on.

Don't despair!
It's perfectly normal and happens to all of us... even the HUGE bloggers.

Just find some useful blog housekeeping jobs to do OR even have a blogging break... Gasp!!

A break from blogging might seem like a step too far BUT if you're feeling discouraged (and frustrated) it might be just what you (and your blog) needs.

If you press pause on your blog the world won't stop turning and a blogging break might be just the ticket to get new creative ideas flowing.
You can come back fighting fit and raring to go!

{Find out 3 useful things to do during the summer slump HERE.}

Do you notice a drop in page views at certain times of the year?
Do you have any (big or small) blog housekeeping jobs to do this year?

Please share them in the comments.
I'd love to hear what you've got in the pipeline.

Now it's over to you...

Last week Linda's Chocolate Cheesecake made my belly rumble.
Two of my great (food related) loves combined!
See her delicious recipe HERE.


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