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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Why it's Okay to Ignore your Blog! #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

Blogging can be all-consuming can't it?
It can be the first thing you think about in the morning, and the last thing to think about at night.
Blogging can take over your life...

Checking, deleting and replying to emails.
Reading and answering comments.
Keeping on top of social media.
{Groan.... find out why I don't like social media HERE}
Planning outfits (or whatever you blog about)... if you're a planner!
Taking photos.
Editing photos.
Writing your posts.
Sharing your posts.
Reading other blogs.
Joining linkies.
No wonder we get burnt out.

{Find out how much of your life is taken over by blogging... HERE
and see more blog-related posts HERE}

Blogging is great fun, and very rewarding, BUT it's SO important to take a break now and again.

Don't get bogged down with your blog!

It's pays to chill out and take a breather from the breakneck speed of life, especially at this frantic time of year.

Despite what you might read elsewhere (blog everyday, or 5 times a day if you can!!) and despite what you may fear (my readers will all go away!!) your blog won't stop just because you take a break.

Yes, you may fall a little behind on social media or with replying to comments, but it doesn't really matter!
Take a break and come back stronger.

This weekend I've been away with a group of girlfriends to a spa hotel and it was wonderful!
I left my phone in my room and detoxed from tech.
Utter bliss.
Floating in the pool.
Detoxing in the steam room.
Lying on a lounger watching the sunrise.

Ahhh.... that's better!
Now I feel relaxed and refreshed.
Ready for the next challenge.

Do you take a regular blogging break?
Do you ever turn off all tech, and do a device detox?
Please let me know by leaving a comment.
I'd love to hear from you.

Last week Andrea really caught my eye with her red white and blue outfit.
It's colourful, bold and casual and not my style at all, but I still love it on her.

You can tell Andrea really loves this look too,  as she is smiling from ear to ear.
This outfit reminded me how different we all are, and why it's a great thing!

Check out her original post HERE

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  1. you are so right. Sometime syou have to take a step away from the blog just like having a day off.

    1. It's hard though, isn't it?
      I think blogging can become addictive :oP

  2. I'm certainly looking forward to a break over Christmas! I could certainly do with a spa weekend, that sounds like my cup of tea xx

    1. It was wonderful Laurie!
      So chilled.... although I'm now paying the price as I'm loaded with the cold :oO

  3. Ahh this came at just the right time. We are in the midst of moving into a new home and how I need a break. Love blogging but there are days I just want to throw in the towel. How truly sweet you are to include my outfit from last week! I hope your spa weekend was just what you needed to relax and reenergize! xx

  4. Blogging is all consuming I agree. I'm looking forward to putting my laptop away over Christmas. I'll have one week off and another slow week after that, before I jump back in the saddle! xx

  5. What a fabulous weekend Samantha! And yes, we all need a break once in awhile. I think people would be surprised by the amount of time we put into our blogs!

  6. Very true, these are exactly what I do! Christmas will be a good time to take a break for a while!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh yes - a blog can DEFINITELY take over your life, dear Samantha!! 😜 I've yet to miss even a single week out of my regular posting schedule (and after 4 years of blogging, that's saying a lot!) but I let my social media slide on the regular...otherwise I'd have no "real" life at all!! XOXO

  8. I take breaks all the time. I just let my readers when I'll be gone and when I'll be back. I don't mind at all when bloggers take breaks. What drives me crazy though is when they just disappear for weeks or months on end and I have no idea what happened to them.

  9. It really is mental health to take a break here and there!!!
    Especially around this time of year!! Good for you Samantha!!
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  10. It's always good to take a break, isn't it? I'm about to take a 4 week holiday but this time we're taking my Mac with us.... just to keep on top of work emails and stuff. I know I'll blog every now and again but all in all, it'll be much more of a break than the rest of the year! I can't wait... I just hope England coming to a standstill because of the snow doesn't effect our travel plans!!
    Suzy xx

  11. I REGULARLY take breaks from the blog and especially from Instagram, which is the biggest time suck ever invented ( well, next to Pinterest). I'm so glad to hear you unplugged from the digital world and had time with your girlfriends.

    PS: Voted and rooting!!!

  12. Yes! I agree totally! burnout at anything is never good. You get tired! i told my brother recently blogging took up 50-60 hours of my time, with social media, commenting promoting, photo editing etc. when we went to Asheville a few months ago, I didnt bring my computer. at Christmas time, I will take a week or so off blogging and socials and enjoy time with family. Your spa retreat sounds wonderful Sam!
    jess xx

  13. It is necessary for my sanity to take little blog breaks here and there. I am not as avid on social media as most are, either. Blogging can certainly be a full time job and since I already have an official full time job, I just accept I am not going to be able to do as much commenting, posting, social media, etc. as others. I am looking forward to some time off over the holidays.

  14. Hi Samantha! I totally sympathize with what you are saying here. It's half past midnight and I finally finished this week's third post (I try to post three times a week) for next Friday. I've been twice so far in my life to a spa hotel and it was an amazing experience! You did right to take a break! The weeks before the holidays can be so hectic. I should better follow your example and book myself to a spa hotel for Christmas! ;)

  15. I take a break but it tends to be because life takes over so I'm not resting. I did go to the supermarket without my phone on Sunday and sat in the car thinking how refreshing

  16. Samantha, I agree with you completely! I hate falling behind in blogging stuff, but the breaks are so important! I just spent the weekend in New York City with my very best friend of 29 years. While I did a blogger type project that we were working on, it still was so nice to put the computer down and just be present with my friends and in the moment working on the project...which will be on the blog soon! It sounds like you also had a much needed and very relaxing weekend yourself.


  17. Well done Samantha. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on blogging and I agree with you completely. It can be all consuming and it can be difficult to carve out time for ourselves when we feel like there's always something we can be doing on the blog/sm. I'll be doing the same, taking time off during the holidays to enjoy each and every moment with my family. Merry Christmas! Xo Jonet

  18. I agree with you and everyone that it's so important to take time off and enjoy the moment you are in, not what's on your cell phone, social media, etc. I am looking forward to spending time with my family and my parents over the holidays. I hope you get more time off as well!

  19. Although I don't have first hand knowledge of the emotional, physical, creative, and psychological demands of blogging it's easy to see that it is difficult to manage all that successful blogging can entail and still manage a healthy private life as well.

    Time to rest, relax, and engage in real life with friends and family are sustaining activities. It's very unsettling that we have to remind ourselves and encourage others to move away from a screen and smell MORE than the just the roses. There's a whole garden to BE in!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family Samantha!

  20. so lovely that you took a break and enjoyed some relaxing time with friends!, that's something I would like to do!
    I agree totally on taking it easy when you really don't have time or energy to dedicate to your blog. I think it's better to neglect blogging than neglect your health, nobody wants to get stressed!

  21. The spa break sounds wonderful! I think we all need one at this time of year! I don't take many breaks from blogging because there's always so much to do and I hate falling behind, but I will unplug on Christmas Day!

    Emma xxx


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