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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

More Festive Outfit Fakery! Lurex to the rescue....

Faking a Festive Outfit when you Don't Feel Well | Fake Fabulous

I'm on a mission this week to amp up the festivities and get well into the spirit of Christmas... Despite still feeling pretty rough.
{cough cough cough!!}

There have been some nasty bugs going around, and I think I've got off lightly compared to others so I can't really complain.
However, being ill is still annoying!
I think it's particularly hard at this time of year when we are super-duper-busy and there's no letup.
Especially true for anyone who has to work over the season, or entertain large numbers.... or both!

There's just NO time for a sniffle or a bug, is there?

Faking a Festive Outfit when you Don't Feel Well | Fake Fabulous

Unfortunately, most of us just have to suck it up and get on with things.
So, in the spirit of Monday's 'Faking a Festive Outfit', I'm continuing on the theme of looking like I'm totally committed to celebrating the spirit of Christmas without compromising on comfort or cosiness.
AND... not resorting to a novelty Christmas jumper.
I'm just not a fan.
See how not to look like an idiot in a Christmas jumper HERE.

Today, I'm using all of the tips from the original '3 ways to fake a festive outfit' and doing the same again.
{Taking my own advice for once! 😝}

A touch of red. 🎅
A (heavy) sprinkle of lurex. ✨
A nod to the season with a subtle piece of Christmassy jewellery. ⛄⛄

Faking a Festive Outfit when you Don't Feel Well | Fake Fabulous

I'm layered up here too, which is exactly what I need when I feel a bit ropey.
Being chilly is NOT an option!
And what better way to fake wellness (and festive cheer) than to wear a red lipstick?

Faking a Festive Outfit when you Don't Feel Well | Fake Fabulous

Are you and your family feeling well this week?
Or, has the lurgy caught up with you?
Please let me know by leaving a comment.

I hope all are well where you are.
If not, get better soon!

JUMPER: French Connection... this one is nice.... this one is similar to mine but white. I really like it!
BAG: River Island... this one is a beauty! This one is more budget-realistic.
UNDER TOP: Uniqlo... this one is nice.
SHOES: Lotus




  1. I have been sick last week. I had to use the antibiotics. And I am still not that well, tired. But everybody around me is coughing. Bleh! I am in love with your bag! And I hope you feel better real soon!

    1. Oh no Nancy! Needing antibiotics is never good. I hope you're back to 100% soon. XXX

  2. you can't go wrong with red lipstick, and red boots!! and lurex!!, You look so elegant and gorgeous, and really into the festive spirit!
    Lovely outfit!
    get well soon!

  3. The is such a fun - and festive - look. Happy Christmas - and I hope you're back to full fitness by the time it arrives. Thanks for all the wonderful posts in the last year! Xx

    1. What a lovely thing to say! Thank you so much.
      I hope you have a lovely Christmas too.

  4. Ugh I absolutely detest being sick when there's a festivity around the corner. I hope you're already feeling loads better by now Samantha!

    Love the sparkly bits of your outfit but I can't get over those different-toned boots OMG. They look like plain red boots in the first photo but then I saw them from a different angle and WOW IN LOVE.

    1. They're cool aren't they Liyana.... and SO comfortable....AND on sale just now (just sayin') :oP

  5. Yup, this is the absolute worst time of the year to be down with a cold. I'm so sorry and hope you're back to your jolly self soon.
    You do continue to look so pretty and festive despite that "nasty bug". I'll bet that lurex skirt is a holiday workhorse for you. It's darling, and the lurex tights just add to the fun sparkle and texture. Your booties are also pretty special! They also seem to have a multi functional edge.
    You are inspiring despite that Grinch bug! Happy Christmas Samantha and family.

  6. Sam,
    Love all of the layering, the black, grey and white and of course the pop of color with your lipstick and cool booties! i hope you feel better soon! It is the pits being sick anytime, espceially the holidays. i have knots upon knots from the travel, but you are right,m you do fake it for the season!'
    tHANKS FOR linking!
    happy Holdiays!
    jess xx


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