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Friday, 8 December 2017

Classic Camel Coat & Statement Belt | Warm & Stylish!

Camel Cashmere Coat and a Wide Zebra Belt | Classic style | Fake Fabulous

Today's outfit is my idea of a true classic.
Neither on-trend or fashion-forward, but I could wear it wherever and whenever!
It feels ageless (or near enough) and suitable for many different occasions.

However, I must admit that I'm laughing at the fact this this outfit is not really an 'outfit' at all, is it?
This outfit is more of an outerwear post... a bit like my fur coat and OTK boots 'outfit' HERE.

The reason is, that it's far too cold to disrobe and show my (frankly dull) under layers.

If you're interested I'm wearing a sparkly turtle neck form this co-ords outfit and a pair of black jeans.... zzzzz.
Hardly groundbreaking!

Camel Cashmere Coat and a Wide Zebra Belt | Classic style | Fake Fabulous

This outfit was all about the coat because the coat was staying on for most of the day.
My day involved lots of walking around outside, and popping in and out of heated buildings.
Cashmere is the perfect fabric for this.
Warm as toast but lightweight.
Cashmere and wool are really good at regulating your temperature.

Check out the funny story behind this cashmere super-bargain-tastic coat in THIS POST.

Adding a belt to any coat (plain or patterned) not only raises the style points, by adding interest to a look, but keeps you warmer.
Try it, it works like a charm!

{Please excuse my crinkly 'sitting on a train' back end.... Note to self: Smooth out fabric before parking bum on seat!!}

Camel Cashmere Coat and a Wide Zebra Belt | Classic style | Fake Fabulous
Camel Cashmere Coat and a Wide Zebra Belt | Classic style | Fake Fabulous

My boots are a pair of old favourites that I found in the loft!
I've kept them because they are such lovely quality, and I used to wear them all of the time years ago... 
My son is 19 and I wore them when he was a baby.

They were an eBay find and were just like a pair Chanel had at the time.
(eBay was just a baby back then too!)
Oh, how I coveted the Chanel pair, but these lovely boots did the job just as well... minus the logo.
(I've never been much of a logo kind of girl.)
Super-soft leather and so comfortable.

I'm guessing I must have got fed up of them and packed them away.
Rediscovering them was like getting new shoes.

Although, I think my feet must have shrunk half a size!?
Has this happened to anyone else??

I thought our feet were supposed to get bigger as we got older?
Please let me know, if you know any more... or your feet have done the same!

Camel Cashmere Coat and a Wide Zebra Belt | Classic style | Fake Fabulous

I'm wearing these old boots with a pair of sparkly legwarmers, not very 'Chanel' but very cosy... and fun to wear!

My trusty quilted bag and leather pom pom gloves finished things off nicely.

CASHMERE COAT: A local shop...similar (high end)... similar (bargain!)
BOOTS: eBay... similar (cheap as chips)... similar (still a bargain!)
LEGWARMERS: Dance shop
LEATHER GLOVES: Primark... these are lovely!
BAG: Topshop
LEATHER BELT: Karen Millen... charity shop find (lucky me!). This one is nice.




  1. Fabulous boots! And I love the idea of the belt, much better then the original that I always use......until now!

  2. This is truly a marvelous coat Samantha. I love the story of how you acquired it as well. That moment of realization probably resulted in one of the most classic garments in your wardrobe. You don't even see affordable cashmere coats marketed to folks who are in the more mainstream consumer population anymore. I really admire your coat and jacket wardrobe Sam. I know that warm and beautiful outerwear are important keys to comfortably weathering a Scottish winter but you have a real talent for finding and styling some stunning outerwear treasures!!

    1. Thank you so much Judy. We seem to wear coats almost every day here, so it's easy to be able to build a collection.... and get loads of wear out of them. I love a bargain :oP

  3. I LOVE the coat; it is so retro, it looks like it could be from the 60s with that gorgeous collar. Even better with the statement belt! xx

    1. I love the collar too!
      It looks totally different left open.
      Thank you so much for your kind comment.

  4. Oh your outfit is so gorgeous that I'm jealous now! I'm short-waisted and I could never wear a wide belt like that. Unless I'd like to turn all my coats and dresses into empire-styled ones LOL I love your boots too!

    1. I'm short waisted too Eleanna!
      It's worth a go... you might surprise yourself :o)
      Thank you for your lovely comment.

  5. I love how you created a different look adding a belt, and looking so elegant and cool in your coat!!
    And so fab boots!. I think that my feel aren't bigger but they're getting fussier and fussier every year!


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