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Friday, 15 December 2017

40 Budget Boots (under £50) that won't Bore your Socks off!

40 Budget Boots under £50! | Fake Fabulous

As you can probably guess, I have a bit of a 'thing' for footwear.
In fact, you could call me a shoe addict!

(See the original posts from the image above...
Ruched Boots and a belted coat.... all of these boots were under £50!)

Call me as deep as a puddle, but nothing makes my heart sing as much as a beautiful pair of shoes.
Gorgeous shoes can lift your look, and put a spring in your step.
Getting a fancy pair at a bargain-tastic price is even better!

My favourite style of footwear is the humble (or not so humble, depending on your style) boot.
Boots are obviously a practical style for the Scottish climate BUT... boots are also fantastic if you have narrow (or just awkwardly shaped) feet and struggle to find shoes that fit your feet properly (or comfortably).

Boots can also hide a multitude of foot fakery and general cheating... insoles, chiropody felt, toe pads, plasters or double (ahem, triple) socks!

Luckily nowadays you can find boots to suit any occasion.
From walking the dog, to attending a red-carpet event.
I get so excited at the variation of styles available.

There are plenty of super-expensive (and super-gorgeous) boots on the market, but I wanted to write a post about looking great with a small budget.
Not everyone has over £100 to spend on boots, let alone over £1000!
Even if you do have a big budget, you might want to have a few more options in your shoe wardrobe.

For anyone who is even more bargain-keen than this post's £50 budget, I would always advocate looking in charity shops (or thrift shops), eBay, outlet shops/websites, bargain buckets and sale rails.
I rarely pay full whack for anything, and goodness knows I've found some beauties over the years (as well as some stinkers, but that's par for the course when it comes to bargain hunting, especially eBay!).

However, if you're looking for easy-peasy shopping, delivered to your door, no muss, no fuss, guaranteed to be in your size then you'll be pleased to hear that I've done the legwork (or finger work) for you, and put together a collection of budget friendly boots that won't bore your socks off!

I must say, at this point, that budget boots are obviously not going to last for years like a high-end pair could.

{Notice I say could, not would! Price tag is no real indicator of longevity. These days big budget does not always mean great quality. There are plenty of over-priced rip offs out there!}

If your day doesn't involve trudging through slush then these boots could be for you.
If it does involve trudging through slush then why not change into them when you reach your destination?!

These budget boots are also great for my vegetarian and vegan friends, as most of them are faux leather or other fabrics.

BTW, This post is NOT sponsored but I do earn a (tiny) commission if you click through and buy... at no extra cost to you.
If you see anything you like please let me know.

Happy shopping!



  1. Oooooh, I clicked straight away on the silver Kitty heel booties! Guess what! Not my size! It s for the best.....😂😂😂😂

    1. Ahhhhh... I hate it when that happens!
      Hahahahaha... you are probably right though Nancy :oP

  2. Alas the ones I can wear (low healed) are not what I'm looking for at this time. Fun to shop though!

    1. I'm getting into a slightly higher heel these days Judy.... and my heart wants a spiked stiletto (NOT a good idea on the icey Scottish pavements :oP)


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