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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Why I Prefer a LRD | Little Red Dress v's LBD

Layering a Little red dress & red ankle boots | Fake Fabulous Over 40

A little red dress is (for me) even more useful, and versatile, than a little black one.
The perfect LRD can take you from that business meeting to a dinner date, with ease.
A classic LRD can be worn to almost every occasion from a wedding, to a night on the town.
There's nothing quite as versatile as a little red dress!

Layering a Little red dress & red ankle boots | Fake Fabulous Over 40

5 Reasons why I prefer a LRD...

1. Red stands out from the crowd

Wearing a LRD screams "Confident!!"
Red is the perfect colour to fake that confidence that we all need help with from time to time

2. Red is powerful

Nothing says "I'm totally in control" better than red... even if you're not, everyone thinks you are.
Wear red at work and you are instantly boss material!

3. Red is sexy

Red IS sexy.... no real explanation needed!

4. Red is full of personality

Wearing red makes people assume you are bursting with, not only confidence, but personality.
People want to talk to you which is perfect for parties or networking events!

5. Wearing red makes you feel good

In that LRD you are guaranteed to feel dressed, and this will give you a spring in your step.
It's SO important to dress well.... find out what happens when you do HERE.
Red can help you make that happen.

I firmly believe that when in doubt you should Wear RED! 

Layering a Little red dress & red ankle boots | Fake Fabulous Over 40

5 Reasons why that LBD leaves me cold (most of the time)....

1. Black doesn't suit me

In fact, it doesn't really suit very many people... See a post about finding your best colours HERE.
You may disagree, BUT just because lots of people wear black doesn't mean it's doing them any favours.

Please leave YOUR opinion on this in the comments, I would love to hear it!

2. Black dresses make me think of sombre occasions

Black either screams "Sensible!", or whispers "sad" in my ear.
I'm not a big fan of either.

3. Black is boring

I know black is loved by millions and you can dress it up or down BUT, unless it's sheer (like this blouse), or velvet, or lurex then (for me)....zzzzzzzZZZZZ.

4. Black doesn't go with everything after all

Black does not go as well with other colours as it would have you believe!
It can cheapen brights, and look severe with pastels.
Mixing black with colours can be tricky (requiring more thought than other colours IMO) and mixing different blacks can be a disaster!
The undertones are often different (grey, green, blue, red) and give a grubby look.

5. Black is predictable

If you are going to an event of any kind you can be sure find yourself swimming in a sea of black dresses.
Why not stand out in a LRD?

Of course, I have worn plenty of black over the years... from black dungarees to a black dress for a Christmas party but I normally prefer sequins or colour... or both!

Please let me know your thoughts on LRD v's LBD... and feel free to disagree with me.
(I can handle it 😛)
I would love to hear your opinion on this!

Layering a Little red dress & red ankle boots | Fake Fabulous Over 40

DRESS: c/o Alie Street... see this red dress styled more formally HERE.
BLUE TOP (just seen): Charity shopped
BOOTS: c/o Lotus... on sale now, half price!
BAG: Charity shopped... similar.
BLOUSE: Oasis (older than the hills!... this one is cool)
BELT: Topshop... similar.
PIN: A gift... this one is nice.

Layering a Little red dress & red ankle boots | Fake Fabulous Over 40


  1. I am soooo with you on the red dress thing. It screams, I AM HERE! and ready to have fun. I like black too, but if I had the choice, RED!! You look stunning in this red.

  2. Preachin' to the choir, sister! I would choose red (or any bright) over black most days. I do love black, but an LBD is just boring. xx

  3. Red is everything you say it is! You have such an utterly convincing way of characterizing an already FABULOUS and persuasive color. I read once that it's a color that advertisers know has a positive affect on women when it comes to buying anything from soup to nuts to LRD's !! I'm sold!!
    You look ravishing in this red dress Sam. Are the black sleeves and neckline just a little blouse you popped on beneathe the dress? Genius!

  4. Red is beautiful and happy. Red is flattering on everyone, in the right undertone. The same cannot be said of black. I certainly have black pieces in my wardrobe, but always pair them with color - especially if worn on top. A colorful necklace or scarf with a black top. A colorful blouse or tank underneath a black cardi or the reverse. I do love a black coat, but try to add a pin or scarf for a brightening pop near my face.

    You look lovely in that red dress. Masterful layering with the sheer blouse underneath. Love the red booties - Red footwear goes with almost anything!

  5. I totally agree with you, 'when in doubt you should Wear RED!'
    Even if I still like a black dress sometimes, I worn too much black for many years to really enjoy it nowadays. And, once more, I agree on black being overrated as a color which goes with everything. It doesn't!!
    You look fabulous in your red dress and booties. Those booties!! . That sheer shirt and the cool bag are amazing!
    You Rock Totally!!


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