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Saturday, 25 November 2017

The 12 Secret Eating Habits of a Skinny Person

The 12 Secret Eating Habits of a Skinny Person | Fake Fabulous

Food glorious food...
One of my great passions!
I LOVE to eat.

BUT, unfortunately food can cause anxiety for some people.
These 'food issues' can range from the minor...
"If I open a packet of sweeties I have to finish them all, then I feel ill!" 
To the more serious...
Like being obsessed with the latest diets.
Or having eating habits that cause guilt and self loathing.

It seems so sad to me.
Food should bring us joy... it's one of life's great pleasures!

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not in anyway qualified to talk about mental illnesses such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder.
These diseases are not choices, or fads and I do not intend to mention them here... or indeed allude to them. 

If I offend or upset anyone with this post I can only apologise.
This is intended as a bit of light hearted fun that you may (or may not) find interesting!

Lets (not) talk about diets

The D word.....Groan....Boring!!!
Sometimes (when I'm at work) I can hear 5 different conversations all about the latest diet.
It's so exhausting to listen to, and just seems to make people miserable.

Some have been on a diet for 20 years, and never look any different.
What's the point of it all?

Well the point is that diets are BIG business.
HUGE in fact!
Diet clubs, books, courses and products are worth over $60 Billion in the US alone.
{Two Billion pounds in the teeny tiny UK.}
Someone is making a big pile of money out of other people's misery.

It's alright for you, you're a skinny b**ch!

Despite the title of this post, I certainly don't think of myself as a skinny person.

{Although it's a label I've been given many times in my life.}

My body is 'normal' for my height.
(My BMI is 20)
I'm healthy... on paper at least!
But it's all relative, isn't it?
My friend put it really well...
"You're the skinniest (fully grown) person I know!"
Hard to believe really.
But there it is.

A little Skinny Minny background....

So what makes me qualified to talk about maintaining a healthy weight then?
Well, I've been (around) the same weight my whole adult life.

I'm 5'6" with a size 8-10 frame that has had the same proportions forever.
Apart from when I was pregnant of course!
I put on 4 stones each time I fell pregnant and felt great with the extra curves.

People often ask me how on earth I eat what I want and stay slim.
Which I don't mind at all.
{Although the answers are often not what they want to hear!}

When you have a slimmer build some people seem to think it's okay to pass comment on it.
Which is odd because they would never dream of making similar comments to someone who was overweight.
It's seems to be okay to say...
"Why are you so skinny?"
"Why are you so fat?" makes people gasp.
Why is one okay and not the other?
Both comments can hurt.

I must admit that some people's comments can be quite funny....

"You must have hollow legs, where do you put it all?"
"You must have a belly full of worms!"
"It's not fair.... why are you so skinny when you eat like a horse... lucky cow!"

Unfortunately, some people can be pretty nasty....

"So what you're skinny, it's not healthy is it?
"You're awfully scrawny looking!"
"Look at your legs!! They're SO thin and not in a good way." 
(On being thin) "It's gross. Why don't you cover up your boney bits?"
"I bet you go home and throw up!"
{I still can't quite believe that last one!}

Charming eh?
Luckily my skin is on the hippo side of the thickness scale... but what if it wasn't?

Recently, a friend of mine shared her lifelong battle with her weight.
She brought her issues all the way back to a time when she was very slim and she received some harsh comments (similar to the above) from people she cared about.
She subconsciously associated being 'fatter' with being accepted and loved.
Gaining weight to gain approval.

How heartbreaking is that?!
Why couldn't she be loved for who she was?
A throwaway comment can cut someone to the bone.

Personally, I couldn't give a toss if your a size 4 or a size 34... I only see the person I love to spend time with, who makes me laugh.

How different things could be if we all supported each other.

As I mentioned before, this post is supposed to be a bit of fun.
However, there is always a serious side to weight and health (especially as we get older) so I wanted to share what works for me.
Not necessarily to stay 'slim' BUT to maintain a steady weight and (more importantly) a positive attitude to food.

My 12 Secrets for Staying 'Skinny'

1.  I NEVER EVER diet

I can't emphasise this enough.
Food is always my friend.
Diets never seem to work in the long term.
Weight comes off, weight goes on.
Confidence is knocked and purses are emptied.
I'd rather spend my money on steak and shoes... not necessarily in that order!

2.  No food is 'Good' or 'Bad'

I never feel guilty about food... ever.
Being 'good' or 'bad' means nothing to me.
I was hungry and ate something that I enjoyed, that's all.
When people talk about having a 'good day' (usually involving starving themselves and feeling miserable) or a 'bad day' (involving chips, crisps, burgers and a family box of chocolates) I feel saddened.
What a way to live your life.
Food is there to be savoured and loved.

3. I eat what I want when I want

If I want a cake for breakfast I'll have it, guilt free.
If I fancy curry and chips then I'll be having it, thank you!
Whatever takes my fancy.

If I'm in a rush I love to throw a microwave rice, a mix of salad (whatever is around) and tuna (out of a tin) in a big bowl.
All mixed together with a big squeeze of salad cream.
Not very cordon bleu but it's filling and tastes great!

4.  I very rarely drink fizzy drinks, and would NEVER choose the diet option

Fizzy drinks leave me with belly ache and furry-feeling teeth.
Diet drinks are not worth the bother, and SO bad for our bodies.
I'd rather a glass of water, wine, or a cup of tea!

If I could recommend only one change to your life it would be to ditch the fizzy juice.
You'll notice a big difference in, not only your figure, but how you feel inside... and your teeth with thank you too!

5. I choose full fat every time!

I never eat 'diet' ANYTHING.
In fact I actively avoid any low fat options.
I'd rather go without.

{Don't even get me started on low fat fruit flavoured yoghurt.....shudder... it's full of crap. Sorry, but there's no other way to put it.}

I love meat, cheese, eggs, real yoghurt, butter, pasta, bread, chips, crisps & nuts.
Worrying about fat content is something I never do.
FAT doesn't make you fat.... it's the hidden sugars (to make up for the loss of flavour that fat provides) that piles on the pounds.
Stick to real food, your body will thank you.

6. I almost always cook from scratch

As a family we hardly ever eat processed food.
The main reason is that it's much cheaper to feed a family of 6 when cooking from scratch.
Plus, it tastes much better and the chef gets to sample the goods en route!
I always cook with plenty of oil, butter and salt (as required)....never scrimping on flavour.
Good wholesome ingredients win every time.

My favourite meal is a rich chilli con carne with all of the trimmings!
{Grated cheese, sour cream, guacamole, garlic breads, a cold beer and plenty of salad.... yummy!}

Take aways are also a rare event for us.
They are SO expensive and not practical for 6 people.
Having said that, when I do eat a take-out it's a no-holds-barred-mega-feast. Eating until I can't move.
Treats are to be enjoyed!

{Although, I do get a carbohydrate hangover and a big puffy face in the morning!}

7.  I don't eat ice cream

I just don't like it... it's too cold, too sweet and makes me feel a bit sick.
I'd choose the cheese board if we were out for dinner (yum!).

8.  I love tea!

Tea is like amber nectar to me and I drink gallons of the 'builders' variety.
Strong with only a dash of milk.
I also love black coffee...extra strong... but only one cup a day.

9.  I eat chocolate EVERYDAY.

Sometimes lots, sometimes a small bar.
I always feel good about it.

10. I don't really like fruit, and don't eat much.

I try and eat a banana every now and again, or an apple, but I'd rather a plate of veggies any day!

11. I don't like gum.

Chewing gum makes me hungry and gives me a belly ache, plus I hate the smell of it.
I'm not sure why, but it reminds me of masking bad breath! 😜

12. I self-regulate.

If I eat BIG one day I tend not to the next, but it's never a conscious effort.
My body just tells me not to bother.
For example, after a salty take-out and a couple of beers I will crave salad, fish and a glass of water.
It's swings and roundabouts as far as calories are concerned and my body seems to know what it needs.
I trust it and just do what I'm told!

Tonight I had chicken curry, rice, Naan and a glass of wine... Followed by a few sweeties and my usual bit of chocolate.
Now all I want is a big glass of water!

I'd love to be able to share with you an easy trick that keeps me slim but, there is no magic wand to wave.
It's just basic science... I don't eat more than I need, and if I feast one day I don't tend to want to do it the next.
No rocket science involved.

{Although ditching the fizzy drinks is a great place to start! 😙}

I know this is a very contentious issue, so I'd love to hear your opinion!
What is your relationship with food like?
Do you ever feel guilty about eating certain things?
Have you ever been on a diet?
Are you still on a diet?

Please share your thoughts on this topic in the comments... or drop me an email at samantha44blair(at) if you would rather keep things private.
I'll happily answer any questions you may have!



  1. When I was skinny I always wondered why fat people talked incessantly to eat other about diets. I always used to think 'talk to a skinny person, the're the ones getting it right'. Then I got fat and I understood. Then I got thinner, by yes dieting and people asked me how I did it. When I told them it was by not eating any sugar at all and existing off 800 calories a day for 8 weeks they lost interest as it was too hard, they wanted a magic solution, an easy fix, not the truth. I was no more or less happy at each point but I feel I have improved my health and diabetes risk with my weight loss and it was a fab xxyse for some new clothes!

    1. I love this comment Rachel! Thank you so much.
      I agree about the truth of your weight loss regime being "too hard"... no quick fix or magic pill!
      I'm interested as to what triggered your weight gain? (If you are willing to share?)
      I'm glad you were happy at both points in your life... size is irrelevant really but the health issues are SO important. Thank you for sharing your story!

    2. Mmm I'm not sure. I blamed my age and slowing metabolism but I think it was just over eating due to working shifts in a new job. There are always chocolates and junk around and often little time to eat sustaining food. I got back to weight post pregnancy very easily both times so wasn't that.

    3. This is so interesting.
      My husband is always talking about how bad shifts are for the body... both mentally and physically.
      Eating more crap and feeling tired go hand in hand don't they?
      It's a vicious circle.
      Thank you for sharing this!
      P.S. My mum always used to say to me "You're skinny now but just wait until you've had a baby!"...
      I've been pregnant 3 times and still look the same so you are right about that!

  2. I could have written this post word for word almost! I do like ice cream, but I only eat it occasionally, and only one scoop. I don't snack often, and I don't eat big meals. Also, when I eat something, I take small mouthfuls and give it a good chew, savouring the flavour. I've noticed my husband eats huge mouthfuls, really quickly and has finished his much larger meal before I'm even halfway through mine.
    My husband is overweight and is always eating, as well as drinking large glasses of fizzy stuff or squash.
    I've always wondered why it's ok to comment on size if it's about a skinny/slim person. A couple I often got was "Don't tread on the cracks in the pavement, you might disappear down them" or "If you stand behind a lamppost, no-one will be able to see you" all said with a laugh as if it was such an original joke and it was "just banter" (ugh, I hate that word!). Yet if someone said to an overweight person, "You couldn't even hide behind a bus" they would be rightly reprimanded.

    1. Hahahaha...great minds think alike!:oP
      I eat big (ish) meals and sometimes quickly too.... I get SO hungry sometimes.
      Maybe you could convince your hubby to give up the fizzy stuff (or the devil's spittal, as a friend of mine calls it!)
      That "banter" pisses me off too... not funny!
      I always wonder what makes people think it's okay and I will pull someone up on it (if the situation allows). However, sometimes I takes me by surprise and I'm left with my mouth flapping like a fish! LOL.
      Thank you so much for popping by and having your say.

  3. What you are basically saying is: balancing and restraint. Don’t eat more than you need, if you eat a lot one day, then have less the next day. The problem for most people who become fat, is that they don’t have the ability to restrain themselves. For them “what you need” is a lot more than what you would need. And their body does not know that it can do with less the next day. I think it is often to do with a sort of addiction. Not being able to say no to food. As I have a lot of trouble to stop spending money on clothes and such. Even though I do not get into real money trouble I still feel I am addicted and I am going to kick this habit now that I have faced it. My husband is the one addicted to food. He also acknowledges this and will seek help. There you go. Last week we were two normal people. Today we both know we are addicted. It is going to be a tough time. But the first steps have been made.

    1. What a fantastic comment Greetje.... thank you so much.
      I have a similar problem when it comes to shoes. It is an addiction and I can't afford it so now I shop online...researching thoroughly and putting things in my basket as normal, but then I leave the site(s) and do something else.
      If I'm still thinking about the shoes a week later I go back for them.
      It's tough, but it works (for me).
      Good luck with your "reining it in!" :o)

    2. I am filled with confidence. I kicked smoking when I was 25 cause I hated being addicted and I hated the smell of smoking. So now I am going to conquer this excessive buying habit. Your remedy won’t work for me as I love to do old school shopping. I just have to stay out of town or not go into a shop. Period. Then when I have paid off my “loan” to my saving account, the really hard part will start: having money, being able to but some things and NOT OVERDO it. Takes much more restraint.

  4. I love food also! I'm in menopause, I do have to watch a bit more. Because I have a huge belly when I don't. And I hate that on myself. Do, I dropped the chocolate and the cookies. But it's hard! Ha ha, I love something sweet from now and then. But the older I get, the more I listen to my body and sweets are so bad for our body. But we also don't eat processed food and very little meat. And no fizzy drinks!

    1. Hahahaha... I'm so glad you agree with me about the fizzy stuff Nancy. I think it's the root of a lot of problems (unless it's a glass of champers of course! :oP).
      I feel the same way about cheese! #addictive

  5. Great post! I try to do likewise, as I think diets are a waste of time and energy, and who wants to be miserable and hungry all the time... My weight has always fluctuated over several dress sizes and at my thinnest (always after a period of stress) I have been a size 8 and my biggest, a 16 (I loved my curves then). I'm now happy at a size 12 but the number of comments I had when I was a size 8 about being too thin was, frankly, VERY annoying. I was happy at a size 8, just as I am now happy to be 2 sizes bigger - but now people love to remind me how thin I was and tell me how much better I look these days... We need to stop judging people based on dress size and instead compliment each other for being fabulous, just as we are, right now. Thank you for such a balanced article.

    1. That is such a great sentiment Rozanne... "Compliment each other for being fabulous, just as we are!".
      Wouldn't the world be a much nicer place to be a woman if we could all do that?
      Thank you for sharing your story and leaving such a lovely comment.

  6. I agree completely with Greetje's comment above. I love food and enjoy all sorts of treats, including chocolate, crisps, ice cream, chips, cake, red wine and the rest, but it's not my addiction, and I find it relatively easy to regulate what I eat. I don't overdo it (most of the time!), and make sure that I eat plenty of fresh veg and lean protein (which I enjoy anyway), so that I don't need to fill up on junk food. I also avoid fizzy drinks as a rule, but might have an occasional glass of pop as a treat. My personal addiction is clothes shopping, and that's where all my self-restraint goes out of the window!

    I think I'm lucky enough to have a relatively fast metabolism, so that I can get away with more diet indiscretions than most. I've never been overweight, and when I did feel I needed to lose the few pounds that had crept on a couple of years ago, I mainly just substituted fresh fruit for the sugary snacks I'd got into the habit of nibbling, and lost the weight fairly easily. But perhaps more importantly, food just doesn't give me the same mental buzz as a new dress does! I have a friend who is the complete opposite to me: she loves clothes, always dresses well, never overspends, but feely admits that when it comes to food, she just can't hold back.

    Sadly, for those who do want to lose weight (or stop shopping!), it's... complicated! And unfortunately our brains often sabotage us, and our good intentions.

    1. Gosh Fran, your comment rings true!
      Our brains do sabotage us sometimes... and it's SO hard to overcome.
      I suppose I'm lucky that my issues do not involve food.
      But your words hit home as far a shoe shopping is concerned!!
      At my worst (when I was having a tough time) I once contemplated buying a pair of gorgeous, but totally impractical, high-end designer shoes... I seriously sat down and figured out how I could afford them with a calculator and two credit cards in my hands.
      SO stupid.
      Luckily sense prevailed but I often think about them and the thrill I felt with the shop assistant fussing over me and how wonderful they felt on my feet.
      Totally insane considering they were almost twice my wage and I had a young baby to look after.
      Moments of madness.
      Thank you for your fab and thought provoking comment!

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I was always a naturally thin person, but dieting caused me to gain weight. I agree. I’m going back to,eating instinctively and listening to my body. Thanks for this post.

    1. That IS annoying JoAnn! Good luck with going back to listening to your body... it knows you better than any diet :oP

  8. This is a really interesting post. TBH, I don't have any friends in the skinny camp - but none who are more than a little clinically) overweight. Most are not particularly interested in clothes, so reading this and other blogs are really lovely for me. I don't hang around with people who eat constantly. Food has off and on, been a real issue for me, as despite liking it and eating normally in the general run of things, I do tend to turn to it as a way of 'eating my feelings'. Or I thought I did. I recently met a sixtysomething lady who had lost 10 stone (half her body weight) and, feeling a bit self conscience about what I thought was my menopausal muffin top, I asked her how she had done it. Willpower, she said, and establishing good habits - the first 5 stone, hard, the next, relatively easy. And as an afterthought, she said, 'I used to have a glass or two of wine each evening - I hardly drink at all now'. Well, as 'controlling' what I ate was much too dull, I thought I'd knock drink on the head. Amazing result.! My weight has crept down from 74 kilos to 67, really without doing anything much else. I'm 5'6" with a very dense frame- so this took me from a uk 14 back to a 12 - where I've been most of my life, and with a BMI of 26,. Have concluded that the alcohol, apart from the obvious calories was sending my blood sugar crashing about, so the world frequently felt like it was coming to an end - the answer was usually big bag of sweeties, as I don't really love chocolate. Life is no less stressful, but I seem to be coping better, and I can fit into my clothes again.
    I worry that people who maintain a lot of unnecessary body weight are physically keeping a barrier between themselves and the world, but maybe that says more about me than it does about them....i realise that getting older it's much harder to get things under control - which is why I've tried. Fascinating discussion, Sam, brave of you to open it up, albeit lightheartedly. I'm 53 btw, and love your blog.

    1. What a fab comment!
      Thank you SO much for sharing your thoughts.... and your story.
      I agree about the alcohol, it's a killer when it comes to wasted calories.
      There are the same number of calories in a slice of cake as there are in a glass of wine (although I'm still sipping on a glass as I type this... it's saturday night though :oP)
      I really appreciate your kind words and thank you for commenting on my lighthearted approach to this subject. That is how I hoped it to come across.

  9. lovely post, very interesting!. I always consider that it's stupid (and rude) to comment on other people's aspect or weight, think or fat, tall or short, everybody deserves some respect.
    As a fat lady I have to deal with the looks of disbelief when I say that never drink fizzy drinks and never eat junk food. I do eat healthy, cook my meals from scrap, eat lots of vegetables (and some fish and chicken), and I have to struggle to stand in my actual weight and don't put on some more. No cookies, no sugar, no red meat, no bread (this is requiring a Massive Effort and I'm still weak sometimes), only to not gain another kilo!.
    My health issues are not going to discourage me on living my life and having a glass of wine anyway!
    So I understand very well that all we, women, are being pushed to fit in the box of what's adequate, and how we should look!. Too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, too whatever, and you'll be discriminated. So unfair!

  10. One of my best friends from college is a naturally skinny person--just like you. I can remember asking her once how she did it. She looked rather bewildered, but she said, "I eat when I'm hungry." Makes sense right? Duh. Also, it's how children eat. They stop when they're done. They're bodies are full and they've had enough. Then they grow and they need a lot more. My little 14 year old is growing again right now. She took a little nap this weekend and her hunger is higher than it usually is.

    Anyway, back to being a skinny person. You bring up so many solid points about the opposite side of the spectrum. Why is it ok to be called a skinny person but not a fat? Goodness. That's a whole 'nother topic!

    I wanna tell you what I have recently started doing. I am currently over weight. Let me see in stones....I'd like to lose a stone and a half. When I get to that weight I'll feel like myself again. And how did I get here, well by overeating of course. I will admit to being an emotional eater. For sure. Also, because I'm an all or nothing personality when I'm in that all phase, watch out! Yikes-a-roonie!

    Now, don't get me wrong. I'm ok. I mean I still like myself and all that. Heck, I write a blog and post pictures of myself on the Internet each week! My goodness. But, when I look through my archives, I was definitely happier, more confident with myself, for obvious reasons, when I'm my lighter Annie.

    What am I doing about it? Well, what works for me: seeing a nutritionist and getting back on track. I know how to eat like a skinny person. It's getting there that I usually need guidance with. Hence, the food journal. In terms of stones I've lost .7 of a stone. That sounds so silly!! Hahah. Anyway, I'm on my way which is good.

    Thank you so much for sharing how you maintain your body weight--the one that makes you FABULOUS!!

    Love, Annie from Kremb de la Kremb

  11. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn't show
    up. Grrrr... well I'm not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted
    to say wonderful blog!


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