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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Culottes in Winter | Black, White and Cobalt

Culottes in Winter | Black, White & Cobalt | Fake Fabulous

Culottes are great in the summer with sandals.
Perfect in the evening with heels.
Cute in autumn with ankle boots, or brogues.
And fabulously practical in winter with knee boots!

{These boots are actually my OTK boots.... see them with a french spin HERE}

Culottes in Winter | Black, White & Cobalt | Fake Fabulous

I'm fighting fit and ready to get things done today so it makes sense to wear something bold, and fun!
These 'eye' culottes always make me smile and are very comfortable to wear.
A simple striped poloneck and my old-faithful cobalt blue coat were all I needed.
A fun brooch and my quilted bag finished things off nicely.

Culottes make perfect sense in the colder months... no more trouser hemlines dragging in the snow!

Will you be wearing culottes this Winter?
How will you style them?

Culottes in Winter | Black, White & Cobalt | Fake Fabulous

COAT: Vintage Windsmoor... this one is cool.
CULOTTES: River Island... similar.
TOP: Uniqlo... this one is fab!
BAG: Topshop... similar.
BROOCH: H&M... this one is cool.

Culottes in Winter | Black, White & Cobalt | Fake Fabulous


Culottes in Winter | Black, White & Cobalt | Fake Fabulous



  1. The eye culottes are so cool and they look fab paired with that coat and boots. I love the cobalt blue colour of your coat and the brooch is awesome too! XXX

  2. I've never seen long culottes before. Interesting look!

    1. Thank you Dara.
      Long culottes are so easy to wear... I love them!

  3. You rock those culottes Samantha, what a fun pattern. Your cobalt blue coat is stunning and I love the thunder pin on the lapel. =)

    Hope your Thanksgiving is awesome. Welcome by and join my linkup now!

  4. I love those culottes, they're an eye catching piece! (mwhaha) and they look so fabulous with anything graphic and bold!. Lovely to see again your cobalt blue coat!. You're right: wearing something bold and fun makes things better!
    You rock!!!

  5. Those culottes have a generous dose of humor so i like them for that reason alone. Id be tempted to get out my permanent market set of 25 colors and randomly color in a few of those evil eyes!! At least one would have to match that beautiful cobalt blue you wear so well Samantha!! Love, Jude


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