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Thursday, 30 November 2017

A Floral Occasion Dress, but Not as You Know it!

Alie Street Holly Dress, layered up for Winter! | Fake Fabulous

Floral dresses are lovely aren't they?
So feminine!
Perfect in the summertime, with pretty sandals.
Gorgeous in autumn, brightening up a dull day.

A great choice for a wedding or special occasion.


What if you want to wear your floral dress when it's cold outside?
What if you want to wear your floral dress on a 'normal' day?

No wedding to attend.
No special event.
Not even meeting up with friends for lunch.

What if you want to throw on your 'fancy' dress and go about your day-to-day errands?
It's easy to do!

Alie Street Holly Dress, layered up for Winter! | Fake Fabulous

Today, I'm wearing a floral dress that is so comfortable I feel like I'm cheating getting dressed!
It's so pretty and flattering.

Unfortunately, it's absolutely freezing here so I needed to pile on the layers (no great surprise there really) in order to keep all of my toes intact!

I've slipped an orange poloneck underneath the dress and orange tights too, so I looked a bit like Morph before I put my dress on 😝... remember him?

Alie Street Holly Dress, layered up for Winter! | Fake Fabulous

This dress is SO lovely to wear and I feel great in it.
It's from Alie street,....and No, they're not sponsoring me, I just genuinely love the brand!

I popped a chunky, androgynous, oversized jumper over the top and I'm instantly casual-ified (not a real word, but I like it).

Lace up long boots & orange tights | Fake Fabulous

My trusty lace up boots (that I have been wearing for over 20 years) and my old Barbour saddle bag finished things off nicely.

See the story of these boots HERE.

{I had to wear a down filled full length coat over this outfit, as it was so cold... not very blog-worthy but essential. Gosh.... I'm Baltic without my coat and it shows in this photo! 😬}

Alie Street Holly Dress, layered up for Winter! | Fake Fabulous

Are you piling on the layers yet?
Please let me know by leaving a comment.... I promise not to be envious if it's still bare-arms-and-open-toes weather where you are (she lied).

JUMPER: Redoute (old)... similar(ish)
DRESS: c/o Alie Street
TOP: c/o Kettlewell colours... similar
BAG: Barbour... similar
BOOTS: Cat.... old as the hills.... similar




  1. love love LOVE this outfit! Every. Single. Bit.


  2. Ah, mixing the old with the new in unexpected combinations. This is what I like so much about your style.

    1. And yes, lots of layers here as well Samantha. My jeans are worn with long johns since mid october. I will need to buy high boots to wear skirts again. Or wear ankle length skirts, they can be worn with lots! of layers :-D

    2. A fellow long john lover! Yay.... although I think we are supposed to wear long janes :oP
      I sometimes prefer the gents though as the cut is nice and long on the leg.

  3. Love it and yes layer upon layer here. Love this and that jumper looks super snuggley

    1. Thank you Rachel! I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in my layers :oP

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Lise.... they're older than my son... and he has his own flat! :oP

  5. Love the Way That You've styled Them with the rest of this outfit!

  6. You're always so creative with your clothes, Samantha! I LOVE that about you.... and you're certainly an inspiration. I usually put my summer dresses away because I really feel the cold (even here in Portugal). Actually it can get cold here - last night driving home from dinner, the temperature dropped to... get this......... -0.5ºC degrees!!!! Can you believe it?!! And many buildings aren't built for the cold either. So I need lots of layers! I just might have to try out your idea though.
    Needless to say I just adore your boots (you have the BEST taste in boots!), and the orange tights. Gorgeous!
    Suzy xxx

    1. Hahahahaha...Suzy, you might have gone soft in the glorious sunshine! :oP
      Although, all joking aside, it's hard to dress for the cold when you're used to hot (or at least warm) weather.
      Thank you for all of your kind words.... they really mean a lot to me!

  7. Very inspiring post Samantha! I really like the idea of popping a chunky sweater over a floral dress and making it winter worthy! I don't wear dresses much in retirement. This is especially true during the cooler months but I'm going to check out the available pairing opportunities I do have in my closet.
    Seeing you wearing this on a cloudy cold day would cheer me right up! Loving your 20 year old lace up boots a lot too!

    1. Thank you Judy! :o)
      It really is so easy to pop on a jumper and cheat an outfit :oP


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