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Monday, 30 October 2017

Why I'll NEVER Photoshop my Image | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

Lets cut to the chase here....
This blog may be called 'Fake Fabulous' but my fakery is all upfront, and real!

Despite my bluffing, fake confidence boosting and smoke 'n' mirrors style of dressing, all of my images are genuine.
What you see is what you get.
I don't like photoshopping my image, and I won't do it!

{I attempted to remove my moles once and my daughter was very annoyed with me... "That's what makes you YOU Mum!"}

I'm well aware that I am by no means perfect, and could definitely benefit from a few tweaks... smoothing lines, plumping lips, larger eyes, a smaller waist (the list could go on for a while!!)... BUT, I'm okay with that.

None of us are perfect, and EVERYONE has 'issues' or parts of themselves they wish they could tweak/change/make disappear.

Unfortunately, we can't do anything about who we are so we all have a choice.

We either give up, and spend the rest of our days in joggies, hiding.
OR, we make the most of what we do have, and have fun with fashion... and life!

This all sounds easy doesn't it?
However, it's much easier said than done.
Modern media can make us feel not just "Less than perfect", but downright inadequate!

"Why does everyone have perfect skin?
How do models and celebrities have perfect white eyes with no sign of a vein?
No blemishes.
No root regrowth.
Not even a pound of flesh out of place.
Endless legs.
Tiny waists.
Perfect pert boobies.
Why does every celebrity mum have a totally flat tummy 3 weeks after giving birth, with not even a hint of a stretch mark?
It's not fair!!!"

Of course, we ALL know that none of these things are actually true.
We are very well aware that every magazine image we see has been photoshopped within an inch of its life.

We accept that every youtube video we watch is over-lit, and may even involve a real-time filter.

We all know it's utter bull***t.... but it can still affect us.

And I don't like it!

Much as I dislike my imperfect image it is still ME.

The only "photoshopping" I do involves pegs!
{See the post where I peg up this too-large top.}

I always try and focus on my positives...
Long limbs.
A strong jawline.
There is no point in spending any effort on wishing to look a different way.

I want YOU to see the real me.

What you see is what you get at Fake Fabulous.
(Oh, The irony!)

What do you think about photoshopping?
Do you do it all the time, and love it!?
Does it annoy you?
Does it make you feel empowered?
Or, sad?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!
Comment below or send me a tweet @samantha4blair

Lets Get Linking!

Last Week the beautiful Tiina turned my head in this gorgeous leather skirt, and breton top.
So simple yet utterly fabulous!
Check out her post HERE.



  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! That was a lovely surprise.
    Photoshopping, tough question... I admit to photoshopping just a bit, getting rid of blemishes etc. But I would not start erasing lines or wrinkles or making myself slimmer. Too much work, for starters, and counterproductive in the long run. Bloggers are supposed to be more realistic and relatable, an alternative to women who are tired of the ’aspirational’ images in magazines and want to see someone like them looking nice and wearing great outfits.

    1. My pleasure Tiina!
      I loved that outfit.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

  2. Do you know why I'll never photoshop my photos? Because who has the time? It's hard enough to get all of our photos taken, upload them, lighten out the shadows, and then write the post!! Either that or you can just call me lazy--ha ha!!
    But how funny you still use clothes pins. I just have my mom alter the items that are too big (I me spoiled)

    1. The top wasn't mine Jodie, that's why I had to be inventive with the pegs.
      Plus it was SO funny taking the photos and getting pegged in!!
      Thank you for sharing your opinion on this topic.

  3. I couldn't agree more, Samantha! I hate it seeing all these so-called perfect images online and in magazines. They often look so fake because of all the photoshopping that's been done too. Just awful! I have photoshopped the odd spot lol but that's as much as I will do (unless I realised I had spinach in my teeth he he he).
    Suzy xx

    1. Hahahahaha.... it's the lipstick on the teeth for me Suzy. I'm always checking because I've lost whole shoots because of it!
      My attempts to remove it made either my teeth disappear or turned them all pink!! #useless
      Funny now, but not so much at the time :oP

  4. Fantastic! I have never photoshopped my photos. Sometimes I see in the photos that I was tired, but hey, that's just me! I like your honesty!

    1. Hahahahaha... Tired is my middle name Nancy.
      (Blames snoring husband :oP)
      It's part of life and I just shrug and think (like you) "Ah well, that's just me".

  5. Another great post, Sam! I don't photoshop either for a variety of reasons. What you see is what you get and I will remain true to that always. And like Jodie said, who the heck has the time for that? I sure don't! I don't even have the time to learn how to photoshop let alone actually photoshop. Again some lighting changes here and there, cropping and rotating. That's about it. And some images turn out better than others...well because, we are not professionals in any sense of that word at Shelbee on the Edge! But we are fabulous in every sense of that word!


    1. Enhance, crop rotate...those are essentials Shelbee.
      Slimming, smoothing & elongating are not.... we are fabulous without!

  6. Great topic. Your solution for temporary fixes is brilliant. I think it would take a lot of chutzpah for a blogger to photoshop out self-perceived imperfections. Who would she be fooling except herself? Thanks for sharing your perspective and for the link up.


  7. Such a good article, and THAT is the reason why people prefer blogs over magazines! I don't photoshop because 1) I don't know how 2) I barely have time to get posts out, much less agonise over the bloody images 3) sunglasses get rid of any signs of a sleepless night from a young child waking up

    What I will do is use a blur tool in iPhoto to blur out dog poo on the streets of Paris (eye roll) or maybe to get rid of lint or a long strand of hair ruining a photo of black garment. Other than that, what you see is what you get.

    1. Blurring dog poo...hahahahahaha.... that is priceless Lisa!
      I love this comment, thank you for sharing it and thank goodness for sunnies eh? :oP

  8. I have thought about using it before if I'm honest. Just to try and make a tired saggy eyed me look better but I just couldn't work it out! I don't care about letting everyone know I'm 54 so I'm sure they expect wrinkles! xx

    1. Thank you for your honesty Laurie!
      At 54 we do expect a line or two and you've earned them.
      People need to see more women like them looking fabulous... keep doing what you do!

  9. NO, I totally agree with you, this is me, warts an all! If you don't like what you see, don't look is my motto! You look great anyway and that's all that counts. x Jacqui

    1. Hahahaha... thank you Jacqui!
      When I removed my "mole" (aka lump) from the side of my head I got a HUGE row from my daughter.
      Which made me realise it's our imperfections that make us who we are.

  10. I never Photoshop my images either but the truth is I have tried to remove pigmentation spots but can't do it very well, so gave up! But I would never try to change my shape or any of the other cons used by Kim Kardashian and co.

    1. I'm covered in those Gail! Pesky things... I've worried about them but now just accept them as part of my face.
      Sometimes I add an extra layer of concealer, if it's a close up, to lessen the blow but they don't cover very well, do they?
      I must say that I like it when I see other people with age spots.
      It's like it make me feel better about mine.

  11. I agree with Tina, as a blog reader and not a blogger, I much prefer looking at real people with stunning style, as opposed to photo-shopped models in magazines. I have not purchased a magazine in more than 3 years, but thanks to you gals I am totally up-to-date on the fashion front. Thanks so much for keeping it real and please always keep it this way. Lise

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion Lise!
      I still love the fashion magazines, but it's for the colours and mixtures of texture in the high fashion images... much more like Art than trying to be real life... so I don't mind the perfection.
      However, photoshopped images of women who are supposed to be natural and "real" make me sad.
      Thank you for this great comment, and thank you for reading my blog!

  12. In the summer, I work outside in my garden long, hard hours and I my arms and legs get covered with scratches, bumps, and bruises and those I photoshop. I don't think they are "me" and they are just a distraction to the goodbye.

  13. Hi Sam, I don't use photoshop either. I have tried to use a tool to get rid of my Pain patch on the side of my arm, but that is it. too time consuming i think. i find it takes me long enough to work on the photos as it is. just like showing me and if anything, i might want to get rid of a scowl or wierd facial expression ;-)
    Happy Halloween!
    jess xx

    1. Most of my photos involve a strange expression Jess! :o)
      Lots of deleting is needed to find one without :oP

  14. Keep on keepin it real Sam. Why do we spend so much time trying to edit and augment reality?? Guarding our human vulnerability to propaganda in all its endless iterations takes a lot of energy that could be spent in so many more productive ways. Your daughter's attitude is so refreshing and smart. I'm thinkin you've raised a beautiful person!

  15. This post exemplifies why you're one of my favourite bloggers, Sam! I love your refreshing honesty and no-nonsense approach, as well as your inspirational style. Long may it continue. :)

  16. I would never dream about altering how my body looks in pictures, or the shape of my face, or the little birthmark on my face, or even my skin tags, but I do occasionally get rid of unsightly spots that appear out of seemingly nowhere!

    I wish I have clear skin but in reality my skin is VERY unpredictable; I can have amazing skin for the longest time and suddenly I get mass breakouts on a random part of my face. They're not a permanent part of me, so that's how I justify getting rid of them before posting my photos. If I don't do so, I feel like readers can become distracted by them, and people wouldn't be able to concentrate on my outfit! I'd categorise it as an unfortunate self-conscious thing.

    1. I don't count removing a spot as photoshopping Liyana....of course it is really, BUT a huge PMT zit does not enhance any outfit and (as you rightly say) is distracting. Hehehehehe.
      I use makeup and powder to remove my monthly mini volcano, or angle my face to the other side :oP
      Removing your break out is not self-conscious at all, it just good sense!

  17. I totally agree! If you want photoshopped images you can buy a magazine, but bloggers offer a more realistic and honest perspective. I've only used Photoshop to correct chipped nail varnish on my toes or lipstick on my teeth. Other than that I don't want to alter my images, and to honest I can't be bothered to either. Life's too short to obsess over minor details!

    Emma xxx

  18. I love what your daughter said. Sometimes kids tell us exactly what we need to hear :) Have a lovely week!


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