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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Wearing a Maxi Skirt in Autumn/Winter

Silver Maxi Skirt & Black Boots | Autumn Style, over 40.

Maxi skirts are perfect for warm weather... a real summer staple.
They offer cool coverage, and that effortless look we all want to achieve.

As the mercury falls, the maxis tend to be pushed to the back of the wardrobe.
Here they lie in wait, biding their time, ready for the thermometer to rise again.

However, there really is no need to banish your maxi skirts (and dresses) into storage just yet.
Maxi skirts are seriously underrated as cold weather wear!

Silver Maxi Skirt & Black Boots | Autumn Style, over 40.

Of course, there is always the danger of a soggy hem in wet weather.
However, it's no more of a problem for a skirt than it is for a pair of winter trousers.
So, why not give a maxi skirt a go this Autumn?

Silver Maxi Skirt & Black Boots | Autumn Style, over 40.

Today I'm wearing my silver maxi with a casual jumper, and chunky boots.
What could be easier than that?

{See this maxi skirt HERE, HERE and even HERE!!}

Maxi skirts (and dresses) offer the chance to pile on secret thermal layers without ever giving the game away.

I'm also wearing a full set of thermals, but you would never know... unless I blabbed (oops)!
I love the way this oversized jumper and maxi skirt can conceal my cosiness while giving the illusion of effortless ease.

I'm as snug as a bug in a rug under this swoosh of fabric!

Silver Maxi Skirt & Black Boots | Autumn Style, over 40.

Are you an all-year maxi wearer?
Do you wear secret thermals and cosy tights under yours?

If your maxis end up in storage could you be tempted to give them a go this season?

Please let me know by leaving a comment.
I love reading them!

SKIRT: Old (similar)
JUMPER: French Connection... I like this one.
BOOTS: Clarks (old)... similar.
BAG: c/o Lotus

Silver Maxi Skirt & Black Boots | Autumn Style, over 40.




  1. I thought shiny tube trousers and skirts won't your style but they do really suit u down to a T so u can pull them off

  2. Great advice Samantha, and something I can see myself applying to my maxi's that are yet to be stashed away. I love the casual vibe of this outfit, especially the chunky boots which stop the skirt looking to evening-y. Cute little bag too!

    Anna x

    1. It is quite an 'evening' style skirt Anna... and I will probably wear it more dressed up as we move into party season. Thank you for your lovely comment. XXX

  3. This is a great look, Samantha! I love your silver maxi paired with that jumper. The boots and bag match perfectly too! Maxi skirts really are versatile, aren't they? Especially when you get sick of jeans! XXX

    1. They are Sasha! Sometimes I feel like my jeans are in danger of needing surgically removed it's nice to wear something different. XXX

  4. so fabulous outfit!, I like how everything matches (and it looks like an effortless thing!), I also like how the chunky boots add an interesting contrast, and love your accessorizing!

    1. It IS quite 'matchy' isn't it Monica? (I hadn't really noticed before you said) unlike me!

  5. Such a beautiful, glamorous look. I'm one who doesn't like maxis on myself but loves them on everyone else, so I don't wear them at all.

  6. Everyone to their own that's what I say

  7. Great look! Elegant and edgy! Love that wonderfull bag too!

  8. This is such good advice and you've illustrated the virtues of cold weather maxi skirt wearing so well! Back in the 70's the maxi was routinely worn with long boots in the winter months. Your look is so well designed Sam. I still have a great blacka aIt'sa actually a forever kind of skirt!:-):-)

  9. The end of my comment had technical difficulties.
    I have a black and white knit maxi that's perfect for cold weather and is great with boots. I may have to find somewhere to wear it soon!!


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