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Sunday, 8 October 2017

How to Wear a Ruched Dress | Shopping Delusions

Baukjen Ruched Dress with Autumn Layers | Deluded Shopping | Fake Fabulous

Are YOU a deluded shopper?
What does being a deluded shopper mean anyway?

Deluded shopping is when a person buys an item because they have been made to believe something about it that is not true.

Otherwise known as very clever marketing!

Examples include:

  • Undies that make you look 2 dress sizes smaller
  • Face creams that make you look 10 years younger or boost your DNA
  • Dresses that make you look like Kate Moss!

Do you ever (like me) buy something simply because you think it looks great on the model in the magazine, online, in store, or on the super-cool celebrity blogger?

And, for that brief moment, you believe that if YOU buy that product you will look just like the model or celebrity.
The item you spend your hard-earned cash on will act like a magic wand of perfection.
Making your life a little more stylish and beautiful.

Temporarily, you forget you are neither six feet tall, a size 4 or 19.
Oh dear!

I know I'm not alone when I say that I can be a sucker for slick advertising, great photography and skillful photoshopping.
I know it's silly....but it happens.
I have no problem admitting that I can be guilty of delusional shopping!

Baukjen Ruched Dress with Autumn Layers | Deluded Shopping | Fake Fabulous

This was exactly what happened when it came to buying this ruched dress from Baukjen.

The model in the catalogue looked gorgeous!
Effortlessly chic, and super cool.
The ruches skimming her body beautifully.

Yes, this dress is comfortable.
Yes, I feel good in it.... there is no pinching, or digging in.


Even though this style of dress is marketed to disguise lumps bumps (and other unwanted wobbly bits) the reality is that it can accentuate, and highlight flaws in our figures.
No one wants to look lumpier and bumpier than they already are, do they?

Only the uber-perfect look fabulous in them.
Only the model in the catalogue.

I'm guilty of delusional shopping*.

{*Hangs head in shopping shame}

Baukjen Ruched Dress with Autumn Layers | Deluded Shopping | Fake Fabulous

My husband put it perfectly when he said...

"That dress fits where it touches"

Oh dear!

These dresses are pretty expensive, and I'm not into wasting money.
Everything we own deserves to be worn.
Plus, there's no denying that this style of dress is comfortable to wear, and easy to throw on.
I had to make it work.

Clarks Oxblood Brogues with Tartan | Fake Fabulous

Today, I am styling this dress with a few distracting details to keep the focus off my (now highlighted) imperfections.

I certainly don't want to lose the comfort that this dress offers.
However, looking like I have a baggy bum is NOT the look I'm going for.

An easy way to hide an unflattering rear-end is to add a longline cover-up.
I chose a long sleeveless cardigan.
Super cosy, and easy to throw on.

I also added a scarf that I belted at the waist... helping to skim over any offending bumps.
Distracting the eye up and down.

Baukjen Ruched Dress with Autumn Layers | Deluded Shopping | Fake Fabulous

The third trick up my sleeve was some colourful hosiery.
These golden tights are great quality, and a wonderful way to add more of an autumnal feel to any outfit.
They're like a warm sunset on my legs!

Baukjen Ruched Dress with Autumn Layers | Deluded Shopping | Fake Fabulous

My vintage magnifying glass and tartan trimmed brogues finished things off nicely.

I think I got away with it.... just! 😌

Have you been a victim of delusional shopping?
What are your triggers/weaknesses?
Please share your story in the comments.
Or, CONTACT ME.... I'd love to hear from you.

DRESS: Baukjen
SCARF: A gift from a friend... This one is beautiful.
BELT: Topshop... similar.
CARDIGAN: c/o Cosy Cashmere... similar.
SHOES: Clarks... these are cool.




  1. you did a fab job making this dress working for you, as you look gorgeous, comfy and cool!, and the color combo looks great!, very autumnal!
    I still buy clothes that really don't suit me anyway, or shoes that don't suit my lifestyle (top authority on this!). I'm not immune to marketing, but I'm trying!
    besos I

    1. "Shoes that don't suit my lifestyle"..... you've hit the nail on the head there Monica!
      I am guilty of that crime too!

  2. This works well for you, well done for styling it right. I've just bought a patterned dress that has ruched detailing across the tummy area, the jury's still out on this one! Jacqui

    1. I feel the same way Jacqui.... the jury is out!
      Maybe a pattern works better??
      Let me know!

  3. It looks good the way you have styled it. I think the problem is the material, viscose and elastine, very clingy. Also it is very price for such material.

    1. You're spot on there!
      The fabric is totally unforgiving... and over priced for sure.

  4. I looked through some of the photos before I read your words, and had already decided this is one of my favourite ever looks on you - so it was a surprise that the dress proved a challenge. You really have styled it beautifully. All the colours are perfect for you colouring. The tights are a wonderful addition - the light and shade almost gives them an ombre-like appearance - and Falke is just about my favourite brand so I know they'll feel great too. All round fabulous, I say!! Kx

    1. Falke are fab aren't they? Mine wash and wash..... I'm dreaming of the day they get in touch and decide they need to send me loads of pairs to try out :oP

  5. I do my fair share of delusional-shopping, but they're usually not driven by something I see in magazines or catalogs etc.. It's more like I see something I fancy in a store, I put it on in the fitting room and perhaps it doesn't fit me perfectly the way I THOUGHT it would, but sometimes I buy it anyway, thinking "I can make this work later on!"

    I think it was just last week when I stumbled upon a quote from someone, which goes something like: if you don't immediately fall in love with what you see when trying on something in the fitting room, and have to strike a pose to make it look good, do not buy it! That struck a chord with me big time. Not sure if I would change though, but I have hope!

    I think you're totally making this dress work. The addition of the long cardi and scarf is brilliant, and I LOVE those tights!!! Are they yellow mustard in colour? Love the little black speckles on them in the close-up shot of your shoes.

    1. That is a great mantra Liyana!
      I'm immediately pinching it and will use it next time I am tempted to let the blood rush to my head :oP
      Thank you!!

  6. I think you look absolutely fabulous, Samantha! That dress looks lovely but I can understand where the problems might lie... I do love a little ruching in some areas though ;)
    I reckon we're all guilty of delusional shopping at some stage of our lives lol!!
    Suzy xx &

  7. Oh you did MUCH better than "just" get away with it Samantha. You look pretty darn cute here!! I'm drooling just a bit over those delicious shoes!!! I love the colors in the plaid mixed with the cordovan of the leather. That vest really is the perfect solution for a less than perky bottom:-) You are so SMART in so many ways!
    I'm a little late with comments on your posts because I just attended my 2nd blogger meet up since February! No...still not blogging but loving the wonderful women I've met. They have very graciously and kindly allowed me to join in the fun! Perhaps some day I'll meet you and Anna, Greetje, Ann and Liyana as well!

    1. That sounds lovely Judy! I hope you had a great time.
      Thank you for your kind words (as always).
      "Pretty darn cute"... I love that!

  8. The first thing I thought when I saw the pictures, wow, sexy you.
    You are total nice in bodycon dress

  9. A trick for making your belts a single line (which sometimes is a leaner look) - instead of looping the long ends around, use those clear braid elastics (doubled). They are invisible but hold the belt end in place.


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