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Monday, 23 October 2017

Blogging Goals | Don't be afraid to fail! |#fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

Blogging is a really popular pastime and there are a staggering 440 million of us.

We all blog for different reasons BUT, even those of us who blog purely for the passion would still love to be successful bloggers!
We all have blogging goals, don't we?

Goal planning and having a vision of your blogging future is both fun AND motivational.
The enjoyment of blogging is enhanced with every step forward towards our personal goals.
Whether your goals are to sharpen up your photography, or smarten up your webpage, each time we tick that virtual box of achievement feels pretty good!

Maybe you dream of giving up your day job and becoming a full time blogger?
Maybe you fantasise about making it big and jetting off all over the world, riding on a wave of glamour and celebrity-like success?

Regardless of how big (or small) your goals are, we would ALL like more likeminded followers.
AND a few more quid in the bank would be a nice bonus too!

With hopes and dreams there are always going to be disappointments.
Some of them minor, like when a gifted item turns out to be naff and you have to return it.

Others may be major downers, like missing out on a potential earning opportunity, website issues or a sudden loss in followers.

Recently, I missed out on a major earning opportunity and felt remarkable okay about it.
I was chilled to the point of being horizontal!
Almost as if it was meant to be... as if I wasn't quite ready to take the plunge.
Maybe fate was taking care of me?
I enjoyed the whole experience as part of my (steep) blogging learning curve.
The whole process has armed me with new skills and confidence.
Each day is a school day!

As with all aspects of life, it's perfectly okay to fail at blogging from time to time.
And, it's perfectly okay to feel like giving up.

The important thing is that you DON'T give in to giving up.
Accept the failure, learn from it (if applicable) and keep going.
Keep moving forward, never look back.

Accept your wobbles.
Let yourself take a break, if you need to.

Keep fuelling your passion.
Keep enjoying your blogging journey.
You never know what's around the next corner!
A huge campaign?
An all-expenses paid trip to Paris to road test Maison Ernest shoes.....maybe!?
{Oops, that was a glimpse into my fantasy blogging life 😝}

Last week Sasha's cheeky little fox caught my eye and made me smile!
I'm always on the look out for new pins and brooches, and this little fella is right up my street.
Check out her post HERE.

Do you have BIG Blogging goals?
Or, modest ones?

Please share your next goal in the comments.
I would love to know what's important to you!



  1. It truly has been a learning experience, right, Samantha!! So even if there aren't any goals, I try to think of it as higher education!!

    1. That's true Jodie! We learn new things every day, don't we? XXX

  2. Blogging means constantly learning new things and always trying to improve. It is overwhelming for me at times - a couple of weeks ago I thought about giving it up because my husband was constantly nagging about me being on my laptop and phone. I was proper down in the dumps, which made me realise I absolutely do not want to give up, quite the opposite - it's made me more determined!

    Emma xxx

    1. Hahahaha...I bet that sounds familiar to a lot of us Emma!
      If something makes you happy then you should keep doing it... it's much cheaper than therapy for sure!

  3. I'm quite happy to plod along at a steady pace. I do have down times, today being one of them! I did photos over the weekend that I'm not happy with and I had a long drive home from Newcastle to London so I'm extremely behind. But hey ho tomorrow is another day! xx

    1. We all get down days don't we Laurie?
      BUT, as you rightly say, tomorrow is another day... and may bring new and exciting things!

  4. Great post. My only blogging goal is to make more blogging friends and faithful readers that want to engage with me.

  5. Every time when I think: okay, now I can relax for a while and only write posts, there is something new to learn, explore and to change! I love that! And that says someone who for two years ago only could send mails and shop online!

  6. Thank you so much, Samantha! I was so excited when I saw you had chosen my post for this week. I literally squealed with delight! Haha :) XXX

  7. Each day is a school day - never a truer word said!! Even after six years of blogging I'm still learning new things... and the best it is that I still love it just as much. I guess that's the true measure of success, isn't it?

    Thanks for hosting, Samantha my lovely! C x

  8. Wow I resonate with this post so much. I swear; it's an up and down game isn't it. Right now, I'd say I'm in the middle, just pluggin' away, rather aimless actually. It's time for me to sit down and make some real goals rather than just posting just because. What you've written here is a wake up call for me Samantha so thank you. Thank you so much!

    Time for some planning! Let's do this!!

    Love, Annie over at Kremb de la Kremb

  9. I've always dreamt big – in all areas of my life. And I only recently realised that, I might not have made it financially, but I am living a dream that many people would envy! But I'd still like to earn some money doing what I love lol!
    Suzy xx /

    1. You do live a dream life Suzy... and from this side of channel... it looks perfect!
      Yoga teacher and fashionista.

  10. What an inspiring and spot on blog post. I agree with you, blogging is as much a journey of self discovery as it is career. Some days are fabulous and others, not so much. The important thing, as you so eloquently pointed out, is to follow your dream! Xo Jonet

  11. I'm hoping to start a blog. I found yours a month or so back and without meaning to sound dramatic, it really gave me some hope and a spark of an idea. I love your style��. I'm a home based beauty and massage therapist and plan to blog about it with advice and what I found worked for me.

    1. That sounds like a fantastic idea!
      I am so pleased to have helped spark your interest in sharing those experiences, and your wisdom.

    2. BTW, be sure to share your URL so I can check out your new blog.

  12. Hi Sam, I am just back from my trip to the mountains. playing catch up! I think for me i enjoy writing and enjoy the commradierre of blogging. i also just try and do my best and look at it as a way to engage people about something i enjoy.
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

  13. Samantha - this is a wonderful and encouraging post. I've only been blogging for a few months and I love it, but I've found it's so important to keep focused on my purpose and not get caught up with comparing myself to others. It's easy to get down, but blogs like yours always pick me up and push me forward! Thank you for sharing!

    Cathy V.


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