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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Are Pashminas Still in Fashion?

Blue Cashmere Wrap, Graphic Bodycon Dress, OTK Boots | Fake Fabulous

Do you remember when Pashminas (or large cashmere wraps) were a HUGE fashion trend?
They were worn by every celebrity, model and actress.
Everyone who wanted to look like they were "en vogue" bought at least one.
Some had one in every colour to wear with every outfit!

Back in 1999 I remember coveting the luxuriously large pashminas that were in the big stores... and feeling slightly sorry for myself that they were (WAY!) beyond my budget.

I did buy a cheap version, in a sad attempt to copy the look BUT failed.
Synthetic fibres, rayon, viscose or wool and silk mixes just don't work.

They're nothing wrong with these fibres, it's just that when you try to fake that cashmere look you're going to fall flat.
There's nothing quite like the real deal.

{Don't even get my started on nasty 'Cashmilon'....aka pimped up nylon... yuck!}

Back in nineties cashmere cost a small fortune, and was a real A-list luxury item.
Thankfully, you can now buy good quality cashmere products for much more realistic prices.

Yes, good cashmere costs a lot more than polyester, but it's a real investment.
Look after it and it can last for years.
Or, as my late Nan would say:

"That will see you out!"

Unfortunately, many brands have started to compromise on the quality of their cashmere.
I have a cardigan (from 2001) that is still looking great BUT I bought a different colour from the same brand about 5 years ago and it fell to bits... quite literally.
The replacement they sent me fell to bits too.
I won't be back.
Cheap fabric, made in China does NOT appeal to me.

BUT... back to the point.
The question is:

Are pashminas still in fashion?

Blue Cashmere Wrap, Graphic Bodycon Dress, OTK Boots | Fake Fabulous

To be honest, regardless of the latest trends, Pashminas are always in fashion.
Especially if you love the warmth and comfort that a wrap like this can offer you.

Wear them as a scarf or as a shawl.
Wear them over a business suit, over an evening dress or as a jacket substitute on a casual night out.
Wear them with jeans, leggings or your Pj's!
Anything goes.

This particular pashmina/wrap is heavenly... and I've hardly had it off my back since it arrived!
It's SO cosy, which was a big surprise as the knit is lightweight as well as super-soft.

The best bit is that it goes with everything!

{I'm wearing skinny jeans and a roll neck as I type this, and my wrap is around my shoulders... I even wear it reading in bed!}

I'm aware that I'm in danger of sounding too gushy gushy (which may induce the baulk in some of you...I know it does me) BUT I genuinely love this gorgeous pashmina.

Blue Cashmere Wrap, Graphic Bodycon Dress, OTK Boots | Fake Fabulous

I was lucky to have this beautiful wrap sent to me by Simone from Italy in Cashmere, but I would have happily bought it and would be thrilled to receive another as a Christmas (or birthday) gift.... are you listening Santa?

Wraps make great gifts don't they?
Who doesn't love a little luxury in their life?
Plus, no need to worry about getting the size wrong.

{BTW...The quality of the yarn is fabulous, and the products are made in Italy, so no sweatshop guilt.}

Blue Cashmere Wrap, Graphic Bodycon Dress, OTK Boots | Fake Fabulous

I've worn this wrap to work a few times and my colleagues were coveting it... I had to put it under lock and key as it was in danger of being 'borrowed' 😜.

Today, I'm wearing it with my graphic dress (see this graphic dress styled in different ways HERE) plus my trusty vintage boots (see more of them HERE).

I popped a roll neck underneath for warmth, and a more streamlined feel.
This dress is quite bold so my new wrap, and a simple bag, were all I needed to finish things off nicely.

Blue Cashmere Wrap, Graphic Bodycon Dress, OTK Boots | Fake Fabulous

Are you a fan of cashmere?
Do you still love wraps, and pashminas?
How to you wear yours?
Over eveningwear or (like me) over your PJ's!?

Please let me know in the comments, or send me an email at samantha44blair(at)gmail(dot)com.
I love hearing from you!

Blue Cashmere Wrap, Graphic Bodycon Dress, OTK Boots | Fake Fabulous

CASHMERE WRAP: c/o Italy in Cashmere
DRESS: Old (New look, if I remember correctly)... this one is nothing like mine but I love it!
BOOTS: Vintage... similar
ROLL NECK: Thermals from M&S
BAG: Topshop... this one is cool!

Blue Cashmere Wrap, Graphic Bodycon Dress, OTK Boots | Fake Fabulous



  1. I have a bit of a love/hate relation with pashminas. Years ago I got one from my sister in law who is a purser, and she brought one from India for me. As I always love gifts from foreign countries, I didn't quite love the pashmina. I mean, I loved it, but just not on me! I love the color of yours but to be honest, I am more in love with that magnificent dress you are wearing!

    1. That's a shame Nancy.
      I had one years ago too, that was a disappointment too. I must admit that I didn't have high hopes for this wrap (as I've had crappy cashmere from bigger brands) so it was such a lovely surprise to be so pleased.
      Thank you for loving my old dress... it's one of my favourites and I can't bear to part with it.
      I'll probably still be wearing it if I get to be an old lady! :oP

  2. pashminas, wraps, shawls or scarves, I love all of them!, I don't feel that I'm really dressed up without one (and they keep pharyngitis at bay!)
    I love your blue pashmina, but I even love more your fabulous dress, such a stunning piece, and it fits you like a dream!, you're gorgeous!!!!
    And what a difference it makes to wrap yourself in a quality shawl/pashmina!

    1. You're right Monica!
      A great wrap feels fabulous and luxurious... such a difference.

  3. I can't imagine pashminas ever being 'out' if that makes sense. I have one, a gift, which came from an Indian shop but it's not cashmere though (sob). I must say I'm totally in love with your entire look here, Samantha! That dress, those boots, the pashmina - everything together is just perfect (I know in my latest post, I said perfect is boring but this is definitely an exception he he he). You look GORGEOUS!!
    Suzy xx *

  4. Oh Sam, I swear that any time you put on a lovely bright blue you just blow me away!!
    The pashmina looks beautiful and the dress is SPECTACULAR! Now who's gushing... Anyway I noticed that in the print of the dress, just over your left knee;there seems to be a cameo portrait of YOU! :-):-) The print of this dress is just so much fun and delightfully unique. Just like you.

    1. I hadn't noticed her Judy!
      This dress keeps surprising me...I love it so much.
      I'm so glad you like it too. XXX

  5. This wrap is simply gorgeous! And the color is magnificent on you. Now onto the dress...I could gush on and on about that! How freaking amazing! I agree with you completely that pashminas are always in style. While I do not have a luxurious cashmere one myself (I may need to change that), I have quite a few that I picked up 15 plus years ago in a tiny little Middle Eastern gift shop that I would frequent for unique items. While not cashmere, they are beautifully woven and beaded pashminas that have definitely held up over time as I still have them and still wear them!


    1. Thank you so much Shelbee!
      I love this dress too...and this wap hasn't been off my back since it arrived.
      I would have loved to have visited that little shop with you!!

  6. I love a pashmina, I don't think they've gone out of fashion at all. x thanks for sharing this interesting post. Jacqui

  7. I definitely think Pashminas are still very fashionable because they are beautiful and classic and can be worn a million ways. Love that floral dress and the bright turquoise pashmina is perfect to brighten the dreary long, windy and rainy Autumn days.

    Welcome by on Thursdays Samantha and link up with me. Share your fabulous style with my readers.

    <3 Ada.

  8. Oh yes that are fashionable! how could they not be, a large scarf of soft cashmere is a winner to me. i love this colorful look Sam, how you layered it and brought out more color with your scarf. Very pretty!
    hanks for linking!
    jess xx

  9. I loved my cashmere throw so much I bought two more in different colors. They are so soft and comforting.a They are also perfect for wrapping up in and then throwing off in the middle of a hot flash. Or when the heat or the a/c run hot then cold at work.


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