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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Get Your PINK On | Monochrome Outfit

All Pink Monochrome Outfit | Bobble Jumper & Magenta Bag

Monochrome is a word often associated with Black & White but, a monochrome outfit can mean one containing varying tones of any specific colour.
In this case my Monochrome outfit is PINK!

These hot pink trousers have been on the blog a couple of times... see them HERE & (my favourite) HERE.

Whenever I wear them I realise that their proportions are slightly 'off' for my short-waisted body (See more short-waisted problems and solutions HERE & HERE) and the colour is not really 'my' colour.
Ah well...
I still love wearing them!
They make me smile.

Wearing what makes you happy is always a good idea.

All Pink Monochrome Outfit | Bobble Jumper & Magenta Bag

As if these hot pink breeks were not colourful enough I decided to throw on a slouchy, cosy and generally lovely jumper.
I adore it's cheeky bobbles, which go all around the back as well.
Don't you just love that!

Who else HATES it when designs, patterns, sequins and embellishments stick to the front of garments, and stop at the side seams?

All Pink Monochrome Outfit | Bobble Jumper & Magenta Bag

This jumper may be shapeless and sloppy, but it's so comfortable and comforting.
Like wearing a big hug.

I wanted to keep piling on the pink, so my magenta bag was a must.
In for a penny, in for a pound!

A pair of t-bar shoes, in a plummy colour, kept things feminine and (almost) grown-up!
Pink lips and delicate earrings finished things off nicely.

All Pink Monochrome Outfit | Bobble Jumper & Magenta Bag

You may have noticed that none of these items (bar the shoes) are from my recent Autumn Capsule Wardrobe post.... more on that next Monday at the #fakeituntilyoumakeitlinkup.
If you missed Monday's link, don't worry you can still join in HERE.

Can you handle the monochrome look?
What's YOUR colour?
Please share your favourite colour in the comments.
I'd love to try it!

TROUSERS: Topshop (old)
JUMPER: Lindex... from eBay.
BAG & EARRINGS: Charity Shopped!
SHOES: Clarks




  1. Oh I love this! I'm always wearing monochromatic colourings but I feel it helps with my short frame. I'm guilty of loving the boring creams and beige. I know your a fan of colour Samanther, and this is gorgeous on you. Oh, and yes I'm all for pattern all round and not just the front. xx

    1. Thank you Laurie!
      I love it when a pattern goes the extra to speak.
      It makes a HUGE difference.

  2. I love this pink look, Samantha! I love your bobbly jumper! So cute! Love the pink lipstick too. You really suit pink! I don't wear a lot of monochromatic outfits, but when I do I like various shades of blue together. I'd like to try purple, but I'm a bit scared I'll end up looking like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! Haha XXX

    1. Hahahahaha... better Violet than Veruca ! :oP
      I say give your purples a go Sasha... mixingtones is big news this AW (I just bought UK cosmo and laughed out loud at an article that was about this topic, I must have my finger on the pulse?!?!?)
      What's the worst that can happen? It doesn't work.
      The best? You feel great and have a fab day with a spring in your step.
      Worth a try.

  3. Cute outfit! Love the whole look! Pretty!

  4. I love this cheerful bright pink outfit. The fluffy knobs on the sweater are adorable. I must have those beautiful plum T-straps. The magenta purse and pink lip are darling touches. Monochrome can really be fun!

    1. I'm glad you agree Kathleen!
      It IS fun.... and hardly requires any thought :oP

  5. I have always loved some cute textural knobs (french knots in embroidery terminology) and on a passionate pink sweater they're even more fun. I also love ti do monochromatic looks gor the slimming effect. You look very cute Sam!

    1. I hadn't thought of the slimming effect of monochrome Judy... but you are right.
      Maybe not this baggy jumper and equally baggy trousers though! :oP
      Some monochrome tailoring would work beautifully though.

  6. ooo! I love the T-strap shoes, they are up my alley! I really do like a great monochrome outfit. i posted one yesterday in red, and then last monday in olive. great way of breaking it up with the shoes and the different shades of pink. darling sweater!
    have a great day!
    jess xx


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