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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Blogger Stats, Page Views, Spam & Bad Bots!

If you're a blogger like me then page views are probably pretty important to you.
Unless it's a private blog, we all want a good number of unique users and plenty of clicks, don't we?

The thought of tens, or thousands (or even tens of thousands!) of like minded people tuned into your blog is a great feeling.
Lots of lovely people enjoying your content, connecting with you and supporting each other.

That's one of the great things about blogging, isn't it?


What if your precious page views are just pie in the sky?
What if your 'Audience' doesn't really exist?

What if your blog is the victim of Bots?

What is a Bot?

A bot is an automated programme that has been created to perform a repetitive action many times... much faster than a real person.
Spambots, for example, crawl (or spider) your website looking for email addresses to 'harvest' ready to send those unwanted spam emails to.

Some bots can leave comments on your blog posts, and leave links behind that you may be tempted to follow.

If you suspect that a comment left on your site is spam, delete it.
If you suspect a link is not in keeping with the usual 'traffic source' to your blog don't click on it.
Check the traffic sources page in blogger and ignore any dubious referrals.

{I made the mistake of clicking through once and found myself looking at some pretty eye-watering pornography... and I'm no prude!}

These bad bots can also slow your site down and can even stop your genuine readers being able to access your content.
Now that sucks!

Don't worry though... All is not lost.

Google Analytics is a great way to keep tabs on your GENUINE followers and real page views.
Connect your blogger account to google analytics.
(See how to do that HERE)

As a rule of thumb, simply ignore your blogger stats and use google analytics.
(Although some bots can affect the those stats too... which is another matter... it's like opening a can of worms!)

If you suspect you are receiving dodgy page views then please make sure you report it to Blogger by clicking on the [Send Feedback] button (bottom right in your account).
Blogger help forums are also really useful, if you have any questions.

If you are in doubt about the validity of your page views (Like a few days ago when I had 10,000 extra views in the space of a few hours) just ignore Blogger's stats altogether and stick to what google analytics is telling you.

The numbers may not be as flashy, but they actually mean something!

(My 'blogger stats' monthly page views are over double what google analytics tells me.)

Much as that may seem a depressing thought it's more important to engage with real readers, right?
Big numbers are nice, but they're not the be all and end all of blogging.

Luckily the Web is stuffed full of help and, if there is anything you're worried about there will be a web page (or chat feed) that can help you:

There are loads more out there to learn from too!

Have you been on the receiving end of over inflated page views?
Do you do anything about it?
Do you try and block spam?
I'd love to hear about your experiences!



  1. Spammers! Nothing worse and even though I have a protection plugin (I'm on Wordpress) Some still manage to get through. I've just got into the google analytics thing since moving over from Blogger and it's a good source of info xx

    1. They're bloody annoying aren't they Laurie!?
      I thought Wordpress was better protected, but I don't really understand how the different platforms work.
      That's another post for someone who knows what they're doing!! :oP
      Most spam is just annoying and I delete it, but the surges in page views is a little disheartening.... excited face to sad face!

  2. Great post Samantha. I've had those huge surges of traffic and they seem to be Russian sites. As soon as you eradicate one another pops up!

    1. Mine came from Israel and the US Gail and they're annoying aren't they?
      At first I thought "Wow! 10 000 hits in a few hours... maybe I've been linked on some HUGE site and British Vogue is about to pick up the phone offering me shoes beyond my wildest dreams!! :oP"
      .... then...Nope, reality check!!!
      Better leave those Maison Ernest Boots in the basket, for now :oD

  3. Samantha, I don't understand all the stats stuff yet and I am trying to get a handle on it. I am going to check out some of these links you provided. Thanks so much for this helpful information!


    1. It's confusing isn't it Shelbee?
      Every day is a school day for me!

  4. Hi Samantha, thanks so much for some good, honest advcie! It just occurred to me that the 49k+ page views on the tiny blog that I've nurtured since 2010 may largely be hits from bots! I'm set up for Google analytics thanks to you!

    1. That's great to hear Alan, although 49K pageviews sounds reasonable ... hopefully they all turn out to be genuine!


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