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Friday, 29 September 2017

A Stylish Contradiction | Orange & Grey

Orange wool coat, striped culottes, roll neck & grey sandals... Autumn outfit, over 40.

Today I am wearing my culottes again, and loving them!
Especially as they are helping me to rebel against the (unpredictable) autumnal weather, here in Scotland.

These culottes are easy, breezy and satisfyingly swishy,  but a little bit too 'airy' for a cool autumn day, so I'm wearing my culotte slip and a pair of cycling shorts underneath.
Yep, plain cotton cycling shorts... from the kids department!
I'm not sorry.

Orange wool coat, striped culottes, roll neck & grey sandals... Autumn outfit, over 40.

Wearing these hidden warming layers helps me to enjoy wearing my grey sandals without freezing off a digit.
My body was so warm that my feet didn't suffer at all.

I love the fact that our modern lives allow us to mix and match our clothes (and accessories) to suit how we feel on any given day.

If you want to wear cut-offs and ugg boots, then go for it.
Ditto sandals and a wool coat, as I am doing here.

We are free to wear whatever we want!

Orange wool coat, striped culottes, roll neck & grey sandals... Autumn outfit, over 40.

This outfit started with my shoes.
I just really wanted to wear them, simple as that!
Even though my sensible head (and the weather) was telling me that a closed toe is a more sensible option.
Yeah... whatever!

However, as much as I would like to think of myself as a fashion rebel, I'm not really!
Comfort and warmth ALWAYS come first.

{Well, almost always... sometimes certain shoes are well worth the pain!}

So, with keeping cosy at the forefront of my mind I reached for this grey polo neck and a warm cashmere long-line waistcoat.

Orange wool coat, striped culottes, roll neck & grey sandals... Autumn outfit, over 40.

A bright orange coat kept me warm but didn't feel overwhelming, either in shape or colour.
Orange is one of these shades that looks fab across all seasons.
Perfect in gloomy winter as well summer.
AND, fabulous in autumn.
Especially against the rich colours of the season.
In fact, orange should be a wardrobe basic.... well, in my opinion anyway!

My cheeky magpie necklace and a fabulous snow leopard bag finished this look off perfectly.

Orange wool coat, striped culottes, roll neck & grey sandals... Autumn outfit, over 40.

Do you make style contradictions?
What is your favourite way to mix things up?

What about your idea of a basic colour that isn't one of the classics?
I'd love to hear your thoughts.

SHOES: All Saints (old)... these are cool!
COAT: Hearts & Hands at Urban Outfitters... bought in the sale ages ago! (similar)
CULOTTES: Zara... these are nice.
BAG: Charity shop find (Why on earth someone would get rid of this is beyond me)... similar.




  1. Love the whole look and the details are perfect!

  2. Sam, I love this outfit. The culottes are spectacular! And the gray and orange combination is ever so appealing. That magpie necklace is brilliant. I have a bird necklace of sorts on its way to me now! I love everything about this look!


  3. And I remember when you couldn't find culottes, Samantha!! But these? Perfection!!!
    Thanks for joining in the Ageless Style Link Up

  4. Your style is always so creative and original! I love it! And oh my gosh, do I really love that necklace!

  5. love your whole style here. i need to break out my long vest...that i've never worn. but still hung onto for like 3 years...

  6. Liking this outfit a lot, these colours together work really well. I enjoy hearing about your extra layers - I like that idea and will be trying it. x Jacqui

  7. Thanks for linking up to the Ageless Style party. I think gray and orange look great together.

  8. Ooh I love everything about this outfit! Orange looks great on you! I had no idea you could get culotte slips...what a revelation! Finding that gorgeous bag in a charity shop was a stroke of looks like a Jasper Conran for Debenhams (I've got a few stashed away from years ago!). I love your magpie necklace!

    Emma xxx

  9. such a brilliant combo!!, lovely culottes, lovely coat, lovely bag, and everything work so nicely together!. I think that you rock wearing those sandals with your orange coat, comfy&cool!!!
    And it's very nice that you share your 'confort tips' (culotte slip and shorts!), very wise!

  10. So gorgeous Samantha! I think your spotty bag with those stripy trousers is a cocktail of style. Love it all! And as usual, adoring your magpie necklace :-) xx

  11. Sam, I love the mix of the stripes and your bag, also the orange and grey is a lovely color combo. you do find some cool necklaces! if you ever find a doggy one.. let me know the culottes look great with the strappy sandals. I ve never worn culottes, but i do like how they look on people, and ive seen jean ones i like on Zara.. temping...
    Have a great week!
    thanks for linking
    jess xx

  12. Love this color combo - grey and orange. You put everything together and it works fantastic. Thank you for joining My Red Carpet.


  13. Wow! I ve pinned this one! Hope you show yourself on my Fancy Friday linkup!


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