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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Sweatshirts & Pencil Skirts | Alternative to Jeans

Sweatshirt & Pencil Skirt | Alternative to Jeans | Fake Fabulous

Jeans are a wardrobe staple that many of us couldn't live without!
They have been around (for what feels like) forever, and are not going anywhere anytime soon.
I could happily wear jeans for almost any occasion.
In fact (if I had to) I could wear a pair everyday!

But, what if you're a bit fed up with your denims?
What if you feel like mixing things up a little?
How can you keep the casual look without reaching for your trusty jeans?

Sweatshirt & Pencil Skirt | Alternative to Jeans | Fake Fabulous

Today, I wanted a comfortable casual vibe, but with a little extra personality.

A vintage pencil skirt was the answer!
Pencil skirts can be a great alternative to jeans, especially skinny jeans.

A pencil skirt will give you that slim fitting shape to balance looser tops (not that mine is very baggy today!) but also add a little something different.
Especially if the skirt has a pattern.
A touch of quirkiness, and fun.

Not to forget, a pencil skirt is super-feminine too!

Sweatshirt & Pencil Skirt | Alternative to Jeans | Fake Fabulous

This vintage pencil skirt is a firm favourite of mine.
The quality is superb, and this beauty has been worn MANY times.
I love it!

{See it HERE, HERE and HERE}

Today I wanted to wear it with a fun sweatshirt, and gutties.

{Gutty = A flat plimsoll-style shoe, like a Superga or Converse}

This kind of outfit requires zero accessorising and is practical for a busy day of running around.
Adding a red lip, and simple studs, was all I needed to do to finish off the look.

Do you often wear jeans?
Have you tried a pencil skirt in a casual outfit?
What would you chose as an alternative to your denims?

Please let me know in the comments.
I love hearing your opinion!

SKIRT: Vintage Windsmoor... this one looks nice.
SHOES: Guess... these are cool.
BAG: Clarks... similar.




  1. I thought that the pencil skirts are the most adorable and the most feminine and elegant.
    You are superb in pencil skirt

  2. I love this outfit! Your sweatshirt is so cute! I love the cobalt blue colour and the red lips match your skirt so well. So cute! XXX

  3. You looks so cute! The sweaters is so pretty,I wish to get one!

  4. You are just too darn cute Samantha!!! Actually you're the exactly perfect amount!!! I think sometimes an outfit like this comes about in an eclectic, comfy and relaxed moment of petite rebellion. Yikes! That probably doesn't make sense to anyone but me! (?)

  5. Simply adorable. You always hit the mark. The sweatshirt is so cute and unique - like you.

  6. I have to confess to not having own a pair of denims for years and I don't miss them, there's far to many other fabulous things to wear and I'll be glad when the ripped jeans fashion disappears again. I didn't like it the first time round haha

  7. So many people are wearing their jeans almost everyday!, I admire that kind of neat style, jeans, a striped t-shirt, a blazer. Very appealing!. But it's not my cup of tea anymore!. I barely have a pair of jeans!
    I love your own 'comfy&cool' style, love that vintage skirt, love your 'gutties' and love that pullover. You created something really comfortable, but not boring!


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