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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

4 Easy Ways to Wear ANY Colour Combination!

Orange, Lilac and Navy | 4 ways to Wear ANY Colour

Fashionable colour combinations change with each passing season.
The latest 'hot' colour and/or the 'on trend' colour mixes are there to keep us interested in new trends, and keep us spending our hard-earned money.
That's how the fashion industry works.
Out with the old and in with the new.
Designers are constantly trying to re-invent the wheel, and make fashion seem fresh.

I must admit that despite understanding the whole money-making process, I still love looking at the latest "Must Have" colours and how they are being combined each season.
I enjoy trying to recreate the trending shades (and combinations) from pieces I already own, or trawling the charity shops (and sale rails) for 'old fashioned' items that are currently in fashion again.... crazy isn't it?

Colours excite me, and I love mixing them.

Orange, Lilac and Navy | 4 ways to Wear ANY Colour

This post was inspired by a lady called Lynn (See her colourful blog full of all things vintage HERE).
After reading her comments (about colour combinations) on a picture I'd posted on Instagram, I started to wonder if there were any colour combinations I didn't like.
I struggled to think of any!

In fact, I think ALL colours are worth a try, and any combination can work, given a few tweaks.

4 Easy Ways to Wear ANY Colour Combination

1. Love it!

You have to really love the colours you choose, not just wear them because they're on-trend, or supposed to suit you.
Only put on your body colours that make you smile from ear to ear.
{See my happiest coloured outfits HERE and HERE.}
If you really love something it shows, and you will automatically look great!

2. Neutralise

If the colours are completely wrong for your colouring... like every colour in THIS outfit! ... try upping the makeup ante.
Once any sallowness (or redness) in your skin is neutralised (and you add a good lippy) ANY colour can look great!

(See THIS POST from Michelle, for natural-looking makeup tips!)

3. Mix it and Match it

When clashing colours try to find similar intensities, and they will sit together easier... e.g. pastels with pastels, brights with brights.

Try to match tints, tones or shades at the same level of intensity and your outfit will appear more harmonious.

What are Tints, Tones and Shades?

  • Tints: Colours mixed with white.
  • Tones: Colours mixed with Grey.
  • Shades: Colours mixed with black.

If this seems confusing, think of an all-RED outfit and chose a tint, tone and shade in the same column.
See how many combinations are possible!

(This article explains in detail)

If the colour you have chosen is hard for you to wear (draining, or unflattering to your skin) try adding a touch of a colour that you know looks good on you.
Even a tiny splash can help make the harsher hue work.
See THIS POST with a dab of red.

4. Ground it

Add a grounding neutral like black, grey, tan, cream (or even metallics) to make the colour feel more wearable.... see this outfit grounded with tan and silver (with a bonus wardrobe malfunction story) or this one with grey grounding bright yellow!

Orange, Lilac and Navy | 4 ways to Wear ANY Colour

Today I chose a mixture of colours, that shouldn't really go together at all.

The orange camisole was my 'I know suits' colour, and the navy trousers acted as a neutral base.
{Orange and navy always look great... see more orange and navy outfits HERE and HERE.}

Next came the lilac cardigan... completely out of place, but it seemed to work perfectly with the orange.
{See Catherine, from Not dressed as lamb, in lilac and orange (plus a few more shades!) HERE... from a couple of years ago.}

Lilac and orange might be my new favourite combination.... until the next clash, of course!

Orange, Lilac and Navy | 4 ways to Wear ANY Colour

I grounded the mixed colours with a neutral bag, but added back some extra "zing" with my (now favourite) embroidered mules.

{LOVE these shoes!}

A slightly twee butterfly necklace finished my look of nicely.

Orange, Lilac and Navy | 4 ways to Wear ANY Colour

Do you have any colour combinations you particularly love (or hate!)?
Please share in the comments, and I might try to give them a go myself!

CAMISOLE: George @Asda
CARDIGAN: COS... similar
BAG: c/o Bonmarché... similar
NECKLACE: Monsoon (very old).... this one is fab!




  1. I truly think that ANY two colors go well together!! Sure, some are more common and what we are used to. But any two just seem to work!! It's when we add in that third one that it can be more interesting, or crazy!!
    That's why I love reading your blog, Samantha---you love color as much as I do!!

    1. I do Jodie! :oP
      I think you're on to something there... any two can go, you are right!
      With good accessories and a little thought.
      But, I always seem to prefer 3....or 4... or more!!!

  2. I love mixing colors especially when I can layer more in the Fall/winter. Summer is tough her e as it is so hot! I am loving those shoes, as I mentioned and have scoped out a few embroidered boots I may choose from. Beautiful lavendar shade on you!
    jess xx

    1. Autumn is a great time to pile on the layers, and the rich tonal colours.
      The perfect excuse to up the colour ante!
      Ooooo, I'm yearning for the turning of the leaves now :o)

  3. It doesn't hurt to have a spectacularly colorful pair of mules to help you along either! You've presented some interesting information and made the case for colorful girls gone wild!! A season of embroidered shoes will be lovely in it's unpredictability!!

  4. Twee = very sweet. (?)

  5. These are great tips! I had never considered that any colours could be combined but you have convinced me! I am an Autumn, so my wardrobe is dominated by autumnal shades, but I do still like wearing black and grey and I find injecting some tan or leopard or orange makes them wearable for me. I mostly wear neutrals these days but you have kindled a curiosity to have a bit of fun with some brighter shades!

  6. I do love to mix and match colours sometimes. Your advice is spot on. LOVE the outfit, especially those embroidered mules. Gorgeous!
    Suzy xx
    Suzy Turner

  7. fabulous advice on color mixing!, you're a master!!
    I like that you encourage us to mix any colors we like!, that's a nice attitude. I love the fab color combo you're wearing, the orange and navy and lilac! and love how your fab mules repeat some of the colors and make them work together. I love how accessories enhance whatever you wear!

  8. This is what you do SO so well. I love the hot orange combined with that cool thistle coloured cardi. They clash perfectly, and both are spectacular on you. *runs off to find some things to clash!* xx


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