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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Striped Culottes & Florals | Mix it Up!

Striped Zara Culottes, Chunky Sandals & Florals, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Stripes are undeniably a classic design, that never goes out of style.
Ditto florals...
Every season florals appear in one guise or another.
They are another classic that is always in fashion.

So, in my mind, logic would suggest that:
Stripes + Florals =  A failsafe outfit! 😀

Striped Zara Culottes, Chunky Sandals & Florals, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Mixing florals and stripes is something anyone can do.
Just pick a colourway (and design) that makes you smile.
If YOU like the way it looks, it's guaranteed to work!

If you need a bit of a confidence boost check out these posts:

These striped culottes are a new purchase from a shop I never normally go in to... Zara.

{I have bought pre-owned Zara items from charity shops, but never from the actual store}

I always thought that Zara was the typical 'fast fashion at inflated prices' shop.
All in all, a bit of a rip off.

Zara IS fast fashion, and the prices are pretty inflated, BUT I was inspired to buy these culottes after admiring a similar pair on my stepdaughter.
She loves Zara, and scolded me for not at least giving it a try!

{She's right... it's always a good idea to try new things.}

They were over priced for a bit of polyester, but once I have popped on my culotte slip they're instantly lined!
Much better..

I'm honestly surprised at how happy I am with my purchase.
These culottes are set to be worn as much as my yellow trousers!

They also feel like they will be perfect with boots as we move in to autumn, in earnest.
Culottes and ankle boots look great together, so I'm looking forward to styling them up as the mercury falls.

Striped Zara Culottes, Chunky Sandals & Florals, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm wearing these new culottes with my floral vest top, and a cotton cardigan.
It's quite muggy today, and pretty warm, but it's not going to last.
I think this might be the last airing of this top for 2017... there's always next summer!

Striped Zara Culottes, Chunky Sandals & Florals, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Chunky sandals gave me a little (comfortable) height, and a simple bag finishes off my look.
This outfit has plenty of pattern and colour, but it was SO simple to put together... and comfortable to wear.

Do you avoid certain shops because of preconceptions?
Please share in the comments.... I would love to hear!
P.S. Please pop over and link up your blog posts (and Instagram pictures) HERE. I would love to see them!

Striped Zara Culottes, Chunky Sandals & Florals, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

CULOTTES: Zara...similar.
TOP: Asda... this one would look lovely... this one is nice too.
CARDIGAN: Cos... this one is pretty.
SHOES: Vagabond
NECKLACE: Online... similar.
BAG: Hidesign... this is nice.

Striped Zara Culottes, Chunky Sandals & Florals, over 40 | Fake Fabulous



Monday, 21 August 2017

The First 'Fake it Until you Make it' Link Up!

Hello and Welcome to the first "Fake it until you make it" link party!

This link up is for anyone (of any age) to share their fabulous blog posts.
The main aim of the game is to share those posts that will help us all to fake our own fabulousness.

Whether it's outfit inspiration, and style tips.
Beauty secrets.
Homemaking hacks.
Cooking tit-bits.
Parenting know-how.
Or, general life-enhancing wisdom.

Anything goes for the first #fakeituntilyoumakeit link up!

Go to the bottom of this post and click the "add your link" button.
The rest is easy.
I am very excited about visiting the posts you link up... new and old.

Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the #fakeituntilyoumakeit.

Please grab my new link up button and you could be featured next time!

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

4 ways to Wear Wide Legged Trousers

4 ways to wear wide legged trousers | Fake Fabulous

Each month Anna, Ann and I have been styling a classic item, and this month it's the turn of the wide legged trousers.

I decided to play around with mine a little today, and wear a dress over the top!
So comfortable and easy to wear.

BUT beware.....
Wearing a slouchy dress over a pair of wide trousers (especially with flat shoes) is definitely shortening, and widening, to the figure.
There is no getting away from that fact!

However, sometimes it's worth it for the comfort and ease of a looser look.
And besides, the body always looks better in motion (real life) than on film.

4 ways to wear wide legged trousers | Fake Fabulous

An interesting bib necklace and embroidered shoes added interest to this plainer look.
A classic bag finished things off nicely.

TROUSERS: Fenn Wright Manson
SHOES & BAG: Topshop
TOP: New Look
BIB: Primark (very old)

4 ways to wear wide legged trousers | Fake Fabulous

Liyana from Affordorable

Liyana is probably THE coolest blogger that I follow.
She has that 'something' that oozes style, and she is not afraid to be different.
I love her quirks!

She obviously wears a hijab, but ALL of her looks are easily copied for anyone... whether you wear one, or not.
Her full-coverage (modest) dressing is also perfect if you live in a colder climate (like me!) and need to hide a thermal layer... or two.

I love everything about this look.
The boxy boyish blazer.
The quirky clutch.
The double monk shoes....swoon.

Please check out her blog if you love quirky/cool/casual outfits.

BLAZER: Glass Line
SCARF & TROUSERS: Unknown brand
TOP: Topshop
BAG: Disneyland at Shanghai

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Anna is so very 'Anna' here!
Oodles of femininity.
Plenty of colour.
Loads of interesting textures, and accessories.

These must be THE widest wide trousers ever!
I do love a palazzo pant.
Perfect styling.

BLOUSE: Sainsbury's
SHOES: London Rebel
SUNGLASSES: Quay Australia
RINGS: Gemporia

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann's wide trousers are a more manageable (and practical) width... perfect for city living.
{No trailing hemlines}
I love how she has styled them simply with on-trend checks, and that cool waist bag.
Plenty of sexiness and sass too.... wide trousers Annie-fied!

SHIRT: Target
BAG: Hustle and Hide

What do you think of wide legged trousers?
Do you wear them?

4 ways to wear wide legged trousers | Fake Fabulous



Saturday, 19 August 2017

Modern Modesty | Covering up is the New Sexy!

Pleated midi skirt | Turquoise & Grey | Modern Modesty | Fake Fabulous

This time of year it's great to have a look through some of the big glossy magazines, as they often have their new season round-up features.
These articles are always a fun read* {*look at the pretty pictures} for anyone interested in fashion.
I always enjoy looking (and sometimes laughing) at the clothes that we are supposed to be buying each new season.

This week I was thumbing through a few of the glossies...Marie Claire, Look and Vogue (UK versions) to name a few... and a particular article called "The new season's key pieces" caught my eye.

These new trend-type articles are always interesting for me as I enjoy seeing what I can recycle (and restyle) from my current wardrobe, and keep an eye out for new pieces.

Sometimes, just a couple of accessories are all that it need to bring your existing wardrobe bang up to date.

New trends for AW 17/18

{I use the term 'New' loosely, as we've seen them all before haven't we?}
  • Red. Yes! I've got this one covered... see mostly red outfit posts HERE & HERE.
  • Checks, tweed (aka Heritage chic). Yep, that one's sorted too, I can re-work THIS or THIS.
  • Ruched boots. Hmmmm, time to dig out a pair of oldies! (See them HERE).
  • Modern Modesty. This was a new one for me!
Pleated midi skirt | Turquoise & Grey | Modern Modesty | Fake Fabulous

What is Modern Modesty?

Modern Modesty is a term used to describe maximum body coverage.
Wearing clothes that cover and skim the body.
This modern way to cover-up is (according to the fashion people) destined to be the latest way to look elegant, and subtly sexy.

Hemlines slashed to the thigh, and necklines plunging to the navel, are officially out of fashion.

I'm not against flashing the flesh, if that's your thing.
Flash what you want if you like that look!
But... it's just not really my style.
Having it all hanging out (with strategic tit-tape) doesn't make me feel sexy, just awkward, uncomfortable and often bloody freezing.

{Bare flesh and Scottish weather are not the best partners.}

'Modern modesty' is perfect for the Scottish climate, and it's easy to style too.
The best bit?
Secret layers can be hidden away.
I like that VERY much!

If you have any of the following in your wardrobe you already have the modern modesty trend nailed.

  • High necked blouses/jumpers/tops.
  • Anything with full sleeves, especially if they are a statement and coupled with a high neck.
  • Collared shirts.... under jumpers is particularly good.
  • Long boots.
  • Midi skirts/dresses.
  • Anything floaty and long.

Easy peasy, right?

Pleated midi skirt | Turquoise & Grey | Modern Modesty | Fake Fabulous

My outfit today is perfect for a late summer take on the modern modesty trend.
A midi skirt (last seen HERE) and a loose fitting jumper.

In reality the modern-modesty part of the outfit was a total fluke!
I only wore this outfit to cover up my bloated tummy, and keep me warm and comfortable.
{Such a cheater! 😝}

Pleated midi skirt | Turquoise & Grey | Modern Modesty | Fake Fabulous

A couple of interesting accessories (a geometric necklace, and strappy shoes in my case) draws the eye up and down away from any tummy issues.
It's all about faking it!

Maybe that's what modern modesty is best at?

What do you think of the new season's trends?
Old hat?
Or, still fun to follow?

Will you be giving any of them a go?
Please let me know in the comments.
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Pleated midi skirt | Turquoise & Grey | Modern Modesty | Fake Fabulous

TOP: Zara... similar.
NECKLACE: Oliver Bonas
SHOES: All saints... these are fab!



Friday, 18 August 2017

What Happens When your Child Dresses You... for Real!

Artisan necklace | Coral, Silver and Turquoise | Fake Fabulous

What on earth is this post all about then?
Is it one of those silly "My 5 year old does my makeup" posts that are all over the internet?
Posts that are good for a laugh, and not much else.

I must admit that a title like...

" What happens when your child dresses you... for Real!"

Conjures up images of clown-like attire, and probably involves a tutu and a pair of wellies...

What is it about wee ones and tutu/shorts + welly outfits?
Are/were anyone else's kiddies into that look, or was that just my children?

Anyway, I digress...
This post sounds like a bit of fun BUT, I must tell you that I really did wear this outfit to a night out with a bunch of girlfriends.

This was a genuine outfit, and not pre-planned for a laugh at all.

Navy, orange, green and red | Artisan Evening Outfit | Fake Fabulous

The truth behind this outfit...

I had to go out after work (on a Friday night) and be ready within half an hour.
Going out straight from work can be challenging at the best of times (see HERE) but this day was particularly hard going as I had to go home first.
This shaved a precious 30 minutes off my 'getting ready' time.
My head was pounding, I desperately needed a shower (I work in a hospital so that 'medical' smell can sometimes cling.)
I had 30 minutes to do EVERYTHING...without a slither in inspiration, or energy.

My husband suggested looking at my previous blog posts, and getting inspiration from there.
Clever, but far too time consuming.

{You can check them out HERE if you fancy a nosey}

Then my middle girl pipes up...

"I'll pick something for you Mum!"

To be honest, I didn't have the energy to argue so said "okay" and hopped in the shower.

To my genuine surprise (and delight) this outfit was laid out on my bed (including undies and accessories) and I LOVED it!

What a clever girl!

She even talked me through her ideas....

"Right Mum....This outfit is loose and comfortable for your night out.
Crinkly culottes are cool, and baggy, and this pretty top is good for sitting at dinner...and eating too much!
Navy and orange go nicely together, and orange is your favourite colour.
Or, one of them.
The wee shrug is in case the restaurant is a bit chilly... I know you hate being cold, and it goes well with the necklace dad bought you.
I thought you'd want to wear your favourite shoes, and best scarf.
Oh... and granny would love it if you were using her clutch bag!"

{We then talked about what kind of parties granny's clutch bag had been to and decided it could probably tell a great story, or two!}

Orange and Navy | Vintage Satin Clutch | Fake Fabulous

All-in-all a perfect outfit.
I was well impressed.

Navy, orange, green and red | Artisan Evening Outfit | Fake Fabulous

As the original night was such a rush, I have recreated the look for you to see here (The only difference is my toenails were blue, not yellow)

What do you think of her styling efforts?
Did she do a good job?
Would you change anything?
Please let me know in the comments, and I'll pass on your feedback.

Getting your kids to dress you might not be such a joke after all!

Red Embroidered Mules | Fake Fabulous

TOP: Asda... I like the pom poms on this one.
CULOTTES: Matalan... these are cool.
SHRUG: Warehouse
BAG: Vintage... similar.
NECKLACE: A gift (handmade)... this is beautiful.
SCARF: Vintage... similar



Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Bold can be Neutral | Pick your Own Best Colours

Bold can be Neutral | Yellow trousers, Pink shoes & Chambray | Fake Fabulous

Sometimes the least neutral-looking item can work so well in your wardrobe.
Sometimes bold, bright (and even brash) pieces can work just as well at "going with everything" as more traditional neutrals.

Let me explain...

Take these yellow trousers.
Anything but neutral.
Bright, bold and a definite statement.

However, these yellow trousers have been such a fantastic buy, because they seem to go with everything!
I'm SO glad I bought them.

{I actually paid FULL price for these trousers... practically unheard of for me, with my nose for a bargain... read about why I HAD to have them, HERE}

Bold can be Neutral | Yellow trousers, Pink shoes & Chambray | Fake Fabulous

I've worn them a lot (and I mean A LOT) in real life, and they have featured on the blog twice before... HERE and HERE.
I don't see them leaving my favourites anytime soon, as they will work beautifully moving into autumn... and even winter.

{Imagine wearing your own sunshine on a dull winter's day... an instant pick-me-up!}

This got me thinking about other BOLD items that end up being worn so often that they become better neutrals than 'real neutrals'.
Like the leopard print top and tights in THIS POST.
Or, the red coat in THIS POST.... that I wear loads.

Take the boots in THIS POST... I bought them because they were neutral and should go with everything.
I've hardly worn them.

Neutrals don't have to be colours like black, grey, camel or cream.
They can be anything YOU want.

Pick your own neutral tones.
Pick your own best colours.
YOU decide what works!

Bold can be Neutral | Yellow trousers, Pink shoes & Chambray | Fake Fabulous

Today's outfit felt like a summery look, despite being covered-up and almost autumnal in shape.
The colours say "summer", but the pieces don't bare too much flesh (it's chilly here just now).

For me, these yellow trousers go perfectly with pink.
Calling out for a clash!
However, I didn't feel like going too bold, and clashy today, so I kept the pink to my accessories and wore a subtle chambray shirt instead.

Bold can be Neutral | Yellow trousers, Pink shoes & Chambray | Fake Fabulous

A really simple and subtly androgynous look... I could imagine a dapper gent sporting yellow trousers and a chambray shirt, with pink brogues.

Of course, pink lips (and heels) keep things feminine.
A pink satchel (and earrings) continued the girly theme, and my little star pin finished things off nicely.

TROUSERS: Next.... similar.
SHIRT: Urban Outfitters
GLASSES: c/o Readers.com
SHOES: Marc Jacobs (old).... these are cool (high heel) and these (low heel)
BELT: Boden (old)...similar.
BAG: Cambridge satchel company... this is cute.
EARRINGS: Asos... these are pretty.

Bold can be Neutral | Yellow trousers, Pink shoes & Chambray | Fake Fabulous

What's your idea of a neutral?
The classic colours?
Or, your own favourites?
Please share in the comments, I would love to hear!



THE Coat to be Seen in this Autumn / Winter

THE coat to be seen in this F/W | Fake Fabulous

According to the fashionistas, Instagram stars, glossy magazines and mega bloggers, the shearling jacket is set to be BIG fashion news this AW 17/18....


In particular, the Aviator style is rumoured to be THE jacket of the moment. Aviator styles seem to crop up regularly as the latest "Must Have!".
However, for any of us who have been around the block a few times (that will be me!) this new trend might seem like old news.
If you have seen this trend already, you might be lucky enough to already own one.

{Vintage styles are always a cool option in my book!}

According to the fashion forward folk we need need to be buying ours now (while it is still technically summer) to be ahead of the fash-pack, and save that "sold out" heartache.

I suppose it makes sense if there is a specific style you love and know you will wear to death.
Otherwise, it's fun to just browse and get ideas for the new season ahead.

Of course, trends are trends and no one (no matter how cool they were) could panic me into buying anything I didn't want to buy anyway.

However this (re-emerging) trend is definitely one I can get excited about!
What could be cooler than an aviator jacket?
It's classic, timeless and ageless.

The cool aviator jacket goes with anything and everything and will keep me roasty toasty during the cold Scottish winter.... as long as my trusty brolly is close at hand to stop the shearling trim getting soggy!

I'm on the look out for one that ticks all of my boxes....

  • Extra Warm
  • Well made and finished
  • Slightly oversized and 'cool'

Whether it's from a regular high street shop, charity shop or online.
I'll let you know how I get on!
(If only I had a vintage gem tucked away in the wardrobe....)

So, whatever your budget and/or fabric preferences (vegan leather or real shearling) there is a aviator out there for you.

Please share in the comments if you have an Aviator in your wardrobe and how you will be styling it!
I'd love to hear from you.

GET THE LOOK.....Happy Shopping!


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Mixing Stripes, Ruffles and Leopard Print!

Striped pencil skirt & leopard ruffle blouse | Work outfit, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Stripes, Ruffles AND Leopard Print?

This outfit sounds like a really complicated (and frankly fussy) combination but, in reality, this kind of look is SO simple to put together.

Leopard print always adds a little 'something' to any outfit.
You may even have heard that leopard print is considered a 'neutral' (by some) and I tend to agree!

Leopard can be a statement, but it is also capable of adapting itself to any situation.
Leopard print can team successfully with just about anything.
It's all in the attitude!

{See THIS POST about ways to incorporate a little Leopard print into your look.}
Striped pencil skirt & leopard ruffle blouse | Work outfit, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

This work outfit was easy to throw on with almost no thought, and even less time!
The blouse has it's lovely leopardy-ness (PLUS some ruffles) so does all of the work for this outfit.
Teaming the leopard blouse with a striped pencil skirt made for a more interesting contrast than plain black.

A light grey bag picked out the pale stripe in the skirt and silver earrings kept things light.
Pewter patent shoes, and red toes, finished things off nicely!

Striped pencil skirt & leopard ruffle blouse | Work outfit, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Is leopard a neutral in your opinion?
Or, a real statement?
Please let me know your thoughts, and your leopard combinations!

Striped pencil skirt & leopard ruffle blouse | Work outfit, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

SKIRT: F&F... this one is gorgeous!
TOP: Charity shopped.... this one is beautiful.
SHOES: Old... these are funky.
BAG: c/o Bonmarche... similar.
EARRINGS: Vintage.



Thursday, 10 August 2017

Denim A-line Skirt & Stripes | Classic Style

Denim A-line Skirt, embroidered shoes & Breton Stripes | Fake Fabulous

Denim and stripes are two 'trends' that aren't really trends at all!
They reappear season after season, year after year.

Yes, there are often slight tweaks to make them seem fresh and new each year.
But, we all know that it's the same basics that come back again and again.
You can't really go far wrong with a classic denim/striped top combination.

Whether you choose jeans or a skirt, denim and stripes go hand in hand!

Today's classic look is simple, pared back and almost minimalistic.
{Well, as minimalistic as I can manage!}
A classic a-line denim skirt... see it styled HERE, when I was trying to decide if it was frumpy or not.
Paired with an old (and I mean at least 20 years!!) slim striped top.
This top has been worn countless times and I pull it out year after year.
I just love feel and the cut.

Denim A-line Skirt, embroidered shoes & Breton Stripes | Fake Fabulous

A quirky necklace adds my personal touch, but any jewellery you love would work perfectly.
Flat embroidered pumps finished my outfit off with a nod to the current trends.
Simple really.
Classics are seldom complicated.

Denim A-line Skirt, embroidered shoes & Breton Stripes | Fake Fabulous

SKIRT: Boden... similar.
TOP: New Look... similar.
SHOES: Topshop
NECKLACE: Online... this one is FAB!

Denim A-line Skirt, embroidered shoes & Breton Stripes | Fake Fabulous

Are wide or narrow stripes your favourite?
Stripes and denim...classic or boring?
Please let me know your thoughts!


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