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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Why you Shouldn't Always Believe the Mirror!

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous

Should you believe what the mirror tells you?
More often than not, No!

The mirror taps into your insecurities, 'distorts' your image and sometimes tells porky pies!
When we look at ourselves in the mirror we tend to focus on specific parts of our bodies (maybe the bits we are self-conscious about?) and miss the 'bigger picture'.

The simplest way to find a more truthful image is to take a photograph.
Whether it's a DIY snap in a full length mirror (hold your phone, or camera, at chest to waist height).
Or, get someone to help.

{Make sure the person helping doesn't photograph you from above, or you will be distorted... bobble head alert!}

Only when you look at a photograph can you see the 'truth'.
Then you can get a sense of your outfit, the details and see how you really appear to the outside world.

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous

{Please excuse my bed-sock marks! (It had been a chilly night). 
These photos were taken first thing in the morning and I was furiously rubbing lotion into them when I noticed, which was after I had left the house! 
Luckily they had faded a bit before I got into town.
Maybe I should have looked at the photos before leaving?
What an idiot!}

This look came together during the clearing out my wardrobe, and discovery of neglected items.

{I put together a BAD outfit in THIS POST with other "Maybe one day" pieces.}

This time it was the turn of an open-knit cardigan and an old (read: practically ancient) skirt from the 90's, plus a pair of classic red converse.

I was never inspired to wear this cardigan as it seemed a little pointless!
Not warm enough to offer any cosy cardigan benefits.
Not light enough to provide cool cover on a hot day.
All-in-all a useless, and quite a frumpy-looking, mistake.

Hmmmm....should it go straight in the charity pile?
Not before I give it a second chance!

I simply removed the neck tag (it would have scratched), buttoned it up and flipped it back to front.
Hey presto, a cropped top!

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous

The skirt is very old (over 20 years) and such good quality that I could never bear to part with it.
Unfortunately, every time I wore it I thought it made me look like I had a HUGE pot belly.
When I look down my body the bias cut fabric seems to cling in the ugliest way possible, and when I look in the mirror my eye is drawn to my paunch.

I know that mirrors can lie but it does dent your confidence, doesn't it?
Looking objectively at an outfit in a mirror usually fails because we tend to focus in on specific parts of our body, and miss what's really happening.

To my surprise, when I looked at the photos later in the day they didn't tell the same story as my mirror.
In fact I really like the shape of the skirt.
The fact that it feels great, is twirly and swishy, and super feminine means this skirt is a keeper!

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous

The shoes are the classic converse I struggled with in THIS POST.
I hoped they would have magically softened, or my feet would suddenly be tough enough to handle them.
Still bloody sore.
Maybe they deserve one more chance?
We'll see.

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous

My trusty Topshop bag and a colourful heart necklace finished things off nicely!

Are you having a wardrobe clear-out soon?
Do you give your neglected items one more chance before donating them?
Please share in the comments... I would love to hear what's heading out of the door!

SKIRT: From the 90's... Fenn Wright Manson
JUMPER: Old (the label was faded and I snipped it off)
SHOES: Converse
BAG: Topshop

Why you shouldn't always believe the mirror! Fake Fabulous
You can see my husband in my glasses in this shot. Hahahaha... I love it!



  1. I can totally relate, Samantha!! Sometimes the mirror is not my friend!! I actually researched it once why you look different in the mirror. I can't quite remember the specifics, but there is a real scientific reason!!
    I've turned my cardigan around before, and I love it that way. Of course, just because I've done it once doesn't mean I remember to do it often--ha ha!

    1. Thank you Jodie....A scientific reason?!?! I love to google :o)

  2. I like to photo to remind me of what I put with what to make an outfit. I know what you mean about the pot belly look, mines there permanently recently especially when I look down. I could play cards on it haha.
    I'm wearing lots of jelly shoes now, they are so comfy and look good with tights too
    Next week I have a new to me set of antIque drawers arriving that I found in a charity shop so I'll be having a sort out then.
    I'm going to try a few cardies back to front like you, I've not done that for years.
    Lynn x

    1. Looking down isn't very flattering is it Lynn!
      Hahahaha...Luckily no one else sees us like that :oP

  3. That's so true about looking in the mirror! Usually when I look in my full length mirror I'm standing so close to it that I appear to be all boobs and belly!!! It's only when I see a full length photo do I realise that I have other body parts that aren't so bad!! I love your outfit-the colours in the skirt are gorgeous and look great with the cardi. I am in love with that heart necklace too!

    XXX Sasha

    1. Hahaha... Boobs and Belly, I love that!
      In the mirror I see skinny legs and a squishy middle.... like pencils stuck in an overdone baked potato! :oP
      The camera shows up my other bits and bobs too Sasha!
      We are funny creatures.
      My necklace and skirt are definitely staying.
      The shoes and cardi are heading to new homes!

  4. I hardly ever give my neglected items another chance. Seeing your skirt and cardi, maybe I should. Bit alarmed about your Converse comments. Just bought a pair of white hi tops for the 1st time. Originally wanted Stan Smiths but found them too hard when I tried them on.

    1. I hope you get on with them ok Gail!
      I really do.
      Look on the positive side.... they are HUGELY popular and all of those people can't be wrong.
      Please let me know how they are.

  5. What a clever the way you turned an unwanted cardi into a very cute top that I am sure you will wear a lot. Like the shape and the print of the skirt, the silk ribbon running along the hem lifts it to another level

    1. Thank you so much Anna!
      The skirt is definitely staying... too pretty to let go. :o)

  6. you're right about mirrors, they can be very tricky!, and photos give you a more real idea about your outfits, that's true!
    Love your 'turned back cardi', such a great idea. You created a cute and comfy outfit, the color combo is lovely and your swishy skirt looks amazing!. Sorry that the converse didn't break in! they're so cute!

    1. Thank you Monica... these converse have been such a HUGE disappointment.
      Ah well, we live and learn don't we?


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