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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

When Your Outfit Fails!

Blue and green | Outfit fails | Fake Fabulous

What happens when your outfit is a fail?

This outfit was a pain to wear.
Quite literally.

I could not wait to get home, and take the whole lot off!
The entire outfit (bar the bag, glasses and scarf) is getting donated.

I'll explain...

Blue and green | Outfit fails | Fake Fabulous

This outfit came about when I was clearing out my wardrobe and discovered three neglected items.
A Green T-shirt (last seen styled HERE).
A Navy Skirt (last seen HERE).
And, a Pair of black ballerinas... never worn!
(Unworn shoes are the worst, aren't they?)

I honestly couldn't really remember WHY I wasn't wearing these items as often as I should, so I decided to put them together for the day.
They made a great outfit, and surely deserved one last chance?

This green t-shirt is such good quality, and double lined, it seemed bonkers that is was not a regular in my daily wardrobe?
Was I missing a trick?

Ditto the skirt, great quality, a versatile navy colour, fun and quirky... what's not to love?
I needed to remind myself why these were relegated.
Had I just forgotten them?
Or, was there something else?
I was about to find out.

The mixing of green and blue seems instinctive.
Nature does it, and that's good enough for me!
So, I ignored the old rule...
"Blue and Green should never be seen unless upon on a fool!"
I didn't feel like a fool, but all that was about to change...

Blue and green | Outfit fails | Fake Fabulous


The first rude awakening came from the shoes.
Oh crikey, I regretted them almost as soon as they were on my feet!

I soon remembered why these shoes had been discarded to the back of the wardrobe.
Ouch.... and I mean OUCH!!!

My feet were crippled in less than half an hour.
Luckily, I had an emergency pair of shoes with me (the ones in this post).
Thank goodness I did, or there would have been tears... and blood!

I am sure that once they have been broken in they will be beautifully comfortable.
They are leather and suede with a pretty leather sole, and cost me more than I would care to admit.
Unfortunately, my feet are not the "Breaking-in-shoes" type.
(Far too skinny) so these shoes are in the charity bag.
My loss will be someone else's gain.
(I just hope their feet can handle it!)

As for the skirt and top...
Well the skirt did a repeat of it's embarrassing antics from THIS POST.
(I had blamed the fit, but now I'm not so sure.)
More embarrassing almost-flashing!
Oh dear.

The top was okay to start with (so soft), but felt seriously baggy and saggy half way though the day.
I felt like I was wearing my pyjama top!
Not a great feeling, especially when your skirt is misbehaving too.
I was desperate to get home and take these offenders off!

No wonder these pieces had been retired to the back of the wardrobe and into the "maybe one day" pile.

There is no point in hanging on to things that don't make you feel great, is there?
A clear-out always feels good, especially when items that don't make you feel good move on to a new home.
Let's hope they make someone else happy!

Blue and green | Outfit fails | Fake Fabulous
Luckily, my silk scarf was on hand to distract from the bagginess of my top, and my quilted bag did not let me down either.
Two keepers there!

Do you have any items lurking in the "Maybe one day" pile?
Are you thinking of clearing out and passing them on?
Why not give them one last chance?
(I just hope you don't have as many mishaps as me!)

SKIRT: Boden
TOP Windsmoor
SHOES: Jonak
BAG: Topshop
SCARF: A gift



  1. Too funny! I went through the same thing today with a lovely silky top. It kept bagging up and puffing out like a souffle! I have a big clear out each season.

    1. I clear out every season too Gail.
      It keeps my wardrobe small and tidy...despite being a blogger :oP!!
      I tend to give most things to friends then the Charity shop that supports our local Hospice.
      Which feels good.

  2. I do really love the colour combo in this outfit, but if it doesn't make you feel great, I agree that it's time for them to find a new home!

    XXX Sasha

    1. It feels good to hand things on then see them worn by friends.... or receive the great "We made £*** from your donations" letter. XXX

  3. I know what you mean. I have items of clothing that I really like on the hanger, but they just don't make me feel good when I wear them. I do try to persevere with them, as I find it quite a wrench to part with anything from my collection, but in the end I usually admit defeat!

    Shame about this outfit, as from the point of view of an observer, I think it looked great. I too really like combining navy with lime green, or other contrasting colours, like yellow and orange.

    1. Thank you Fran.
      I loved the colours too! Green looks great with blue and Navy goes with just about any bold shade!
      I'm looking forward to handing these on the friends who I know will look great in them.
      Sometimes all the items need are a different body inside them!

  4. Isn't it amazing how something can look so good in photos, but really not feel good?
    I can totally relate to this Samantha, as I just had to do "surgery" on my pair of red espadrilles!! The side parts were so uncomfortable, so I just cut them and glued them out farther!! Unfortunately not all items are easily altered!!!

    1. You're lucky to be talented when it comes to alterations and needle crafts Jodie!
      I have great ideas then make a complete pigs ear of it 90% of the time. :oP

  5. I'm thinking that this type of clothing is probably an excellent metaphor for all of those things in life that "should" be great but aren't. It's like they're not at all "as advertised" or "as expected". This is a "fail" that we really can't even learn from. It's healthy if we're just able to move on without looking back. It's even better if someone else can benefit.

    1. That's very true Judy!
      It's important to clear out these failures to stop them reminding us of where we went wrong.
      I suppose we could learn by avoiding certain brands or style but it's tricky.
      Handing them on is the best solution! XXX

  6. Oh but the skirt looks so darling! But that means it'll definitely find a new home very soon. If wearing something doesn't make you happy or comfortable when you're wearing it, no matter how good it looks on you, what's the point, right? The fit looks fine on you so I wonder if the materials of the layers of the skirt that's causing the issue.

    By the way I think the colour combo looks fresh and pretty! I never heard of that saying you mentioned, but I'm glad people are ignoring that rule!

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. I love the colours too Liyana!
      Thank you.
      I think you are right about the fabric layers... a polyester lining is never great is it?!

  7. Too funny, but sometimes I have worn an outfit that I thought looked ok but as the day progressed I didn't feel pretty. So rather than hold on bless someone else with it! I want to look good and present myself well to the world at this point in my life.

    1. Thank you for your comment Cynthia.
      I've just handed the skirt on to my friend today and I know she is going to look beautiful in it.... which feels pretty good!

  8. I love this post because I am going through this very thing with a dress I just purchased. It looks beautiful....hanging up. But on me, it is baggy, frumpy and just altogether horrid looking! I even tried several different accessories with it and end up with the same result. It's time to put it in my donate pile. I hope it makes someone else happy. Thanks for your post - it gave me the push I needed to say goodbye to this dress!

    1. That's such a shame about your new dress...good hanger appeal but awful on the body is the worst!
      I'm glad you're going to donate it and give it another life.
      Good luck with your next dress purchase!
      Thank you so much for leaving your comment.

  9. Mwahaha, I like when you share this kind of details, like the 'rolling up skirt' (which is one of my frequent mishaps), sorry about it, I like the polka dot motif!
    I understand that you hate to have a pair of shoes waiting for 'maybe one day' as they usually go to the donation pile. My fussy feet refuse to break in any pair of shoes so I have had to donate some pairs!


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