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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Red and Black | Summer Work Look

Black & Red for a Summer Work Look | Fake Fabulous

Red and black aren't very 'summery' shades are they?
But, they are the perfect colours for a smart work look.

The professionalism and 'pulled together' feel of black.
The powerful and confident vibe of red.
Add a neutral (and emotionally impartial) colour like grey, and you look like you mean business!

How can these colours work during the warmer months?

Black & Red for a Summer Work Look | Fake Fabulous

An easy way to make darker shades more summer-appropriate is to add a touch of light.
White, cream (or other pale colours) work really well to brighten and lighten the look.
Bare skin (or bare 'looking' skin) has the same effect, regardless of  skin tone.

The 'light' in this outfit comes from a stripe within the pattern of the skirt, but it would be easy to add a white/light necklace, earrings or brooch.

Fabrics are also an important factor to consider.
Lightweight, sheer and draping fabrics give off that summery vibe.
As do smoother finishes.

Black & Red for a Summer Work Look | Fake Fabulous

This red top (for me) is the perfect balance between an easygoing t-shirt and a smarter 'work' top.
It's comfortable, but just smart enough to look work appropriate.

Black & Red for a Summer Work Look | Fake Fabulous

These sandals are one of my favourite pairs, and can add a bit of quirkiness to a more somber look.
Of course, open toes might not be appropriate for your work environment but, there are plenty of covered toe options out there to fall in love with!

Black & Red for a Summer Work Look | Fake Fabulous

This work outfit was topped off with a beautiful vintage magnifier, that belonged to my Husband's great-grandmother.
It is well over 100 years old!

I must say that it's an honour to be able to wear it.
It feels like something very special, and it goes with (almost) every outfit I put on!

After popping on this necklace I felt that simple stud earrings were all I needed to finish my look.

Do you wear black for work during the summer?
How do you style it to keep it fresh-feeling and summer appropriate?

I would love to hear about your favourite summer work wear colour combinations.
Please share them in the comments.

Samantha @ Fake Fabulous

SHOES: All Saints...similar (open toes).... and similar with covered toes.... and on sale!
TOP: Topshop
SKIRT: F&F... this one looks great!
BAG: Dune... this one is a beauty.
NECKLACE: Vintage.... this one is vintage-style and looks sweet.




  1. I love mixing up the ideas of certain colors at certain times, Samantha!!
    Perfect look, perfect summer!!

  2. I love this outfit for work! It's professional yet has a bit of an edge to it with those cool sandals. I also love that you're wearing that beautiful family necklace. My grandmother gave me the friendship ring that my grandfather gave to her when she was 16. It, too, is 100 years old and is my most cherished piece! They are both gone now but I always feel close to them when I wear this ring. Thank you for sharing with us today!

    1. Thank you Cathy!
      Your ring sounds wonderful.... how special that you can enjoy it and feel connected to your past.
      It really is such a gift isn't it?

  3. That pinstipe skirt with the funky side angled pockets is such a winner!! It begs to be mixed with another pattern. A black,red and white floral would be cool. A yellow and black pattern would be so fun too. This is one versatile skirt!!!

    1. It is isn't it Judy?!
      I'm looking forward to mixing it up :o)

  4. Wow, this is an absolutely stunning outfit. I love love love the shoes! Pen x

  5. Love the combo! Perfect summer work look! Gorgeous!


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