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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Levis and Leather, Over 40!

Brown Leather Jacket, Indigo Levis, studded belt | Fake Fabulous

Why is it that 'classic' outfit combinations often teeter on the brink of frumpiness?
Take (for instance) blue jeans and a brown leather jacket.
A classic colour combination.
A timeless mixture of fabrics.
Even classic combinations like these need a tiny tweak each season to keep them feeling fresh.
Without a refresh, even the most timeless of pieces can look dated.

Brown Leather Jacket, Indigo Levis, studded belt | Fake Fabulous

This classic outfit is so comfortable and practical.
Perfect for a 'normal' Scottish summer's day.
{Scottish Summer Day = Not too hot, not too cold, a bit blowy with a chance of rain... and don't rule out snow! 😛}

Classic Levi jeans, a simply designed (but butter-soft quality) leather jacket and a plain shell top could make for an uneventful outfit.
However, adding a couple of interesting accessories can give this (potentially boring) look a little more personality!

Brown Leather Jacket, Indigo Levis, studded belt | Fake Fabulous

I started with a studded belt that I picked up in a boutique in Edinburgh.
Going against the grain of my 'normal' shopping habits (hardcore bargain hunting) I decided just to treat myself to this beautifully made accessory.
Classic, well made items are always a good investment.

Brown Leather Jacket, Indigo Levis, studded belt | Fake Fabulous

Cuffing the ankles of my jeans, and adding practical (but still interesting) shoes makes this outfit feel slightly more 'summery' and perfect for my busy day!

A scarf is a pretty addition to a plain bag, but is also the perfect stand-by layer for if the weather turns chilly.
Or, if the Scottish sun becomes SO hot you need to protect yourself from it.
Admittedly, this last scenario is unlikely!

I always have a scarf (as well as an umbrella) with me, even in summer.
It's a good idea to be prepared!

Brown Leather Jacket, Indigo Levis, studded belt | Fake Fabulous

How do you keep your classics feeling fresh and modern?
What item(s) do you always carry with you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments...I would love to hear them!

JEANS: Levis
BELT: Leibeskind.
TOP: Vintage... similar.
JACKET: c/o Hidepark.... see it with it's hood in THIS POST.
SHOES: American apparel...similar.
SCARF: Vintage... similar.
BAG: Hidesign (old)




  1. so lovely outfit!, it looks cool and classic, and very modern!. I think that shoes and accessories could make any outfit look actual and edgy! and you rock your accessorizing!
    Lovely shoes, lovely scarf and lovely earrings!
    I'm amazed that you're wearing jeans and a leather jacket as a summery outfit!, really Summer is something different here!

    1. Of course it must seem crazy to you Monica!
      With the blistering heat.
      But, today for example, the thermometer only hit 16 degrees!
      Not so hot. :oP

  2. I love those shoes with the cuffed jeans, Samantha. Also the tucked in top... which I haven't been able to do in living memory! Ha. Looks great on you though:)

  3. I love this outfit! Everything is classic, but you added some modern edge to it with a few accessories! And those shoes...perfect!

  4. I love all of your accessories in this outfit but especially the shoes! They are fantastic!

    XXX Sasha

  5. The whole outfit just feels so cool and fresh! And dayummm gurl those jeansss, you look GOOD in them. I really like how you edge up the soft blue top with that funky belt.

    On a side note (or question, more accurately): can it really snow on a summer day in Scotland?

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. Yes it can Liyana!
      It's snowed (or hailed) in June many times... and a few days ago, down in England. :oO

  6. I love this outfit - you're right, it's classic, but classic is great in my book! I do love to add a fun scarf or handbag, or maybe a statement necklace. Turning up the jeans is a fab option too, of course!
    Suzy xx &

    1. Thank you Suzy! Little touches make things personal, don't they? XXX

  7. I think this is a fun classic that looks great! I have a bit of a collection of faux leather jackets and have been looking for cognac or pine green, thats really all you need here in the South. Those shoes are fun and I love the belt with this look.
    have a great week!
    jess xx


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