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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

5 Reasons I Don't Like Social Media.

Photo Credit: William Iven.
Social Media is an (almost) essential part of the blogging world.
In fact, it is fast becoming an essential part of any (first) world!

Of course, you can write a blog (and function as a human being) without connecting any social media channels but, it's unusual not to have at least a couple of social options for readers/friends to follow.

Unfortunately, I really don't like social media... at ALL!

I know I should be doing better, so I have been trying to engage more over the past couple of weeks.

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However, I have to admit that I still find checking social media more of a chore than a pleasure.

5 things I don't like about Social Media.

1. Like for Likes

This is just annoying.
"Hi, your blog (even though I've never looked at it) is great. Lets follow each other!!"
Erm.... no thanks.

2. Moaning

Moaning is boring.
Regardless of the subject.
{Even if it involves moaning about moaning 😝!}
Complaining about other people, or politics, or anything really.... Sigh.

Stop moaning and start doing!

3. Photos of a 'Perfect' life

This is a silly one that (mostly) makes me laugh, but it is still a pet peeve.
Photos of "My perfect life" are tedious.

  • Perfect husbands/boyfriends/relationships.... give me a break!
  • Perfect homes.... obviously no one actually lives there.
  • Perfect holidays... must be quite boring if you have had time to get your phone out every half hour.
  • Perfect children... ha ha ha ha ha...really?? Not unless the little darlings are sedated, or you are permanently sipping a large glass of wine!
  • Perfect parties... If that party/event you are at is SO good than how have you got time (or inclination) to be on your phone?

4. Blatant follow / un-follow promotion

Companies (or brands) that follow you then almost immediately un-follow just to promote themselves.

5. Trolling and/or Stalking

This is simply pathetic.
Anyone who has such an empty life that they have to live it through someone else, either by following their every move or being abusive toward them, needs a slice of pity pie and should be ignored.

3 Good Reasons to Connect to Social Media

I have to concede that after my moaning (see point 2) I must hold my hands up and acknowledge the benefits of social media.

1. Far-flung Friends

I realise that many people use social media to keep in touch with far-flung friends and relatives, which it's undeniably great for.
A life-line in some cases.
Facebook is a popular choice for this.

2. News and Keeping Updated

Keeping up to date with news...whether it's world affairs, or your specific interest, is easy on social media.
Plus, you get a more diverse 'voice'... the opinions of others not just the big news corporation's angle.
Twitter is a great platform for this.

3. Connecting/Discovering like-minded people

This is main reason why I am trying to be better at social media.
I want to use social media to find more women like ME, who are interested in the things I like.
New connections from across the globe... more bloggers, more women over 40, more parents, more animal lovers, more beauty fans, more food lovers, more yoga fans... it's a pretty long list.

BUT, being on social media for hours each day frightens me and I won't do it.
I can't do it.

Some people have their phones in their hands all of the time...even during dinner!
I have even seen people looking at their phone recording a concert instead of actually enjoying the concert, and living the experience.
Scary stuff.
I want to do better but we must all draw the line somewhere, in order to keep our sanity.

What do you use Social Media for?
Are you guilty of spending too much time on these social channels?
Which platform is your favourite, and why?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and opinion on this topic.
Please share in the comments or DM me through any social channel....and I promise to get back to you!



  1. I had to stop blogging because I got totally burnt out from all the social media. However, I did miss connecting with like minded individuals so I'm back in the blogging world. This time however, I'm doing it for me, as a creative outlet and not focusing on the 'likes and follows'. It makes it much more enjoyable!

    1. That's a shame Darlene...I'm glad you're "Back in the Saddle" though!
      It's a great creative outlet.

      Likes and follows have never been much of a motivation but I did feel like my (almost) total disinterest was getting silly and I needed a little shove.
      I'm just trying to share more interesting things and have a look at my feed a little more!
      Who knows if it will last but I'm at least making the (small) effort.
      (I'm now spending about half and hour to an hour, which is HUGE for me.)

      I hope you keep your mojo and don't get bogged down again!

  2. I'm sorry!! I'm a moaner!! I moan and I rant and throw it all out there. I'm one of those, Sam, I fear!!! xoxoxo

  3. I used to hate the thought of FB, at least while I was working---who had time??
    But now, I can see the appeal. I've been able to "keep up" with friends from the past, and it's like a peep hole into their lives!!
    But don't get me started on IG....that's how I know I'm old!!But I'm trying...

    1. Your no where near "old" Jodie!!! Don't even start that nonsense with me :oP!!
      I had to laugh at you liking FB and not IG, despite being great on it.
      I am the opposite... FB is my least favourite and IG my most.
      I just like pretty images minus the moaning!
      Thank you so much for commenting.

  4. I like my blog for keeping up with blog friends, many of who I've met for real and it acts as a diary of sorts as well. I only blog nice things, strictly no moaning.
    I like Instagram for the same reason and for giving and gaining inspiration. I've met several IG friends which is fantastic.
    Facebook im not really bothered about and could leave that alone except for the fact that some of my friends are only on there.
    I have to admit to spending far to much time on social media, a rotten habit I've got into. So I must discipline myself into say one hour a day at the most. I don't use it while in company I think that's rude.
    It's a good and an equally annoying thing we are stuck with now Samantha isn't it
    Lynn xx

    1. You're spot on there Lynn.
      Good and annoying.... and we are stuck with it!
      It's scary how easy it is to get caught up online, especially if we click onto gifs and videos.
      Hours can go by.
      I love the fact you don't Phub people....good for you.
      Although sometimes I look around and everyone is on their phones! Sign of a boring party :oP

  5. I think social media has it's plus and negatives. You say brands follow and then immediately unfollow? It's going on with a lot of bloggers too! Just to grow there brand! But. As said above, I have also made some great friends too!

    1. Really Laurie?! I am surprised...but not really at the same time.
      Such a shame. I have been guilty of accidentally pressing unfollow in the past, but only by mistake.
      I have also thought I was following people only to discover I wasn't!
      It's a double edged sword... good points and bad points.
      You are right about that!

  6. I find social media REALLY difficult. I'm trying harder with IG because I think it's easier and sometimes people buy stuff from my Etsy store.

    I used to use FB more often but have really pulled back because I have both a fan page and a personal page and the two kept getting mixed up. Plus I get creepy dudes all the time on FB.

    I'm never really "on" Twitter but every time I post something or list something in my store it automatically will go in and add it. I find Twitter to be the most difficult to use or understand.

    I will admit to being totally lame when it comes to promoting myself on social media. Working on my store and blog already take up so much time. I don't know how people can find the time.


    1. Creepy dudes...I love that phrase Suzanne.
      I get the "Hello lovely lady" messages but nothing sinister (or gross) yet...LOL.
      As for FB, I don't consider it 'personal' at all, I don't post anything private on there.
      In fact I don't think of social media as anything to do with "me"...if that makes sense!
      I'm lame as well Suzanne!
      BUT, I am trying to be better.... although it's still a chore. XXX

  7. I struggle with how time consuming social media is. If I didn't have a blog, I'd spend 10 minutes a week on Instagram. I do a lot on Facebook because it is how I stay in touch with family and friends who are ALLLL in different countries. I'm almost never on Twitter. I've had a week on holiday away from social media and I have to say that I do not miss it AT ALL. I'm going to have to jump back in soon though; it is a good way to drive traffic to your blog and engage with interesting people. It is a double edged sword isn't it? I always say, No one will every lie on their deathbed thinking, If only I'd spent more time on Instagram, liking photos from strangers!

    1. Hahahaha...well put Lisa!
      I am trying to do better too.
      I know it is great for the blog (I get loads of traffic from Facebook despite not really doing anything on it).
      This week I have been making more of an effort.

  8. My phone is a clamshell which I barely use, and only to make a call or two each month. I do have an iPad and use it to read a few e-mails and delete most, shop on-line, enjoy fashion/beauty blogs, check the weather, find recipes, read news items of interest and research whatever's of interest. That's the extent of my interest in the web. I find social media of any form quite off-putting in many ways and will never use. I'm over 60 and like my life the way it is. To each his own!

    1. I do that too Kathleen!
      Delete emails and check the weather.... and shopping online (always a bit of a mistake after a glass of wine!)
      Thank you for using your online time to pop over for a read and leave your comment!
      I appreciate it very much. XXX

  9. Yes, it has a lot of minuses, but it is great for connecting with faraway friends and sometimes for hashing out ideas. I try to limit it though because it can get discouraging.

    1. I agree that it is great for connecting with faraway loved ones. It's hard to get a good balance sometimes though, isn't it?
      Thank you for your comment.

  10. I understand very well those reasons to don't like social media, and also the reasons to love them too. They keep us in touch with other people, and that's important. But I think they're too time consuming and/or I have not the right attitude to manage social media!. Sometimes I'm too busy having fun to take a pic, sometimes taking a pic could spoil the moment, sometimes I don't give a damn!!
    Anyway, IG is my favorite these days, as Facebook is too overcrowded, and Twitter is too difficult for me.

    1. IG is my favourite too!
      I think because it is (mostly) just images... much easier on the eye.
      I never remember to take pictures.
      During our recent holiday the camera came out once and that was only because my husband reminded me I was going to get a picture on the beach (for the blog) ... good job he remembered as I would have gone home empty handed!

  11. This post hits me where I love, Samantha. I struggle to keep "active enough" on social media for the sake of my blog. I used to love Twitter and Facebook, but I've lately unfollowed people when I see the same post posted multiple times. Or random retweets/shares, dozens of them all at once. I know that this is the recommended method to promote one's blog. And "engage" with others on the medium. But's annoying. I retweet/share something if I read it and think... wish I'd said that, or if I like an article etc etc. But when my feed gets cluttered up by the tweets and retweets and reshares of one person, I get steamed. Wastes my time when I want to see what other folks I follow are saying. So I've started clicking the "unfollow" option.

    1. Oops... must edit comments! Meant to say "hits me where I live."

    2. This is SO for me interesting Susan as I have recently been trying to use a social media 'reminder' app that prompts posts.
      It seems like a good idea but does re-post some, which I'm not a fan of but thought I was the only one.
      I'm glad to hear you don't like it either....time for a re-think (on my part).
      Thank you for this thought-provoking comment!

  12. Oh my gosh, Samantha...I thought I was the only blogger out there who disliked all the peripheral social media "must do's"!! I'm like Kathleen above who only uses her cell (even though mine's an iPhone) for a quick text message here and there or a call to let my husband know I'm running late; and like you, I think it's horrible how it's become "normal" to live through our social media accounts instead of enjoying each day/event IRL!! I completely ignore Facebook, but I do try to share on Instagram several times a week...mostly just a teaser about my upcoming blog posts. The only social media I kind of enjoy is Pinterest; probably because it's more like flipping through a magazine than about "likes" and engagement. If I could have my blog and ONLY my blog, I would...but if I want to have any sort of decent exposure, it seems that's just not realistic. But I'm glad I don't feel alone anymore in my dislike of all the other stuff!! ;)

    1. Yay!
      I'm so glad you agree Monika.... and I had forgotten about how much I like pinterest.
      Thank you for reminding me.
      It IS like a giant magazine, isn't it!?
      I'm going to have a longer look at it after writing this comment.
      I completely agree about just having a blog and NO social media....I would be chuffed to bits!
      Imagine how much more time we would have to write and plan and read other blogs?

    2. More time to focus on actual blog stuff would be so lovely, wouldn't it?? It's definitely my "true love" here on the World Wide Web...but I guess we gotta do what we gotta do!! ;) And speaking of Pinterest, I totally forgot to say "thank you!" for joining my Fearless Fashion File community board...I always look forward to seeing my members' newest pins!! XOXO

  13. This is great!! I find myself having a love/hate relationship with social media as well. Particularly Instagram. The follow for a follow in particular. Follow me because you want to, not just so I will follow you back...great post

    1. Thank you for your comment and I totally agree.
      Follow for follows, and likes for likes don't float my boat either!

  14. Hi Samantha from a recent follower!
    Blogging has become bug business since I first started nearly 10 years ago. In some ways it's a shame because I think it has lost a bit of it's friendly feel and can sometimes feel like 'look mine's better than yours' as you were alluding to, but in others it has opened up many new avenues of sharing. The absolute best thing is making new friends. I have people in my life now who are such good friends and I would never have met otherwise. It's hard to get the right balance, good luck on your quest.
    Lisa x

    1. Thank you Lisa.
      It is hard to try and find the right balance.
      I hadn't thought about the "Mine's better than yours" way of thinking in relation to blogging ... (I tend not to allude much! :oP) but you may be right... I suppose it's human nature!
      It's good to hear you have made real friends through your blogging.
      That is heart warming!
      Thank you for popping over to say hello.

  15. Don't get me started.... Having a full time job and a blog, means I have to spend time on Social Media, have to visit other blogs (which is the nice part), have to participate in link-ups etc. Too much for a normal person. I now have two RSI arms, so I cannot hold my phone the whole day haha. No, never did that, but I am always forcing friends to take pictures for my blog. I am going to lose them if I keep doing that. I will better myself. Promise. Thanks for the wake-up call.

  16. I have found some awesome friends through my blog, and e-met some incredible people through IG too. I'm not on Facebook, not on LinkedIn (but people keep inviting me, how does that work?), not on Twitter, I have posted about five images to Pinterest but don't go on there. I'm supposed to this stuff.

    I feel like we would hang out if you lived closer, but this is the next best thing, even though I'm uneven in my visits. But just a blog and IG and I get burned out, sometimes pre-emptively burned out. But I'm still seeing more positives than negatives. So glad I met you here!

  17. My entire online presence is my blog! I've been blogging since 2008, and have met some wonderful people through it (going back through comments, finding other bloggers through the bloggers I know, etc.). I don't have a cell phone/iPhone, iPad, laptop or anything other than my desktop computer. It's plenty for me!


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