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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! | 7 Favourite Spring Looks, 2017.

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! | 7 Favourite Spring Looks.

It's officially summer!
Okay, not really, but the 1st of June always feels like summer to me (despite it being 15 degrees and a bit drizzly).
I feel like summer has arrived, and a bit of drizzle is certainly not going to dampen my summery spirits!

Today is the perfect time to think about favourite Spring outfits...
These 'picks' are not based on post popularity, or views.
They are just the outfits I enjoyed wearing the most.

{Click through the links in the titles to read the full posts}

Please feel free to disagree with my choices!
I would love to hear your opinion.

1. Patterned culottes, soft peach and blue.

This outfit was the moment I really fell in love with the humble culotte (I know I'm late to the party) helped along by the cheerful pattern on this pair.
The colours made me feel very spring-like, despite the chilly weather.

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! | 7 Favourite Spring Looks.

2. More Culottes... this time a jumpsuit!

This post is the second part of a two-part culotte post.
I was surprised to find that I preferred this culotte jumpsuit styled in a baggy, saggy and easygoing way.

See the 'smarter' version HERE.
Which one do you prefer?
Smart or casual?

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! | 7 Favourite Spring Looks.

3. A Bralet over a Blouse.

This is my favourite outfit of the Spring!
Fun, whimsical, comfortable and a little bit different.

Please let me know your thoughts on trying 'New' trends.

4. Hanging on to old trends.

This outfit is as casual (and easy) as dressing gets.
Pulling on old favourites and not really caring if it's a dated look or not!
Find out the full story HERE.

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! | 7 Favourite Spring Looks.

5. Wearing joggers in real life.

Slopping around in comfy joggers all day.... what could be better than that?

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! | 7 Favourite Spring Looks.

6. Mixing stripes and orange leather.

This outfit was a close second for me!
Easy to wear, but bold and striking.
Unfortunately, I was freezing!
Find out the full story HERE.

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! | 7 Favourite Spring Looks.

7. Why it's okay to be out of Fashion.

This post was all about why it's okay to come around to a trend in your own time.
Being out of fashion is fine with me... just do your own thing and have fun.
That's what fashion's all about after all, isn't it?

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! | 7 Favourite Spring Looks.

Do you agree with my choices and my favourite (number 3)?
Did I miss anything?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Or, contact me.

I love hearing your opinions!


  1. I actually love all of these looks! If I had to choose though, it would be the first outfit. I love the combination of peach and soft blue. I especially love the fishbone necklace! It adds an unexpected edge to the outfit, which I love!

    Xx Sasha

    1. Thank you so much Sasha! That necklace is probably my favourite.... closely followed by my magpie. Perspex jewellery is so much fun to wear. XXX

  2. Marilee ( Judy ) GramithFriday, 2 June 2017 at 15:00:00 BST

    Your talent for styling makes it difficult to choose because I really admire the "Samantha touch" that happily reveals "YOU" with each new post.
    I think the bralet styling looks SO flattering on you Sam! The wide leg pants create the perfect contrast to the cinched in waist that the bralet gives you. This is not an outfit I wouldn't wear but I'm completely smitten by it on you!
    May the Scottish summer be unusually sunny and warm for you this year Samantha. I'm yearning to see how that would inspire more warm weather looks from you!

    1. Thank you so much Judy! I really hope your well wishes work out, and we get some bigger numbers on the thermometer.
      I would love to style more shorts, sundresses and other lightweight items....maybe even without thermal layers!!?? :oP XXX

  3. The stripes and orange leather gets my vote for favourite! I loved that on you. I also am mental for those purple flares... those are also fabulous on you. I would wear those in a heartbeat. The whole outfit, really.

    Wishing you some searing heat and blinding sunshine soon! xx

    1. Thank you Lisa....those flares are my go-to trousers. Unfortunately it's tubbing it down just now and all lovely clothes are on hold! XXX

  4. I have just finished following your blog from day one to the present. Your sense of style is divine and unerring. You were also born absolutely beautiful in every possible way, and look perfect in everything, so picking a favorite is almost impossible. That said, I just love the outfit with the funky printed white blouse. Many thanks to you for the fabulous print matching, color combinations, inventive layering and your delightful wardrobe of clothing, shoes and accessories. I have shamelessly purchased many "Samantha" inspired items to enhance my wardrobe. Oh, the joy! I look forward to many more posts. Greetings from New Jersey!

    1. My goodness Kathleen, what a lovely comment! You are very kind.
      I am so glad that I have "encouraged" you to try a few different things. I hope you have a lot of fun experimenting. :o)
      I'm glad you like my funky shirt too, it gets lots of wears on a day to day basis... mostly with the skinny jeans in that post!
      Thank you so much for reading my posts and leaving this humbling comment. XXX

  5. I love this recap, such fabulous outfits!, and one of my favorites is that 'athleisure' outfit, which was really inspiring for me!
    Love your style and colorful attitude!


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