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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

4 Ways to Wear Cut-Offs, over 40.

White Denim Cut-offs, Camel cashmere v-neck, yellow silk scarf, nude mules, over 40. | FakeFabulous

Each month Anna, Ann and I are styling a 'classic' item, and this month it's the turn of the (frankly scary) Cut-offs.
Cut-off shorts are definitely NOT a Scottish staple.

So I did a little DIY....
When I say DIY I mean hacking the legs off some jeans and sticking them in the washing machine to see if they frayed nicely.
Luckily they did.
Lazy DIY at it's best.

Perfect for this month's ping pong piece.

White Denim Cut-offs, Camel cashmere v-neck, yellow silk scarf, nude mules, over 40. | FakeFabulous

In order to make them more wearable for the Scottish summer I decided to try and smarten them up a bit.
{Well, as much as cut-offs can be smartened up!}

A plain cashmere jumper, silk scarf and neutral accessories.
Warm enough to compensate for my bare legs.
Light enough to feel "Summery".
Comfortable and practical.

White Denim Cut-offs, Camel cashmere v-neck, yellow silk scarf, nude mules, over 40. | FakeFabulous

SHORTS: Made from Bonmarché jeans (c/o).
SHOES: Clarks
JUMPER: John Smedley

Ruth from My Little Nest.

4 Ways to wear cut-offs

This is such an on-trend and ageless look from Ruth.
So fresh and fun but smart enough.
Perfect styling!

Anna from Anna's Island Style

4 Ways to wear cut-offs

Anna's out of her comfort zone but she is showing us how cut-offs don't need to be micro-short and bum-cheek-baring!
Slightly longer, equally easy-going and cool.
This is how to do it.

BLOUSE: charity shopped
CUT-OFFs: Ann's
SANDALS: River Island
SUNGLASSES: River Island
WATCH: Michael Kors

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

4 Ways to wear cut-offs

Ann is a cut-off aficionado!
She is no stranger to the look and has a few pairs in her collection.
She wears this pair with her usual "too cool for school" ease.
Another ageless beachy look. 

Is there an item you would like to see featured?
Do you wear Cut-Offs?

Please share your opinion in the comments.
I love hearing from you!

White Denim Cut-offs, Camel cashmere v-neck, yellow silk scarf, nude mules, over 40. | FakeFabulous




  1. Absolutely I wear cut offs! In fact I'm wearing them as I read this, and not only are mine shorter than all of yours, but at 50 years old, I'm probably older than all of you, too! Haha! There is no age limit to style! And you all look adorable in yours!

    1. Yes!!
      You go your short shorts. Rock them!!! :o) xxx

  2. Well may I just say how much I love Ronnie's comment - thanks for knocking 9 years off me!

    It's refreshing to see you play it cool colourwise Samantha and yes, this clever bit of styling did give these shorts a bit of a classy edge. Another one in the bag, I'd say!

    Anna x

    1. I thought you'd like Ronnie's comment Anna!
      Pretty ageless outfits really.... bravo lady :o) XXX

  3. You brave soul, Sam, I feel the same way about the "intimidation" of wearing cut-offs. I last wore one almost 30 years ago and I almost bought a pair before leaving for vacation but, yes, did not ultimately. I do love that you've managed to infuse a subtle city feel to your outfit which is no mean fet given the rudimentary "casual" feel of cut-offs so bravo, love!!

    1. I tried to take them off the beach, so to speak, Sheela.
      Scotland and beach-chic don't really work together :oP XXX

  4. You seriously cut them off perfectly! I have done this a few times with old jeans and I love wearing them for summer! Thanks for having me in your collaboration!

    1. Thank you Ruth....but it was more of a hacking than precision cutting :oP
      Dumb luck wins! XXX

  5. you look lovely in your cut offs, summery with a twist of elegance, and obviously, it has been very sensible to wear a jumper and a cute scarf!, I've always loved that kind of ensembles that mix summer items with other not so summery items!, you rock a northern summer style!


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