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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Yellow Eyeshadow (or any Bold Colour) Over 40.

Yellow Eyeshadow (or any Bold Colour) Over 40

I've always loved the look of bright and bold makeup.
Whether it's a statement lip colour, or a striking eyeshadow.
Worn well, bold makeup can look interesting and fabulously modern.

However, bold eyeshadows can seem very intimidating, especially on more mature eyes.
{We have crinkly bits to deal with, after all!}

Having said that, being 'older' is not a good enough reason for giving up on wearing bold makeup.
In fact being older is a great excuse to experiment and have fun!
With age (and experience) comes freedom and confidence.

Bold colours are surprisingly easy to wear.
All you need is to find one you love and 'ground' the bold colour with a neutral shade.

In this case the yellow is grounded with a taupe (actually an eyebrow powder but it works well) and a neutral lip.

I was going to do a video about how I got this yellow look but Lisa Eldridge does it SO much better, and so much more beautifully.

Her model is absolutely stunning.

If yellow is not your colour then you can pick any colour you like!
Just play around, and have fun.

I have included an "unflattering" side shot in full sun (below) which highlights every flaw on my face... just to show that even in 'real" life with an over 40, asymmetric face, the yellow still looks pretty cool! 😀

Do you dare to go bold, or do you play it safe?
If you play it safe, what is stopping you experimenting?
If you go BOLD, what is your colour of choice?

Please share in the comments... I love hearing your stories, thoughts and experiences!

Yellow Eyeshadow (or any Bold Colour) Over 40




  1. well, you look gorgeous, even in that 'unflattering' picture in full sun! and it's very nice that you show your make up in 'real life' conditions!
    Yellow is not my favorite color near my face, but orange is something I would like to try!

    1. Orange is another favourite Monica! It is supposed to bring out blue eyes :o).... but I think it looks fab on anyone! Thank you for your kind words. XXX

  2. I think you look stunning in both pictures - the bottom one isn't unflattering at all!!! I do love the bold yellow, it suits you. I'm a big fan of bold colours too - I'm a sucker for blue eyeliner and blue mascara LOL! I think it can suit all women and it's so much fun of course!
    Suzy xx

    1. Blue mascara is fab Suzy! I love the look of it, especially on brown eyes.... it makes them POP. But, I honestly believe we can all wear what we want as long as we are confident in it! :o) XXX

  3. That sunny photo of you in an equally sunny eyeshadow is testimony to the fact that you really look good in almost everything Sam!!!!
    I like to do a touch of blue or teal above my liner or at the outside of the lower lash line when I have time to play.
    Makeup is a ton of fun isn't it!?
    Love, Jude

    1. It is Jude! Makeup is such fun, we can play with whatever we fancy and there are so many beautiful colours to experiment with now. We are lucky ladies! Thank you for your kind words. XXX


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