Mixing Florals & My Least Favourite Style of Jeans!

Mixing Florals | Pink Floral blouse, Navy Blazer & Bootcut Jeans | Bonmarché

Do you ever get stuck in a style rut?
A rut where you actively AVOID certain types of clothing?

Are you guilty of getting the fashion blinkers on, and only considering styles you know and love?
Whether it's a certain hemline or a particular style of jeans.


Mixing Florals | Pink Floral blouse, Navy Blazer & Bootcut Jeans | Bonmarché

In my case those blinkers are firmly fixed on skinny jeans.
Generally discounting all other styles, I head straight for them.
Skinnies have taken over from my old favourites... the bootcut jeans.

{See some of my skinny jean favourites HERE, HERE and HERE}

Bootcut jeans were my fashion staple in the 90's.
I loved my Levis to death, and wore out 4 pairs (it used to take a lot of effort to wear out those old jeans)... they quite literally fell to pieces!

Mixing Florals | Pink Floral blouse, Navy Blazer & Bootcut Jeans | Bonmarché

Bootcut jeans have fallen off my radar... I would even go so far as to say I don't really like them any more.
I feel they are old fashioned, and a bit frumpy.
Yet (in the spirit of keeping an open mind) today I am in a pair of bootcut jeans... I thought it was about time I tried them again.

Mixing Florals | Pink Floral blouse, Navy Blazer & Bootcut Jeans | Bonmarché

I'd forgotten how comfortable they are!
Skinny jeans can feel tight and restrictive, especially if you have to sit or kneel at any point during the day.
These bootcut jeans are comfortable enough to wear all day (even when I was curled up on the sofa in the evening).
I am not giving up my skinnies any time soon, but I will definitely be giving these easy-going jeans a spin more often!

Mixing Florals | Pink Floral blouse, Navy Blazer & Bootcut Jeans | Bonmarché

I decided to team these bootcut jeans with a double dose of florals!

Florals are such a big trend for spring and (in my opinion) look great when mixed and clashed.
Layering florals is a little unexpected, and a lot more interesting than a single dose.

This floral top is in a lovely pink colour with fluted elbow length sleeves, that aren't annoying and too dangly.
The lightweight floral blazer matched and clashed just enough 😀... I can see this being worn a lot this season.

{See this post about OTT sleeves and my DIY solution}

It's still pretty chilly here, so I added a cosy striped layer underneath.

Mixing Florals | Pink Floral blouse, Navy Blazer & Bootcut Jeans | Bonmarché

A simple satchel, and practical flat satin pumps finished my look of perfectly.

Mixing Florals | Pink Floral blouse, Navy Blazer & Bootcut Jeans | Bonmarché

Are you guilty of avoiding certain styles?
Or, favourite styles from your past that you used to live in?
Why do you avoid them?

Please share in the comments (or contact me) ...I would love to know!

Mixing Florals | Pink Floral blouse, Navy Blazer & Bootcut Jeans | Bonmarché

SHOES: Boden (old)....similar
BELT: GAP (old)
NECKLACE: A gift from a friend.
BANGLE: Charity shop
WATCH: Swatch...this one is lovely!
GLASSES: Primark...these are cool.



  2. It's so funny how we change our minds and thought about certain styles--not just jeans but everything!
    And because I'm always trying to figure out the "why", i wonder if part of it has to do with we pair this type of jeans with???
    Like, did our bootcut jeans look better with more fitted tops, whereas some of the tops now are more volumous because they go well with skinnine???

    1. YES Jodie! You are spot on... remember layering tight tank tops over low-rise bought or baggy jeans. THAT is what it is. You always hit the nail on the head. X

  3. Loving your mixed florals.

    In all honesty I too avoid boot cut jeans. They remind me of those mums at the school gate in sensible shoes and anoraks. I have boyfriend, cropped kick fares, flares, girlfriend and even jogger style jeans but no bootcut. You're cute take might be enough to make me reconsider...

    1. Gosh, yes....how depressing. My eldest daughter used to call them the "Next mums" (boot-fit jeans, black ankle boots, a jumper and an anorak...all fro Next) she was spot -on at the time (that was about 10 years ago).
      I feel I look like a boy in boyfriend but LOVE flares.....I am inspired to push my boundaries a little more by your list of denims! Impressive stuff.

    2. My friend calls it 'childminder chic'!

  4. I used to live in bootcut jeans too but then moved to skinnies. My least favourite now are 'mum' jeans but I decided earlier today that I might just wear them tonight and give them an airing! Funny that you posted about wearing your least favourite style today.
    Love your outfit though - the florals are gorgeous, as are the satin shoes.
    Suzy xx

    1. Yeah, it's hard to mentally pull-off the mum jean....it's ironically cool on young women but as a mum I feel mumsy! LOL. Silly right? How did you get on? XXX

  5. I'm also stuck on Skinnies... they're just SO much more flattering on my figure than a boot cut. These boot cuts are super on you though; and as usual, I love your print mix! xx

    1. I think skinnies are more flattering too! I feel longer of leg and higher of bum when wearing them :oP

  6. Looks like a lovely outfit, suitable for nearly every day out. Love the colour choices, and pattern matching looks great. Jacqui

  7. lovely doubled florals!, they looks so spring-like and adorable, and they go so well!, love that subtle color combo, the layering, your pink satchel and those sneakers!. Very chic, indeed!
    And I avoid actively a lot of trends and styles which I used to like!, I particularly avoid black clothes head to toe!

    1. Black head to toe can be depressing can't it? I agree about that one....unless it's eveningwear (for some odd illogical reason) or lots of interesting textures.
      Thank you for liking my mix of florals :o)
      They shouldn't work (on paper anyway) but seem to go together regardless!

  8. Love the mix of florals Sam! I need to do this more. I think the bootcuts look lovely on you and fun shoes! As jeans go, I like a straight cut or boyfriend jeans. The skinny cut as long as it doesnt cling to my legs.. do to sensitivity. I probably stray away from denim culottes as I dont know if they would be flattering!
    jess xx

    1. I understand the sensitivity issue Jess. Sometimes my skinny legs feel squeezed by skinnies and I have to take them off....which would be no good for you at all!!
      As for denim culottes....hmmmm...I bet you would look fabulous in them. You certainly have the figure and the leg length to wear them beautifully. XXX

  9. I LOVE bootcut and flare jeans but I find that they're easier to style with high-heeled shoes, or with a pair of chunky wedges. Which, for me, is hard to do since I own like a gazillion sneakers, and I REALLY am not a fan of tall shoes. But jeans that flare at the bottom are so flattering so I brave through high heels for them!

    Samantha doing florals + stripes = always a win!

    PS: I miss skinny and slim jeans, I'm totally going to start wearing them again, I don't care what "trend-watchers" say.


    1. Trend watchers are not necessarily trend setters Liyana!
      Looking super-cool in your skinnies is enough to keep them in style for the foreseeable future :o) XXX

  10. I've still got a pair of flared Levi's from about 20 years ago which I suppose translates into bootcut in today's lingo, and much as I love them, they're not half as flattering as skinnies. You look fab in yours Sam, but there again you look fantastic in skinnies too. You're right about stretching our boundaries!

    Anna x


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