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Thursday, 11 May 2017

How to Wear a White Peek-a-Boo Culotte Jumpsuit, Over 40 | Part 2

How to Wear a White Peek-a-Boo Culotte Jumpsuit, Over 40 | Casual with Denim

This outfit is part two of...

How to Wear a White Jumpsuit, over 40.

See part one (the smarter version) HERE.

I must admit that I like this outfit much more than my 'smarter' look.
Despite there being 4 more challenges with the jumpsuit worn this way.

{See the original 4 challenges in the first post HERE.}

1. Saggy Crotch

I know that leaving the jumpsuit 'loose' means that the crotch is lower, and I should find this awkward and unflattering....but I actually prefer it this way.
It feels more modern, and super-casual.
I would go so far as to say I love it's low-slung charms!

2. More Peek to the Peek-a-Boo

Yes there is more peek from the peek-a-boo, but I'm okay with that.
The looseness of the fabric means there is no ooze, and I feel covered and confident.
The jumpsuit has a built-in cropped top which adds coverage and interest.
The cropped part is not tight either, so it gives the illusion of falling away from a toned midriff (it's certainly not, but no one would know!).

How to Wear a White Peek-a-Boo Culotte Jumpsuit, Over 40 | Casual with Denim

3. Leg Shortening

A midi-length hem on a dress or jumpsuit (teamed with a flat shoe) is notoriously leg-shortening.
However, by keeping the outfit monochromatic we can get away with it... just!
If you have very short legs, and want to keep the flat shoes, try a shorter hemline.
In fact, a playsuit could be your best friend... it doesn't need to be super-short, just above the knee.
Petite ladies look amazing in a playsuit!

4. Less Shape

Adding a belt to a loose outfit like this can give it more shape, but you can also lose the 'feel' of the item.
This jumpsuit may be a high maintenance white colour, but it is still laid back and casual.
Leaving it loose helps maintain that casual vibe.

How to Wear a White Peek-a-Boo Culotte Jumpsuit, Over 40 | Casual with Denim

This version of the white jumpsuit outfit is so much more comfortable, and easy to wear.
Simple slides and a chunky necklace were all the jumpsuit needed to make me feel "dressed".
My (very) old denim jacket, and a fun bag finished things off nicely.

{See this leopard bag styled HEREHERE and HERE.}

What are your thoughts on wearing things in a baggy, shapeless and supposedly 'unflattering' way?

Please let me know in the comments...I'd love to hear your opinion.

How to Wear a White Peek-a-Boo Culotte Jumpsuit, Over 40 | Casual with Denim

JUMPSUIT: Noisy May at ASOS...similar.
SHOES: c/o Bonmarche
BAG: Online.
JACKET: Boden (very old)...similar.
NECKLACE: Oliver Bonas...similar.




  1. ohhhh, I think I also prefer this 'casual' outfit, it's so fresh and cool and elegant too!, love how the white jumpsuit creates a column of color and flatter your figure, love the clean cut, love your white sandals and your statement necklace!, love your denim jacket!
    I think you look gorgeous, summery and lovely!

    1. Thank you Monica! We had a lovely couple of days and my toes had wiggle room :o) It felt good! XXX

  2. What a fabulous spring-summer look. The jumpsuit really does defy expectations, and wearing the denim jacket with it seems to give it even more definition. Kx

    1. Thank you. It was such a nice day I had to get my (blue) legs out :oP.
      It's chilly again today though...brrrr. Hopefully jumpsuit weather will return soon! XXX

  3. I really love an all white look Sam! The sandals and then the addition of the jean jacket break it up, but I am loving the wide leg cullote style on you.
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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