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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Bold Work Look | Culottes & Stripes | Black, White, Blue & Orange.

Bold Work Look | Patterned Culottes & Stripes | Black, White, Blue & Orange | Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

If your work environment allows it, why not inject a little colour into your working wardrobe?
Spring is the perfect time to move away from all-black, navy or grey and bring some of your favourite colours into your daily work life.

Bold Work Look | Patterned Culottes & Stripes | Black, White, Blue & Orange | Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

This work outfit is simple, and comfortable.
Loose fitting culottes and a striped top are smart enough for my workplace, but may not be appropriate for yours.
However, you can substitute the shapes for smarter options (like a shirt/blouse or pencil skirt) but still keep the bold feel.
Open toes may be frowned on if you work in a corporate environment, but a closed toe bootie works just as well.

Mixing prints is as easy as pie if you stick to the same colour palette.
These culottes have black, white, blue and orange so a black and white striped top teams effortlessly with them... the added orange trim is just a bonus!
(Adding a bold necklace can also work well.)

A vintage brooch adds a little personality.
My quilted bag grounds the look slightly, and finishes things off nicely!

Bold Work Look | Patterned Culottes & Stripes | Black, White, Blue & Orange | Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Boldness may (or may not) come naturally to you, but it is very important not to 'disappear' as we get older.
Whether that is in relation to having your voice heard (at work, home, in your community), or being noticed as a woman.
Keep pushing yourself.
Being visible starts with confidence.
The best way to feel confident is to feel good about yourself.
Go bold and fake that fabulousness!

Does wearing something bolder help you feel braver and more confident?
I know that works for me but I would love to hear your thoughts!

Please share in the comments, or send me an email at samantha44blair(at)gmail(dot)com.

{EDITED: I almost forgot! I'm going to pick my bra-giveaway winner tomorrow...see the original post HERE... so if you would like a chance to win just send me an email with your bra size and I'll get in touch if you are the lucky winner.}

JACKET: Monsoon...similar.
CULOTTES: River Island...these are nice.
TOP: Oliver Bonas
SHOES: JD Williams...these are similar.
BAG: Topshop... similar.
BROOCH: Vintage... this one is interesting.




  1. I love that you found some great culottes, Samantha!!
    I think wearing this outfit to work or anyplace shows your fabulousness!!!

    1. Thank you Jodie....I seem to be reaching for culottes a lot recently!
      Who'd have thought it!!?? :oP

  2. This outfit with the mix of colours and prints is SO YOU. I don't know that many people who could wear it as well as you do, but it is very inspirational to see you in that! xxx

    1. I have to agree Lisa... it is maybe a little too much for some but I suppose a more toned down version could work too. Muted shades or less-clashing colours (is there such a thing?). Complementing tones could be easier to wear.
      I've never been too good at "muted" or complementing.... hmmmm....maybe this is inspiration to try a few tonal looks.
      Thank you Lisa for your seed of inspiration. :o)

  3. You seem to have found your "culotte groove" Samantha! It's fun to see your attitudes toward them evolving. I love the fun print and especially the colors in this pair and they're great with the booties! Jude

  4. I know Jude! Hahahaha.
    I seem to be reaching for them all of the time.... in fact 3 days this week.
    What's going on?? :oP
    Maybe I am finally catching up with the "trend" just as it goes out of fashion!

  5. Oh gosh, I love, love these culottes on you, Samantha! The booties are such a great touch. Thanks for linking up, xo


  6. I do love the colour combinations you've styled here, Samantha! Those culottes are fabulous.
    Suzy xx

  7. such a lovely ensemble, I like your striped top and printed culottes combo, and love your jacket, the layering is fabulous!. I think that your accessorizing is brilliant (as usual), that brooch is simply perfect!, and your cute bag too!
    I feel better when I dress up in bold colors, sometimes I feel comfident, funky, fabulous, but most of the time I'm just trying to get through the day with attitude!


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