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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Athleisure at any Age.

Athleisure at any Age | Topshop Satin Joggers, Next Sheer hoody and Adidas Superstars!

Athleisure is a term that has been around for a few years now.
What is basically means is cutting about* (a Scottish term for going about your business) in your sportswear.

Athleisure is all about being seriously comfortable!


Athleisure has been accused of being the ultimate in lazy dressing and the killer of "real" fashion.
Harsh words!

I agree that there is a very fine line between athleisure chic and just looking like you can't be bothered to get dressed.

Athleisure at any Age | Topshop Satin Joggers, Next Sheer hoody and Adidas Superstars!

For me, athleisure is not really gym wear.
I believe that if you are going to seriously work out (whether it be in a gym or on the streets) then comfort is key.

Practical, comfortable and moisture wicking are my essentials!
Gym time is not the time to look 'pretty'.

However, I love athleisure for casual occasions.

Athleisure at any Age | Topshop Satin Joggers, Next Sheer hoody and Adidas Superstars!

This easy Athleisure look may be casual, but it is still interesting.
My late-night-dog-walking Asda joggers are staying in and these satin joggers take centre stage.
Interesting fabrics and patterns (like these satin joggers, see them styled HERE and HERE) have all of the comfort but with a luxe feel.

Heels are an obvious choice to smarten up a look like this but trainers are SO much more comfortable, practical and wearable.

I seem to have borrowed my daughter's again!

Athleisure at any Age | Topshop Satin Joggers, Next Sheer hoody and Adidas Superstars!

A sheer hoody (see this one worn to a Stormzy gig, HERE) and a blue t-shirt keeps things light, bright and spring-like.
A leather backpack continues the casual/luxe vibe.
My geometric necklace, and oversized glasses, finished things off nicely.

Are you embracing the Athleisure trend?
Or, do you think it is just lazy dressing?

Please share your thoughts in the comments...or Contact Me.
I love hearing from you!

JOGGERS: Topshop...these ones are cool!
T-SHIRT: Old (similar)
BAG: Clarks... similar.
NECKLACE: Oliver Bonas...this one is very nice, especially with the camouflage joggers
GLASSES: Primark... these are nice.

Athleisure at any Age | Topshop Satin Joggers, Next Sheer hoody and Adidas Superstars!




  1. As always you look fabulous, but I just can't get past memories of shell suits...worryingly flammable fabrics and that weird noise as you walked!

    I did wear some Kharki (cotton) joggers camping last week if that counts, though I suspect they fit more in the dog walking category

    1. Shell suits!! Hahahahaha...yes!!
      I know exactly what you mean now.... although they were COOL at the time, weren't they?
      I missed that fashion boat.
      My mum didn't approve but my friend and her mum had matching ones!
      Her mum wore hers with co-ordinating stilettos..
      Thank you for sparking an old memory :o)
      As for the cotton 'doggy' bottoms...I wore mine to walk Jake last night :oP

    2. Mine was turquoise and pink if I remember correctly. And it rustled with every step. I suspect I was too late to the party to have been cool! I've just seen a pic of my 19 yo son on FB wearing pink shell suit trousers... don't know if I should laugh or cry!!

    3. Oh dear! Hahahaha... Apparently (according to my eldest daughter who works for a menswear company) Pink is THE colour for gents fashion this year, as well as all types of tech fabric and leisurewear... hmmmm.... my son (18) lives in his grotty (navy) joggy bottoms, so this has passed him by.
      Your son seems to have his finger on the fashion pulse!

  2. As a yoga teacher, I'm starting to come round to the idea of athleisure wear. I love the idea of comfort and style which is why this outfit really speaks to me. Those satin joggers are gorgeous and agree they'd look fab with heels too! Perhaps the next time I'm out shopping, I might start thinking about athleisure wear!
    Suzy xx

    1. I thought of heel too Suzy but it kind of defeated the purpose of slopping around pretending to be on trend but secretly just slouching..... Ooops, I mean doing serious fashion-related research into a key trend (ahem) :oP

  3. The one thing I notice when I go back home to NY is how EVERYONE wears athleisure these days. Even in fairly nice restaurants you see ladies in their (perfectly coordinated) yoga gear. It seems to have become perfectly acceptable to run around in trainers and purple leggings!

    I tend to spend my day in gym clothes if I'm actually going to gym that day, but I don't wear athleisure as a matter of course. Perhaps I wear slightly nicer gym clothes since I know I'll be in them the whole day!

    Your satin trousers are just gorgeous... I'd def wear those with heels. xx

    1. They do look nice with heels Lisa, you are right, but I had to go for a full-on athleisure look to do it justice (all in the name of research of course, nothing to do with feeling like I'm still in my PJ's :oP).
      To be honest I much prefer a smarter version of casual....and yoga gear in a restaurant just seems rude (unless it's a cafe at the gym).
      Maybe athleisure really is the death of fashion after all??

  4. well, I think that athleisure style is not exactly my cup of tea, even if I'm a huge fan of confort and I'm used to wear sneakers!. Probably, I have some prejudices against gym wear!
    I love your pants, and the sheer hoodie, which looks modern and cool!! and I think that your necklace adds a touch of 'intentionality' to the whole ensemble and that makes a difference. Love that kind of futuristic vibe that goes with technical fabrics, and also love your sunníes!

    1. I love the tech fabrics too Monica and just need to figure out different ways to wear them!
      I like the crispy, rustling feel and the sheerness. I'm sure there are a few more outfits to be made out of these comfy pieces.

  5. Because I work out at least 5 days a week I do wear legging a lot! However, I don't wear them out and about unless I'm on my way to or from my workout. If I am going to be doing an errand before getting home I make sure to wear a little skirt or long tunic top over the leggings.
    I'm intrigued by the track pant look I'm starting to see. The looser fit of this style would be one I'd more likely wear out and about! I would never wear heels with an athletic pant. That's just not me.
    You look so pretty in this look Samantha. I love the pale blue and the pants have a silky look. Lovely "leisure wear" (prefix ath-optional?)

    1. I'm not sure I would wear a heel with a "true" tracksuit bottom either Judy... It doesn't seem to fit. Not to me anyway.
      These satin joggers manage to get away with it because they are quite dressy as a stand alone item.
      I MUST figure out different ways to wear this white hooded jacket as I really love it... thinking cap on.... :o) XXX

  6. Much as I hate this crazy word Sam, I really love the look on you. The satin pants are fab and are certainly a step up from slouching around the house joggers. The see through hoodie is cute too, and very different.

    Anna x


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