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Thursday, 20 April 2017

4 Ways to Wear a Blazer | PPP

4 Ways to Wear a Blazer | PPP | Fake Fabulous | Over 40

Each month Anna, Ann and I are styling a 'classic' item and this month it's the turn of the humble Blazer.

4 Ways to Wear a Blazer | PPP | Fake Fabulous | Over 40

This blazer is a cheerful striped fabric that was calling out for some red accessories.
A classic combination.
So, a cute little brooch and my red clutch came out to play!

4 Ways to Wear a Blazer | PPP | Fake Fabulous | Over 40

Blazers can seem very grown-up and 'sensible' so I decided to go for a geeky look in order to inject a little fun.
A denim shirt (buttoned up to the neck) teamed with a spotty mini and silver boots.
Less serious.
More fun to wear!

4 Ways to Wear a Blazer | PPP | Fake Fabulous | Over 40

Adding a little bit of ladylike style (in the form of these pearl earrings) kept the masculine/feminine mix going.

4 Ways to Wear a Blazer | PPP | Fake Fabulous | Over 40

4 Ways to Wear a Blazer | PPP | Fake Fabulous | Over 40

{Credit must go to my super-talented (10 year old) photographer... she loves her details so I had to include some of them!}

JACKET: Primark... see it HERE, with skinny jeans.
EARRINGS, BROOCH & RING: A gift from a friend.
SHIRT: Urban outfitters
SKIRT: Boden... read about a malfunction with this skirt HERE!
SHOES: Topshop

Julia from When the Girls Rule.

Julia's blog is full of all things colourful, feminine and stylish.

Julia skillfully teams her longer-line blazer with dark florals and black opaques. 
So stylish, yet simple and flattering.
This lady certainly knows how to dress a larger bust!
A pink bag picks out the pink from the dress, and further enhances the spring-like feel of this outfit.
Fresh, pretty and totally wearable.

Be sure to follow Julia on Instagram for more inspiration.

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Anna's blazer is anything but boring.... nothing run-of-the-mill (like navy) for our Anna.

This is a bolder look, with a new-romantic feel.
The blazer is a definite statement and she has not played it safe when styling it either.
Ruffles, pleats and pearls.
Go girl!

{I have serious shoe envy.}

Follow Anna on Instagram for more style inspiration....prepare for location envy!

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann has manage to create a totally ageless look.
I think this would look good on anyone, at any age.

{Granted, you need decent legs to pull this off, but the mini could easily be swapped for something you love to wear....jeans, culottes, peg-legged trousers...anything!}

Pink is THE colour of the season and the whole outfit is casual, comfortable and fun.

Follow Ann on Instagram. for more inspiration... especially if you are a fan of cool-comfortable footwear

Is there a classic item you would like to see featured?
How do you style your blazer?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
I love hearing them!

4 Ways to Wear a Blazer | PPP | Fake Fabulous | Over 40



  1. Geek chic is what I'd call this Sam. Your signature style of pattern play works beautifully as ever, and I really like the pops of red to contrast with all the blues. Blazers boring? Not in the hands of the Ping Pong Posse you said when I called this - how very right you were!

    Anna x

    1. Thank you Anna.
      We were all so different weren't we?
      I loved how varied our looks turned out to be....despite us ALL wearing a skirt!

  2. Love your blue striped blazer. And the red accessories are great. Annnnd those cool blue glasses.

  3. Geeky sensational!!
    Blazers are always such a classic choice and seem to elevate any look. The silver booties however add that bit of funk that tones down the preppiness of the blazer. SO cute Sam!!
    I'm also loving the glasses and those lovely earrings.

    1. Thank you Judy.
      These earrings were given to me by a close friend... they were her sister's and this is a way of them carrying on. I was honoured to wear them. XXX

  4. such a fabulous outfit, and you look gorgeous, elegant and cool!! as usual!!
    Lovely mixed prints, that striped blazer with cute polka dot skirt, and lovely blue shades with a touch of red!, and I'm loving your shiny booties, that is a perfect detail which enhances everything!

    1. Thank you Monica...these silver boots are always fun to wear! :o)

  5. I love all the shades of blue here - and the jacket really is a classic! Kx

    1. Funny... I just noticed that everything is blue! Hahaha.... I guess outfits just happen without too much thought :oP XXX


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