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Friday, 3 March 2017

Your BEST Colours | Vintage 80's & Vinyl!

Bright Blue 1980's Vintage Dress with Vinyl Leggings & Chunky Vagabond Shoes!

Lets talk about colour...

If you visit Fake Fabulous regularly you will know that I LOVE bright colours.
Anything (and everything) goes!

However, loving a colour does not necessarily means that it suits us, does it?
Sometimes certain colours can be quite hard to wear.

Wouldn't it be nice if our wardrobes were full of of clothes that really suited us?
Clothes that made our skin glow.
Clothes that made our eyes (and lips) pop!
Clothes that eliminated shadows from our face.

Dressing would be easy.
A joy even.

Bright Blue 1980's Vintage Dress with Vinyl Leggings & Chunky Vagabond Shoes!

This blue is one of my favourite shades.
It is bold and bright, with a touch of warmth to it.
It makes me feel confident.
A happy colour.

This dress is a vintage gem that belongs to my elderly mother-in-law.
Unfortunately, she can no longer enjoy wearing it.
She is a VERY petite 4' 10", so the oversized nature of this dress was a total mystery to me!
I had to remove HUGE shoulder pads in order to reduce the volume on my 5' 6" (size 10) frame.
The shoulder pads were bonkers.
All-guns-blazing serious power-dressing pads.
I looked like an american football player!

My MIL originally wore this dress with a matching hat, to a wedding... could it get more 80's!?

Bright Blue 1980's Vintage Dress with Vinyl Leggings & Chunky Vagabond Shoes!

I wanted to bring the dress up to date in a very non-wedding way by adding vinyl leggings.

{Although I did wear these leggings to a real wedding....see that outfit HERE}

Bright Blue 1980's Vintage Dress with Vinyl Leggings & Chunky Vagabond Shoes!

Keeping the rest of the accessories simple with chunky shoes, and a small caged clutch.
My eye brooch finished things off nicely.

Bright Blue 1980's Vintage Dress with Vinyl Leggings & Chunky Vagabond Shoes!

Now something for you...

  • Are you TOTALLY happy with the contents of your wardrobe?
  • Do you know exactly what you like, and what suits you, never wasting time when shopping?
  • Do you know what colours to choose to look your beautiful best without needing to pile on the slap?
If you answered "No" to any of these questions, then this giveaway is for you!

I am very excited to offer you a fab giveaway that will save you loads of time, energy and money.

A personal colour analysis by Pamela of
Pamela is an expert in her field, with over 30 years of colour analysis experience.
She certainly knows her stuff!
{This post is NOT sponsored, in case you were wondering!}

Pamela is offering one lucky reader a completely personal colour analysis (which also includes makeup and style tips) plus a handy colour swatch to take out shopping.

Here is a sneaky peek of mine...

Colour swatch for warm (autumnal) colour analysis.

What is the point of colour analysis?

You might be wondering if there is any point to getting your colours 'analysed'.
Is it not all just a bit of a gimmick?

I can understand why you might be dubious but I am a BIG believer in the power of colour.
Whether you wear it for the message it can send... {See a post about that HERE}
Or, because it makes you look better.
I'm all for that!

(Especially as I get older and more washed-out looking.)

After you understand your best colours, you can begin to shop more wisely.
Of course, I would never recommend throwing everything out that isn't in your palette.
That would be wasteful, and unnecessary.
Having your colours analysed does not mean you can't wear colours that aren't 'Yours' can!
Pamela will give you style tips to help you wear those items that are not in your palette.

Once you are armed with your colour palette you can be a swift and savvy shopper.
No more dithering and swithering.
One glance at the rail and you will know if that dress is for you!
Shopping becomes so much easier and enjoyable.... with more ftime for the important things like coffee, lunch or cocktails!

{See THIS POST about my idea of the perfect shopping trip}

Pamela is a lovely lady and not at all patronising, which is refreshing!
She will give you a totally personal analysis that is guaranteed to make you look and feel great.... saving you time AND money.

For a chance to win this fab prize please enter via the link below...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

{If you have trouble entering, simply send me an email at samantha44blair(at) and I will include you in the entries}

Bright Blue 1980's Vintage Dress with Vinyl Leggings & Chunky Vagabond Shoes!

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
What is your favourite colour?
Which colours to you find hardest to wear?

DRESS: Vintage Frank Usher ...this modern one is cool!
LEGGINGS: Pamela Mann
SHOES: Vagabond
BAG: Tkmaxx.... this one is gorgeous!
BROOCH: H&M....similar.




  1. It did work Gail!
    You are entered.
    Lady colours??? Men can be so funny can't they?
    All colours belong to us ladies!!
    Thank you for your kind words and good luck with the competition.

  2. I am also a big fan of this colour. I think it goes so well on a redhead.

    I adore your brooch.

    This a great unique way of updating a 1980s dress. I can't imagine how long it must have been on your MIL.


    1. Hahahaha...I know Suzanne! Funny eh?
      It does have a large slip which comes up to my hip...which must have been thigh height on Nan. :o)

  3. Some colors are harder than the other for sure. And it is disappointing when gorgeous color simply doesn't match your face.

    Inside and Outside Blog

    1. It is isn't it Lyosha?
      But we can usually add a couple of weeks to make it work a little better.
      I usually use a lippy to bluff my way! :oP

  4. If you like a color Lyosha then wear it and enjoy. Your natural coloring influences your choice anyway so many of your favorites will be in your Color Family palette.

  5. And Sam - that color is just STUNNING on you - but I think you'd look pretty good in a paper bag! Thank you for introducing Online Color Analysis to your visitors.

    1. Thank you Pamela. You are too kind!
      I'm doing house work in my joggy bottoms just now.... just like a paper bag. :oP

  6. Love this colour on you. I am trying to get away from black but struggling as I do like colour.

    1. Black is a hard colour to escape Christy... it is just too "easy" and hassle-free!
      Familiar and easy to match up.
      It is especially hard to break away from black if your peers are fans too.
      When I first started at my work EVERYONE wore black but wearing colour does subtly influence other people.
      My department are a relatively colourful bunch now! It is great to see.
      If you start experimenting your friends and colleagues might be tempted too??
      Good luck in the competition!

  7. I love bright colours too- especially on a grey cloud day. Most of my wardrobe is based around 'mother of pearl colours' as I am a red head too. I find redsreds, oranges and yellows difficult to wear. Hats are also a MUST in my book!

    1. I used to think like that too Elizabeth (about the red, oranges and yellows) now they are my favourites!
      These shades can look sensational with red hair.
      Why not try something on next time you are out shopping...a totally different colour.
      You might surprise yourself? :o)
      I'm so glad you are a fan of hats too!
      They are a saviour at times.
      Good luck with the competition.

  8. What a fun opportunity to feel better in our own Skins! Thanks for this chance.xx

  9. I love the blue that you're wearing in this post too. Although I love the color on you I feel like the dress needs to be shortened to more of a tunic length... It just seems too long with the vinyl leggings. Your chunky, pale pink shoes are so cool.
    It seems to be greening up quite nicely there in Scotland!!

    1. Hahaha...not really Judy!
      Those plants are evergreen (my husband is great at keeping some colour all year round).
      Although. the grass has started to subtly change colour... almost time to start growing!
      I could never cut this dress.
      Not just because it is not really mine but because it is slightly asymetric and swings right out....with a long split to my hip!
      Kind of sexy as you a sublte matronly kind of way :oP
      I love the feel of it and the way is swooshes about!
      I'm glad you like my shoes.
      I feel they are going to be worn LOADS this year :o)

  10. It's pink. I can't wear it - i look terrible in it, but everything else is pink. :) Not a big fan of the yellows and oranges, but I can't say I really hate anything.

    1. I wonder if there is a pink for you Laurie?
      I am sure Pamela would tell me that everyone has a shade of pink in their palette!
      Mine is a salmon..... but I still wear fuschia and bluff it with slightly extra foundation and a brighter lippy!
      I'm glad you agree with me about oranges and favourites!!

    2. You're absolutely right there is a shade of pink for everyone. It's easy to forget that pink stretches from peach, coral and salmon on the Warm side to baby pink and rose to shocking and fuchsia on the Cool. It might be soft it might be strong - but there will be one for you.

  11. I have so many favourite colours lol! But I particularly love green, especially emerald green. Bizarrely, I don't have much green in my wardrobe, only khaki! My least favourite colour is probably beige. It does nothing for me at all!
    I love the way you've styled your mother-in-law's 80s dress. Genius!!
    What a fabulous giveaway. Thanks Samantha!
    Suzy xx

    1. I need more green too Suzy!
      Maybe we could both find something bold and bright... apple or emerald or that gorgeous bright yellow/golden green??? Lovely!!
      As for beige.....zzzzzzzz......
      Unless it is toning down something seriously BOLD :o)
      Best of luck with the competition Suzy!

  12. I love your blue outfits, but I was so envious of your mustard outfit you wore last week. I can´t wear anything yellow or orange based without looking ill, but you pull everything off superbly.

    1. Thank you Allison, I wonder if there is a shade of yellow/orange that would suit your colouring?
      Pamela would know! :o)

    2. Don't know your natural coloring Alison but a Cool complexion can find yellow and orange difficult. If a color doesn't work for you just use one of your best colors closer to your face and wear the other one farther down the body. Color co-ordination doesn't have to follow rigid rules these days.

  13. I think you look fabulous in your blue dress, such a cool shape (and color, obviously!). Such an amazing 80's design piece (without the shoulder pands!), and such a brilliant outfit you created, mixing it with leggings and cool shoes!
    We share our love for bright colors which is lovely!. There're some fabulous colors which look unflattering on me, but I decided to wear them anyway (never near my face). Yellow, citron, mustard, those are really difficult, even if I like them!.

    1. It is a shame when colours don't really suit our skin tone, isn't it? :o(
      You always manage to make whatever you wear work beautifully....using the "keep it away from your face" trick is excellent advice!

  14. I love that blue on you. LOVE cool colors, but I think I am more warm. Sad. I have always wanted a color analysis to know for sure!

    1. Good luck to you Dorcas! You might find that some surprising shades suit you after all?
      Remember that even if you don't win you can visit Pamela's site and get some great tips.... or organise an analysis through her.

  15. My favorite color is teal green! My least favorite color is beige ... beige always looks so refined and chic on other people. And on me? Drab-city. Boo!
    Thanks for the lovely chance!

    1. Teal is one of my favourites too N2N.... and ditto beige!
      I do have a few beige items but always feel they need serious pizazz to make them wearable (I am not very good at the "refined and chic"! :oP)
      Good luck!!!

  16. Replies
    1. Thank you Elaine, that is so interesting....what is it about Khaki you don't like? X


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