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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Does overlining your lips REALLY work? Beauty over 40.

Does overlining your lips REALLY work? Beauty over 40.

Overlining your lips...does it look good?

Overlining the lips seems to be all over the internet at the moment.

MUAs (on youtube) are showing us how easy it is.

{Check out this video by Lisa Eldridge... she makes it look simple and beautiful!}

How does this look in real life?
How does the Insta-life-super-lips translate into real life?

See me overlining my lips (using all of the tips and tricks) in the video below...

After the (very simple) simple process of overlining this is how my lips looked...

Does overlining your lips REALLY work? Beauty over 40.

Does overlining your lips REALLY work? Beauty over 40.

Does overlining your lips REALLY work? Beauty over 40.

I felt that they looked okay if I was broadly smiling but, in reality, you can't go around grinning all day can you?

Without a smile my lips looked pretty weird.... and a bit dry.
A more glossy lipstick could be the answer but the glossier the lips the more the overlined area stands out.
I look like I might have applied my lippy in the dark.
Or, I am heading out to a fancy dress party!

Overlined lips look great in a brightly lit instant photograph.... not so great in real life.
Not a look I will be repeating.

Does overlining your lips REALLY work? Beauty over 40.

But, what do YOU think?
Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Does overlining your lips REALLY work? Beauty over 40.


  1. Since I always love to debate an issue, Samantha---I would say that it looks fine in real life too! Did you try it for the entire day?
    I'd be interested to know if anyone really noticed?? Because even when you show these photos up close, it's not the easiest to tell that you went outside the lines!!

    1. I tried Jodie...but every time I caught myself in the mirror I got a fright!
      I just didn't like the way it looked. I felt uncomfortable and not really me.
      Thank you for your angle on it Jodie. XXX

  2. I agree with Jodie.

    I do this trick all the time and if I get it right I like it.


    1. Thank you Suzanne... I just couldn't make peace with my face all day! Maybe I could try it for a special night out? XXX

  3. Goodness, I never knew this was a thing, until I read your post! Clearly, I don't follow the right Instagrammers! ;)

    Well, I think think it looks really Hollywood glam on you, and certainly worth repeating, but maybe just for going out, if you weren't comfortable with it as an everyday look?

    1. Oh, it is a BIG thing Fran! (Some might say too big?!)
      I like your idea of trying it for a night out.
      I think I might give that a go. XXX

  4. Ugh it's not for me at all. It's another if those 'make everyone look the same' make up things like contouring, eyeliner flicks and slug brows.

    What's wrong with thin lips, one lip bigger than the other, wonky smiles and our glorious imperfect selves?

    Rant over. I do however love that lipstick colour and finish 😍

    1. I like your rant Rachel, and thank you for it!
      I know what you mean.
      The overlining video that Lisa Eldridge did made me a little sad.
      She is 43 and was so over-lit....she looked too perfect.
      I miss her old videos where she had fine lines, grey hairs and chipped nails.
      Real life was more attractive. XXX

  5. I love Lisa Eldridge, but I missed this particular video of hers. I look silly with over lined lips... I don't have HUGE lips, but they do look ridiculous if I over line them. They're just the wrong shape for this technique, basically, and I have a very defined lip line so it looks odd to have colour outside of that.

    I think yours look lovely, but I'd save it for a night out. With a big smile, it looks AMAZING on you! xx

    1. Thank you Lisa. Although it's hard (and a bit creepy) to be grinning all day! resting face looked mean and weird.
      I too have quite a defined line and it just didn't work for me. I may take your advice and try again for a night out....making sure it's one where there is going to be plenty of laughter :oD XXX

  6. I LOVE over lining my lips and I'm so into it these days. I usually do it with a liner my same lip color, but I'm ready to try with a bold color like you did here. In fact, I love over lining so much, I've lined it up for my next vlog. I swear; I am not meaning to copy you. Now, I'm going to go watch the vid. I just have to go get my headphones.

    Honey, and keep over lining! It looks AWESOME!!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  7. Having not watched the video I just wanted to add my two cents.Overdrawing the lips was very popular in the 1940's. Usually it was just a wider curve on the upper lip's outer sides. Sometimes it works better with a darker(red for example)lipstick since then it's harder to distinguish where the natural lip ends and the face begins. I tend to do this most days because I have skinny lips. :)
    Heidi in L.A.


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