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Monday, 20 March 2017

4 Ways to Wear Fishnets | PPP gets a Make-Over!

Boden Midi Skirt, Leopard top, Chunky Brogues &Fishnet tights | Fake Fabulous | 4 ways to wear fishnets

Welcome to the first of the new (and improved?.. you be the judge of that!) Ping Pong Posts.

After 12 months of sending clothes backwards and forwards, we have decided to change things up a little.
Each month Anna, Ann and I are going to style a "classic" item.
An item that many of us will have lurking in our wardrobes.
Items that we might be tired of?
Or, items we always seem to wear the same way?

This month we are styling fishnet tights.

Do you own a pair?

Boden Midi Skirt, Leopard top, Chunky Brogues &Fishnet tights | Fake Fabulous | 4 ways to wear fishnets

Confession time....

Despite wearing (almost) fishnets in THIS POST I don't actually own a pair of fishnet tights because I really don't like them.
I don't like how they look on my legs.
I don't like how they feel on my toes.
I don't like the vibe they give off.

They are not for me at all.

So, when the ladies dropped the fishnet bombshell my heart sank.

However, I do love a challenge so I waited for inspiration to strike.

{Come on inspiration...hurry up!!}

Boden Midi Skirt, Leopard top, Chunky Brogues &Fishnet tights | Fake Fabulous | 4 ways to wear fishnets

I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a pair of fishnets because I knew I would never wear them again.
{Maybe I could get one of my girls to draw the design on my legs? πŸ˜›}
Luckily, I happened to come across a pair during one of my charity shop visits and snapped them up.
New, with a 50p price tag... result!

These fishnet tights are a soft khaki colour which were much easier for me to style than the classic black.
I decided the only way to wear something I am not comfortable with, is to team it with things I am very comfortable with.

So, a simple t-shirt and my striped midi skirt came out to help (see this skirt HERE and HERE... and the black version HERE).
The leopard top and stripe skirt acted as a security blanket for my awkward limbs!
My trusty chunky brogues helped make this seem even more like "me".
A plain bag, and statement earrings, finished things off nicely.

My husband said I looked like a character out of an old French Film... I'm not too sure if that was a compliment or not... πŸ˜•... Hmmmm.

Unfortunately (?) my fingers went through these tights when I visited the loo, so my spare (opaque) pair had to come out of my bag.
Unsurprisingly, I got over this accident quickly!

I must admit that I am glad to move on from my brush with fishnets and hand you over to some fabulous ladies who certainly know how to rock them!

First, can I introduce you to our guest this month....

Mary from Miss Mary Powers

Mary's blog is full of all things pretty, feminine and stylish.
{After seeing her fishnet outfit I wanted to pack up and go home!}

Blending black and tan effortlessly (with a touch of grey to stop things looking too matchy-matchy) This outfit is the perfect way to make fishnets look casual, and cool.
Strikingly simple but with all of the WOW needed to turn heads.

Be sure to follow Mary on Instagram for more inspiration.

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Anna has taken to this challenge like a duck to water!
{Well, she does swim in the sea everyday... hence those amazingly toned pins}

Of course Anna's fishnets are far from ordinary... they are electric blue!
Mixing blue and green (naughty girl, has she read the rule book?) for a fun and flirty look.
Anna has made these fishnets fit in to her colourful style.
Pop over to her blog for a closer look at those shoes.
Bravo Anna!

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

How sexy does Ann look here?!
There is something about ripped jeans with patterned tights peeping through....Va va voom!! 
Ann has kept her look simple, casual and fun.
Jeans, a leather jacket and a cheeky t-shirt.
What could be simpler?

Did I mention those SHOES....sigh....I love Love LOVE!

Boden Midi Skirt, Leopard top, Chunky Brogues &Fishnet tights | Fake Fabulous | 4 ways to wear fishnets

What do you think of our new format?
Is there a classic item you would like to see featured?
What about Fishnets...Do you find them easy to wear?
How do you style yours?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
I love hearing them!




  1. I agree with your husband about that kind of old french film vibe, something 50's or 60's, probably inspired by your striped skirt, classic shoes, cool earrings and new hairstyle (it looks really cute!) and that touch of leopard!. Classic elegance with a touch of sassiness! and a really brilliant clash of prints!
    I like fishnets, and I think you rock them!

    1. Thank you so much Monica....I'm glad you like the looks. I'm still not convinced by the fishnets though! :oP XXX

  2. A few weeks ago I went out out bought three pairs of fishnets! I had intended to buy one pair of classic black but the saleswoman in Calzedonia talked me into the three (buy 2 and get the third half price!). So I came out with a black pair, a blue pair and a flesh coloured pair! And I must admit I do love them (hubby does too - he's such a typical bloke, although he'd have preferred stockings lol!). They're a lot of fun. I've owned them before and didn't like the way they felt but these ones are much softer, thankfully. I really like the way you styled them but if you're not a fan, you're not a fan!
    Suzy xx

    1. Hahahaha... is there a heterosexual man that does not like fishnets Suzy?! :oP
      What brand did you buy? I would be interested in giving them another go.... maybe flesh coloured would work in summer?? XXX

    2. I bought them from Calzedonia, I just looked online and they do have UK stores. Here's the link:
      I actually spotted some other really fun ones to try too lol
      Suzy xx

    3. Ahhh...sorry Suzy! I thought Calzedonia was the name of a shop, not a brand. I am off for a look (you are a bad influence on my hosiery-shopping addiction!) :o)

  3. I think you're going to have to try again, Samantha! Kinda like your cutottes---sometimes you just need the right ones.
    I've had a pair of nude fishnets for years now, and my pair are very run resistant! In fact, I bought 2 different color pair this last season just because I love them so much.
    I've seen them under the distressed jeans, and I'm totally going to try that!
    The new format is great---it certainly cuts down on postage, right?

    1. Indeed Jodie! More money to spend on fishnets :oP
      The nude ones seem to be getting a good write-up!
      I might need to give them another go :o) XXX

  4. I love fishnets and think you style them really well. Love that skirt sooo much. I won't wear them at my grand old age with anything over the knee but I thonk they can be great 'subtle' component of an outfit.

    1. I have worn a fishnet-like pair with ripped jeans before so maybe I need to give them another go in a more casual outfit? Thank you for loving my skirt too!!! :o) XXX

  5. You look so happy in this outfit even if you said you weren't really feeling the tights.


    1. Maybe because I couldn't see the tights with the fuller skirt Suzanne!!! :oP XXX

  6. I agree with your husband on the French film star vibe. I think these tan ones really suit you! I love how you've worn them. SO DIFFERENT to how the other ladies are rocking theirs, but all of you look truly amazing and exactly your own style. xx

    1. Let me share with you that he used the phrase "French Tart from an old film" but I left the "tart" part out of the post!! LOL. I must admit to liking the rest of my outfit but I felt the tights were ruining it slightly..... MUCH better when I had to change due to my tearing accident :oP. Thank you for popping over to comment Lisa! XXX

  7. I have to say that you're giving out a real sexy vibe here with the off the shoulder leopard top as well as the fishnets, and that's no bad thing honey! This was as much, if not more, fun than ever as it really does let our personality shine through. I love how diverse a pair of fishnets can look when you see all of these!


    1. We did a great job Anna....all SO different and interesting. What comes next month I wonder....????

  8. Love this inspirations, this outfits,this outfits with fishnet are to die for.

  9. Gosh, I think your legs look like perfection in them Samantha. It's like the tights give a photoshopped smoothness. I think you look great in them! I do understand the toe thing. In fact, I'm wearing fishnet ankle socks today, but underneath I have little footies on to keep me both warm and less irritated by the fishnets on my toes.

    I think through blogging, I'm starting to gather that I hop onto trends like a bear to honey! Perhaps I always have....

    Are you as pleased as I am that we've been able to continue with the PPP?! Who's up next?!

    Love, Annie from Kremb de la Kremb

    1. It's Anna!
      I like your idea about footsies under the fishnet.....maybe I will try again after all?? XXX

  10. Gorgeous, all of you. Sam, I love your print mix and the fishnets with the heeled oxfords - brilliant! thanks for sharing, xo


    1. Thank you Patti! These shoes made the tights a little more "me" :o) XXX

  11. I just simply adore you and your style! This outfit is so fab and those fishnets look AMAZING, so you really need to rethink this whole hate thing!! So happy I got to join the fun with you all and so happy to have 2 more friends now! ❤

    - Mary

    1. Hahahaha...maybe Mary?? Hmmmm.... I'll think about it :oP . Thank you so much for joining in the fun this month. It was a pleasure to meet you. XXX

  12. I know I read something recently about music divas like Beyonce, Madonna, Cher, wearing fishnets to soften the look of their legs and blur the imperfections...Who knows Samantha, you may be persuaded to come over to the fishnet side after all!
    Your combination of stripes and animal print is a bit jarring to me BUT I'm giving it more consideration because I have so much respect for your sense of style! Always loving on the brogues! !

    1. Music Divas....well they know all the tricks don't they? Maybe I will give these another go (in a different colour). As for Jarring....Noooooo....leopard is a neutral :OP

  13. This is funny... "my awkward limbs"...??? I mean, what's awkward about them? You have nice legs. I can understand that the "vibe" isn't for everyone. I still have fishnet hold-ups (thigh highs) from way back when. With little holes and a big black seam at the back. I wore it the other day to the office with a very beautiful black dress (simple) and big green necklace. My bank colleagues oooed and ahhhed over them haha. I do love a bit of a shock effect.
    My legs being my biggest assets deserve a lot of attention. And the vibe? Well, there is a common streak in my character, desparate at times to come out and play πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‰.
    And you my dear, looked absolutely stunning.

    1. Your fishnets sound elegant and sexy...and perfect for you Greetje! My limbs felt awkward in these, and without conviction we can't pull things off, or wear them well, can we?
      I agree about your legs deserving attention.....and your naughty streak needing some space to play too!!

  14. A bit late, but this is such a lovely look - and I get the French vibe too. I am so sorry that you're not a fan of fishnets - I love them and have various types and colours in my drawer (does that mean I am now back on trend?). I like the way the shade is different from a solid colour. Perhaps you should try a better brand and maybe try with smaller mesh first. I think they are so worth it because I have pairs that have lasted for years - Falke used to be my go-to choice but I seem to have mixed it up more recently. And with a good quality brand, I always think they feel fabulous as well as look it! Thanks for more fabulous posts! Kx

    1. I am taking your words on board K and I promise to give them another go....maybe with a better quality hosiery, as you rightly suggested.
      I was reluctant to spend good money on something I don't feel passionate about.... maybe I need to bite the bullet (smaller fishnet sounds intriguing!!).
      Maybe "fishnets, part two" is needed?
      Thank you for your positive feedback. XXX


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