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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why your under-eye concealer isn't working, over 40.

Is your under-eye concealer letting you down? | Fake Fabulous

Is your under-eye concealer letting you down?
Are you frustrated with the results?

There are plenty of YouTubers showing us "flawless" makeup techniques.
They look amazing!
So, we copy them only to be left wondering what we are doing wrong.
Why doesn't my face look as perfect as hers?
How come she is over 40 but doesn't have a wrinkle on her face?
What's wrong with me? 
Don't worry, the person on the video doesn't look like that either!

Check out this video talking about "real time" filters on YouTube.... This makeup artist is one of my favourites.

Even without using a filter, or a studio lighting strip, the camera can't really pick up the reality of what I am doing.

{The reality is: I am sitting on the floor in my kitchen with my daughter's furry blanket hanging over the back of the chairs, pre-coffee (yawn)...the glamour!)

Check out these close-up shots to see how the concealer looks in real life.

Is your under-eye concealer letting you down? | Fake Fabulous

Notice how cakey this powdered concealer looks?....and that shot is taken in flattering sunlight!
Imagine how bad it would look under office strip-lighting?

Is your under-eye concealer letting you down? | Fake Fabulous

I realise my eye is FAR from perfect in this shot, but it looks a lot more natural and less ageing.

The problem with your concealer is an easy one.
Unrealistic 'flawless' application might be great for an Instagram photo or a fashion photograph, but it just doesn't work in real life.

Real life moves about, and sweats and gets a bit greasy, or dry.
Real life smiles and laughs and moves.

In real life, less is definitely more!

  • Moisturise: Be generous with your eye-cream, only where you need it.
  • Colour correct: Use whatever colour suits your needs... mine is a pinky lilac.
  • Conceal: Don't go too light in colour (it's very ageing) but go light in application!
  • Forget heavy powdering or 'Baking': Great for Instagram, stage makeup or editorial shoots, not so good for real life!

Are you having problems with your makeup?
Does your concealer let you down?

What do you do about it?
Please share any tips you have in the comments....I'd love to hear them!




  1. I really love these makeup moments with you Samantha. It's so nice to hear you speak and move and be YOU!!
    You're just lovely!!
    I'd never seen anyone use a pinky lilac corrector!!! As far as which eye looked better it's very difficult to say. I have a strong feeling that the eye you did first (your own routine) is the one that would look the most natural in real life. I think the second eye will ultimately look cakey, with too much concealer in that big V, followed by too much powder.
    Under the focus of your camera in the lighting coming off your kitchen floor (?) your eyes look very similar.

    1. I know Judy! The YouTube videos can be misleading.
      In real life the second eye looked horrendous!
      The photo made it look better than it really looked.
      These bleached out videos and real-time filters annoy me so much!!
      No wonder women feel bad about themselves.
      I want to see more real faces I can relate to.

    2. I'm in complete agreement. The link you included in this post was pretty shocking. Of course I knew that excellent up lighting would wipe out unattractive shadows but YIKES!! I had no idea they were masking so many flaws. No wonder so many celebrities go for plastic surgery and botox etc. They are unable to face their own flaws in the mirror. Just like the rest of us feel at times eh?? XXOO

    3. Indeed!
      I think beauty comes from a great personality and a warm heart.
      Real people are much more beautiful than the fake-perfect ones.
      I know my blog is called Fake Fabulous, but the fakeness comes from bluffing and smiling and pushing through self-doubt....NOT from a plastic face!
      The most beautiful people I know are perfectly flawed.

    4. You are wise AND beautiful inside and out!

    5. I use Kiko pink concealer..number's the only one that works ��

  2. Sam, I enjoyed the video of the makeup artist, Very interesting! Dont know why i didnt think id see a guy! I really haven't used much concealer lately as I am trying to find one I like. I tend to just use a slightly lighter one of my foundations, but not too light. I don't use powder as it just brings out the fine lines. Enjoyed your video!
    have a nice weekend!
    jess xx

    1. Thank you Jess.
      We need to see more real faces with real makeup on them.
      I want to have fun with makeup, without the pressure to look "young" or perfect.

  3. I enjoyed your video, Samantha. And the photos really do highlight the problem of the powdered concealer. I don't wear concealer, I'm too lazy, but I know it would certainly brighten my face if I did.

    1. Thank you Melanie.
      It makes me so mad how fake and unattainable most images are. I think a real face is far more beautiful! X

  4. I watch Wayne Goss' videos, too! And yes when he posted that video up, I was pretty shocked too (just like he predicted at the beginning of it) but it was like a light bulb lit up for me, as it did for so many people, if you read the comments on his Instagram (since he disabled comments in YouTube for that particular video).

    Your concealing is TOTALLY ON POINT, Samantha. I used to slap on a lot more concealer when I was younger too - and videos of "beauty gurus" on YouTube are not very useful for that. I have no idea how they could layer so many products! I always imagine they look a fright in real life...

    I have dark sunken undereye circle, and since I have naturally tan skin, a MUA in MAC once taught me a tip he learned from his superior: if I don't feel like buying an extra colour-correcting product (I didn't, since I was on a tight budget), I can colour-correct using an orange lipstick I already owned - which actually works for me! I use the tiniest amount though, especially in the inner corner where it's the darkest, or else the orange would show through the concealer. For the record I use MAC Morange lipstick. Sometimes I skip colour-correcting, because my NARS concealer is good enough, but even then I really use a small amount of it.

    XO, Liyana
    | Affordorable

    1. Thank you for this Liyana!
      I have heard about the lipstick trick but I have only ever seen it slapped on (on YouTube) and thought "That must look silly in real life" so I am glad to hear someone who does it in real life and it works!
      I have a fabulous orange mac lipstick that I am going to experiment with....although my pale blue-ish tinged dark bits might not look so good!
      Thank you for your great comment.


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