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Friday, 10 February 2017

What to Wear When the Weather Turns Against You!

Striped Midi Skirt, Burgandy Knee Boots & Denim Shirt, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Best laid plans.
Sometimes planning an outfit is a waste of time.
No matter how much thought you put into it (or how many details you think you've covered) reality can hit and all intentions go out of the window!

Move over crisp air and blue skies.
Welcome torrential showers of icy rain.

As you may have guessed, this outfit was not intentional.

Striped Midi Skirt, Burgandy Knee Boots & Denim Shirt, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Not that I really mind because (as I have said before) any carefully planned outfits I construct never seem to work for me.
However, it's still annoying when a swishy pair of wide trousers need to stay at home.

{See the trousers I wanted to wear HERE}

Unfortunately, the morning forecast had changed from clear skies to heavy rain (and it was HEAVY) so soggy satin hems were not an option.

Striped Midi Skirt, Burgandy Knee Boots & Denim Shirt, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

As the whole outfit change was last minute (thank you Scottish weather!) I just grabbed what caught my eye and left.

It was only after I came home that I realised that this outfit is almost the same as THIS ONE.

With just a simple change of top, and a different jacket (I wore this CAMEL COAT) and the addition of a huge brolly.

{I even wore the same pin!}

Striped Midi Skirt, Burgandy Knee Boots & Denim Shirt, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

This got me thinking about how we can stay stylish when the weather turns against us.

In THIS POST the weather was so bad there were no options other than wellies!
{My husband was hiding in a corner to get the shots and the UK was flooding.}

However, most bad weather can still be styled out to some extent.

If it is not too windy then you can wear what you want, just grab a big umbrella and change your footwear for something slightly more substantial.

{I love these old boots and wear them a LOT!}

If the wind is threatening to rip your brolly into pieces (and you are going to be knee-deep in slush) then wear your heavy coat and boots but take a change of shoes with you.
A "quick change" in the ladies is all you need.

Where there is a will, there is always a way!

I don't drive, so I am often waiting in drafty bus stops or walking through driving rain but I rarely resort to looking like a hillwalker... unless I am walking up a hill of course! 

Life is too short for sad shoes

What do you do if the weather turns against you?
Or, are you lucky enough for that to never happen?

Please share your story in the comments, I'd love to hear your style tips!

DENIM SHIRT: Boden too!
LACE-UP BOOTS: CAT...very old.
CASHMERE JUMPER (worn under): John Smedley




  1. As much as I love to plan my outfits too, Samantha, it's much smarter to be realistic in accordance with the weather! And how boring it'd be to have clear skies and sunshine every day (ha ha)!!
    As for this outfit, I have to tell you the original one inspired me in an upcoming post!! And of course, I had to link to you to show everyone! It'll be out in a couple weeks!!

    1. Ooooo....I'm looking forward to that Jodie!
      And thank you for the 'shout out' when it comes, I really do appreciate it!
      Midi's? or stripes?....or both?? Hmmmm...I can't wait!

  2. Hi Fiona, I've only recently discovered your blog (this past week!), but I have to say I am LOVING it! I'm 45 and feeling like I'm stuck in a real 'style rut' (falling back on the 'failsafe' skinny jeans far too often than is good for me!). The problem is, I had no real idea where to go in terms of trying new styles or getting new ideas, but discovering your blog has given me so much inspiration that I'm determined to leave my 'skinny jeans comfort zone' behind and embrace new things! I'm determined to mix it up a bit more, and seeing the outfits you've put together has been SO helpful in giving me ideas (things I never thought would work together you make look so effortlessly cool & chic!). I really want to step out of the shadows and be one of those women (like you) who others look at and think "Wow, she looks amazing"! So glad I found your blog - I'm now learning how to layer (unbelievably something I just didn't know HOW to do!) & to be braver with colours, prints & mixing textures together. Please don't even stop writing your blog or I'll be lost! Here's to the brave, new, fashion fearless me!! Maria.

    1. After reading your comment below I can finally say "Thank You!".
      Your are very generous with your kind words!

      I would love to see some of your "new" non-skinny jean outfits (You can contact me via social media or email)....maybe I could share them and you could inspire some other women to experiment too!
      With confidence comes style and with style comes confidence....its like a roundabout we all deserve to jump on!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

  3. Sam, I can only imagine that your wardrobe is so stylish that even if I were to blindfold you on a dark rainy day and you wore the first few things you reached for, I bet you would STILL look like a million dollars. You just have THAT THING. Your whole wardrobe is so full of style. I love seeing how you style things, come rain or shine! xxx

    I have no tips other than to always add some sparkle before you go out (like your adorable lip brooch) because everyone loves sparkle. xx

    1. Sparkle is a great tip Lisa! Even if it is peeping out of something warm and practical :o).
      You are very kind Lisa....and generous! But I will happily take the compliment :o)

  4. I'm so sorry for calling you Fiona in my earlier post! Don't know where that came from...apologies! Maria

    1. It's okay Maria! I initially thought you had accidentally left it, intending it for someone else and I was going to ask you who this "Fiona" was, so I could check out her it sounded interesting! Hahahaha.
      No need to apologise, these things happen.
      (BTW....Fiona was one of the names my Mum on her 'girl' list anyway, so you are not too far away!)

  5. Those boots are fabulous! I'd be looking for ways to wear them regardless of the weather. ;-)

    1. I'm so glad you like them Susan.... they are OLD but my firm favourites. I get them resoled regularly and as the leather thins I worry about finding anything a good :o( XXX

  6. I can't believe it myself but I think I might just prefer this look over the earlier stripes-on-stripes look that featured this skirt - and I had LOVED that look! Might be due to the fact that I am such a denim girl...? I mean, that denim shirt with this striped midi skirt is perfection, Samantha! And I already claimed my love for that lippie brooch. I can really see myself wearing this look shoulders-to-toes and absolutely feeling confident, boots and all (because my head would have a hijab on, of course!).

    XO, Liyana
    | Affordorable

    1. Of course Liyana! And thank you :o)
      What colour scarf would you choose to wear with this outfit?? XXX

    2. After studying your photos, the first three scarves that pop into my head:
      - A dark navy blue one to complement the blue on the skirt (from the photos the dark stripe looks dark blue, not black...right?), and also so that the skirt is the hero of my entire outfit!
      - The zebra scarf in my latest track pants post! But I'd arrange it in such a way that the reds in that scarf is seen more, to match the red in the skirt.
      - A polka dots scarf - because you have me the idea to match stripes and dots and I love that idea! Maybe a red-blue one, or even white-dark blue one.

    3. Yes, it is Navy Liyana... and your dotty scarves sound perfect!
      I have just bought a beautiful and W-I-D-E belt from eBay in a zebra design with an orange trim!
      I can't wait to wear it and now want to pop it on with this skirt :o)
      Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. You pulled together such a fab look - I so want to spend a week in your closet! Thanks for linking up, xo


    1. Hahahaha.... thank you Patti.
      My wardrobe is small... only 1 double door.... but organised. VERY organised. XXX

  8. well, I think that your boots and skirt work together nicely, so it's perfect to wear them once more!, and you've styled them in a different way!. Lovely pin too!
    Great advice about weather, I think that picking the correct pair of shoes is The Key!, but I fail miserably many many times!.

  9. This look is so much fun, adorable skirt and love how you paired it with denim...looking fabulous, great styling ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion and beauty blog


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