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Monday, 27 February 2017

The Fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art, over 40.

The fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art Style, over 40.

Welcome back to The fab 40's.

The fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art Style, over 40.

Lets play with some Pop Art!

This month it was my turn to choose what the Fab40's would be wearing and I wanted to push us all a little!
With such a diverse group of creatively minded women I knew great things could happen.

So, with inspiration from brands such as Moschino and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada I decided to throw this style spanner into the works.
Pop Art ladies!
Can you handle it?
Let's find out....

The fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art Style, over 40.

With Pop Art as a 'theme' I was expecting one (or more!) of 4 things to happen...
  • Bold colour clashes.
  • Black and White contrasts.
  • Modern patterns, symbols or images.
  • Fun accessories.
I decided to take all 4 into my look.
Go BOLD or go home!

The fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art Style, over 40.

This outfit came together very easily and it was an absolute joy wear.
Lots of colour and fun (especially with my accessories) with a practical coat and shoes... plus a thermal layer or two!

{I'm wearing 2 thermal base layers, leggings and fleecy shoe liners...It is still pretty cold here!}

The fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art Style, over 40.

BOOTS: Vagabond
COAT: Primark... this one is lovely.
SHIRT: ASOS... this one is fun.
GLOVES: John Lewis... similar.
BAG: Linea (very old)... similar.
CHARM: TKmax (part of a bag)

I am delighted to introduce our Guest blogger this month... 

Lisa from The Sequinist

If you know Lisa's blog, you will agree when I tell you she has a bit of a thing for the bling!

I will try to reign in my gushing at little, and simply say that she is all of the things I love about a blogger...
  • Relatable: She comes across as a genuine person with a realistic life.
  • Creative and unapologetically unique: She likes it - She wears it. (Especially if it sparkles) End of story.
  • Inspiring: She is continually surprising me and making me think outside of the 40+ box.
Look how effortlessly she makes this pop art theme work for her.

The fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art Style, over 40.

Lisa has managed to include three of her signature style elements in this look.
  • Sequins
  • Fabulous shoes.
  • A slightly OTT jewel... check that Rock! 
The best thing about this outfit is that (when you break it down) it is very simple.
A skirt, jumper and heels.
No complex layering, no mad accessorising.
Easy to put together, and easy to wear.
Yes, it is bold.
Yes, it will turn heads.
But... as far as wearability and comfort goes, you can't get any better than this.

{I have to admit that I would be struggling to wear Lisa's shoes without a couple of painkillers (and a taxi) I would substitute those for my chunky boots and be happy all day!}

I am also loving her Pop Art backdrop.
A black and white wall, how perfect!
I knew Lisa would be a fantastic addition to the group and she certainly did not disappoint!

Pop over to and say hello!

SKIRT: J.W. Anderson
RING: The Sequinist
SHOES: Kurt Geiger

Sheela from Sheela Writes

Sheela is so cute in this outfit!
She has steered away from the primary colours and softened things down.
These may be muted shades but she is still boldly clashing and mixing her patterns.
Four items all with a different pattern!
Sheela always manages to surprise and inspire me.

The fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art Style, over 40.

HOODY: Harajuku Lovers
TEE: Disney
SKIRT: Alice & Olivia
BOOTS: AmiClubWear
RING and GLASSES: borrowed from Eve
LIPS: Rose from Peak Cosmetics

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

I had a feeling Ann would find this month lots of fun.
Bold colour is well within her comfort zone.
Look how at ease she is in this shot.
(Bravo for finding that background Annie!)

Lots of colour mixed with simple easy-going shapes.
Cool, comfortable and fun!

The fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art Style, over 40.

GLASSES, SKIRT & SOCKS: Forever 41, oops! I mean Forever 21!!
SHIRT & BAG: Kremb de la Kremb DIY
T-SHIRT: Shein
Jennie usually has a masculine twist to her outfits but not today.
I don't think I've ever seen her looking so girly!
Wow-weee Jennie....I LOVE this look!
It's In-Your-Face bold, bright and beautiful.
That skirt is a dream.

Of course, this kind of outfit isn't for blending in to the background but who wants to do that?
Here I am Folks!

The fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art Style, over 40.

TOP: Worthington, JCPenney
SKIRT: c/o YoShop
TIGHTS: Isadora Paccini
NECLACE RING & BAG: Charming Charlie
SHOES: Nine West "Martina"

Diane from Fashion on the fourth floor

Diane never disappoints!
Her spin on each month is always a little bit different.
This month is no exception.
She has toned the colour and the contrast right down but kept the Pop Art vibe with a DIY on her Sweatshirt dress.
A fun hashtag design.
Subtle, simple and cute.
The whole outfit is ageless, fresh and typically Diane.....Fabulous!

The fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art Style, over 40.

DRESS & TRAINERS: Forever 21
DIY die cut, shimmer & glitter heat transfer paper: Hobby Lobby
BRACELET: Boho Betty

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

Mary's always the lady of the group and this month she has managed to mix Pop Art with elegant and feminine... How does she do it?
Hats off to you Mary!

Pushed right out of her comfort zone, she has embraced the theme and given it a feminine twist.
Bold colours, fun details and plenty of personality!
I am LOVING the bold blue against her gorgeous hair.
Fabulous yellow shoes and a fun bag finish her look off nicely.

The fab40's | 7 Ways to be Bold! | Pop Art Style, over 40.

COAT: She in 
Co-Ords: The Limited
SHOES: Jcpenney
BAG: Target Kids dept $3 

Which of our Pop-Art-inspired outfits would you wear?

Please let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment.
Or contact me!
I love hearing from you.




  1. Thank you SO much for the glowing words and for having me as a guest, Sam!
    I thoroughly enjoyed being challenged, and I adore seeing everyone else's looks. Everyone really put their own style stamp on a very strong theme. I look at each ladies' outfit and say, Yes, I want that, that, and that! They're all fabulous. Your outfit is a masterclass in the importance of details... I mean, those yellow socks demand that we see them as a player and not an afterthought. Brava, lady! xx

    1. My pleasure Lisa!
      I was thrilled when you agreed to join us and you look amazing.

  2. What a fun theme this month Samantha. And I should've figured it was your brain child!!
    Love the yellow socks with your outfit---they made me smile!

    1. Hahahaha thank you Jodie! I like to push us a little.
      It was fun.
      Thank you for noticing my cheeky yellow socks.
      Can you believe they were neglected in the clearance pile at TKmax? 50p!

  3. Going bold - no need to go home! You all look smashing and are giving us lots of inspiration. xox


    1. Thank you Patti! There is no need to go home in these comfy boots :O) XXX

  4. Well, thank you so much for challenging us this month, Sam! I truly enjoyed your look and was thrilled we both went for a bold color palette. All of the little details certainly completed your look perfectly for this fun theme. Plus I am so glad for the introduction to the wonderful Lisa. Well done all around!

    1. You blew me away Jennie!
      I knew I could rely on you to embrace some bold colour. :o) XXX

  5. This theme was right up your alley Samantha! You are effortlessly bold in all ways. I can't wait to meet you in real life.

    I especially love your commentary on all of us. So complimentary. Thank you. I actually had trouble with this look! The librarian in me researched!!

    Great job this month Sam!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    1. Well I would never have known Ann!
      You looked like a duck in water. Pop art suits you. XXX

  6. Sam, this theme is adorable. Such fun and whimsical looks from every one. Sorry i was the party pooper who didn't join in. Can't wait to be back with you ladies this month! :)

    1. We missed you Veronica! I'm looking forward to next month's challenge..... and we thought this one was tough??? XXX


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