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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Red Metallic Nana Shoes & Teal Trousers | Behind the Scenes!

Metallic Red Slingback Nana Shoes & Teal Wool Trousers |Fake Fabulous

Granny shoes can look ironic and beautiful, on a chic 20-something.
But what about us more mature ladies?
Can we pull off the ironic look?
Or, do we just end up looking frumpy?

Metallic Red Slingback Nana Shoes & Teal Wool Trousers | Fake Fabulous

It may come as no surprise to you that I think age is an irrelevance when it comes to looking dowdy and frumpy.
Being a frump is not age-dependent.

Being a Frump is NOT age dependent.

You can be 25 and frumpy, or 75 and fabulous!

Metallic Red Slingback Nana Shoes & Teal Wool Trousers |Fake Fabulous

Nana shoes are wonderfully comfortable and easy to wear.
Plenty of room for your toes and a sensible heel.... sounds like something Nana would approve of!

These metallic red Nana shoes have been on my radar for a while now.... but with a £62 price tag they were a little steep for occasional wear.

But, with a little patience, these lovely shoes finally made it into the sale for £9.99.
That's more like it!

SHOP for Nana Shoes

However, granny-style shoes can look ugly, for a couple of reasons:

  • Structureless shoes (that show the shape of the toes, and the bones in the foot) can look unflattering. Especially if the bones in your feet are less than perfect... Very few people have perfect feet!
  • The high vamp (across the top of the toes) can give the shoe a very old-fashioned look. 

But, they are SO comfortable, and I love the way they feel on the foot.
To disguise my toe bones I stuck a thin layer of chiropody felt inside the top of the shoe.
This gave the shoe slightly more structure and cushioned my toes from the leather.
Chiropody felt is fantastic to use if any of your shoes rub.
Cut a strip and simply stick inside the shoe wherever you need it.
Instant comfort and a better fit.

As for the old-fashioned shape of the shoe...
Keep the look modern by choosing interesting colours (like red metallic!) or unusual textures.
Avoid navy....{yawn}... or anything deliberately "Good for work".
Having said that, red metallic is good for work isn't it?

Metallic Red Slingback Nana Shoes & Teal Wool Trousers |Fake Fabulous

This outfit came together easily, from the toes up!
The comfortable red shoes led to cosy teal trousers, and a fine wool cream polo neck.

Adding a bright red top was great for hiding my post-birthday-cake-baby.
Hello 43.

Metallic Red Slingback Nana Shoes & Teal Wool Trousers |Fake Fabulous

A simple (neutral) clutch and my chunky necklace finished things off nicely!

I thought I'd leave you with a sneaky peek at my new toy.
A big pop-up reflector, to bounce the weak Scottish light!
Here is my little helper shining her light in the drizzle.

She did a great job!

Metallic Red Slingback Nana Shoes & Teal Wool Trousers | Fake Fabulous

How do you feel about Nana shoes?
Comfortable and ironically cool?
Or frumpy, dowdy and boring?

Please share your thoughts in the comments

WOOL TROUSERS: Topshop (old as the hills)
SHOES: Red or Dead
BAG: Tkmax
NECKLACE: Charity shop about it HERE
RED TOP: Topshop... this jumper is lovely!
ROLL NECK: c/o Emreco
LIPS: MAC Vegas Volt




  1. Gorgeous photo of you beaming pure love at your little helper.

    The shoes look darn comfy. My nana was a slave to her bunions - had she worn these her tootsies would have been in much better shape.

    1. Thank you Sarah. XXX
      My Nana was more of a kaftan and flip flop kind of woman.... a hippy at heart!

  2. I need a little helper to shine some light on me. My pug is useless.

    Love the colours in this outfit.

    As I age I find that granny shoes or lower heel shoes are the only ones I can manage for any length of time.


    1. I am sure you could fashion a pug harness with built in reflectors.
      Poor Zoe might object though!

  3. I don't think they look frumpy in the least, particularly in that colour! I only wear block heels now so I'm looking at your "granny shoes" with interest!

    1. I'm still not sure about them Gail...even in red metallic! Part of me likes them, part of me yearns for a 4 inch platform (and a couple of painkillers for my poor tootsies! :oP) XXX

  4. I looooove the Nana shoes! Especially in red metallic. You look great in them. If you feel they're veering tooooo Nana, you could always sew or clip a matching cheap and cheerful brooch on each shoe to bling them up a bit; they'd look very Miu Miu (my answer to everything is to add sparkle to it :-D). The whole outfit is amazing, and you're wearing my favourite colour combination ever, red and turquoise.

    Great idea about the light reflector; I use one in the winter months sometimes, especially if I am on black pavement which casts really grey shadows on my pale skin!

    1. That is a fantastic idea Lisa...I have giant clip ons that could look great.
      I will give them a try.
      I like your way of thinking!
      Add some sparkle!! More is definitely more sometimes, isn't it? :o)

  5. Oooh Samantha so much to comment on!! Firstly, I'm all for nana shoes - I especially love a block heel. Yours are so fabulous and totally 'unfrumpy' because of the metallic finish - that colour is too pretty!

    Then there's the rest of your outfit, the colours of which are perfect on you... The bold orange which I saw and loved on IG, the contrast with the bright white and blue - it's all lush.

    Your longer hair is looking so gorgeous too I mustn't forget to add :)

    And finally you've got yourself a huge reflector - same as mine! They make SUCH a different to bouncing light up and onto your face, it does the same as a white or light floor (or snow). Lisa is right about black pavements, they're the worst for sucking all the life out of your face...! Tell me - are you an expert at folding it back up? Being a photography graduate I'm used to them, but my husband struggles with folding it back up, it makes me laugh to watch him grappling with it 😂😂

    Catherine x

    1. Oh and I forgot to say I hope you had the most fantastic birthday... Happy Birthday hon!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Thank you so much Catherine!
      I am always grateful to have made it to another year :o)

      As for the reflector...hahahaha...I know what you mean!
      Fortunately, years of children's pop-up play tents (and later festival tents) has made me a bit of a pro when it comes to folding these things!
      My husband leaves them up to me too. He always ends up in a tangle :oP

  6. First of all, Happy Belated Birthday Samantha!!!

    Awww you and your photographer has quite the adorable gorgeous little "assistant" there! She looks like she's having a good time helping out!

    By the way, Nana shoes FTW, and ESPECIALLY when they come in metallic red! Chunky block heels are super "in" right now and I'm glad they are, because skinny heels are so not my thing. Overall such a classy yet fun look!

    XO, Liyana
    | Affordorable

    1. Me too Liyana.
      I am not a fan of tottering!
      Thin heels look elegant and beautiful but they are never as comfortable.
      I'm so glad you like these red ones too :o)

  7. I love these shoes! They look as far from frumpy as you can get, and nothing makes a woman more beautiful than happy feet : > Love the whole look, and thanks for linking up, xo


  8. What an adorable little helper! I'm loving the Nana shoe in red metallic...they are definitely not your Nana's shoes! And if something is labeled "good for work" or "work appropriate" I run the other!

  9. Beautiful look! Your shoes are so fun!

    xx, Elise

  10. First of all your hair is looking great. Love how rich and gorgeous these shades of deep blue and orange-red look together. Nice styling. I love the pants, shoes and clutch.

    Welcome by on Thursdays and linkup with me this week and every Thursday, dear Samantha. Thanks and have a lovely week. Ada. =)

  11. I think your red shoes look really funky and cool, no granny style involved here!, I agree about 'choosing interesting colours', such a great advice!. As a huge fan of sensible 'nana shoes', I'm taking notes!
    Lovely color combo, beautiful accessories and a comfy pair of shoes! You look gorgeous!
    (your Little helper is a cutie)

    1. Thank you Monica! She is a keen helper.
      Sensible shoes don't need to be boring or dull, do they?

  12. I don't think I've ever really given nana shoes much thought to be honest with you but this pair look amazing on you. And that colour is to die for. They're a little Dorothy-like (as in Oz lol) and I love that! I've actually been looking for some Dorothy shoes for a while. If they were covered in sequins they're be perfect lol!
    I'm lucky living here in the Algarve, that the light is usually pretty good but I think I'd probably invest in a reflector if I was in the UK. I hadn't actually realised you were in Scotland. I visited there for the first time in December / January and totally fell in love with the country. I'd move there in a heartbeat!! (provided I could keep a hideaway here for when I need the sun lol!)
    A belated Happy Birthday to you too!
    Hugs from Portugal
    Suzy xx

    1. I am a little envious of your Algarve light... no need for a reflector over there!
      Thank you for such a great comment and thank you for the belated birthday wishes too.

  13. Let's see, I have a "few pairs" of blocked heeled Nana shoes, but yes, making sure the outfit doesnt look matronly is the key too. Love the bright color of your shoes Sam and your trousers look fab on you. Happy Birthday!
    thanks for lnkiing up with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  14. You are really rockin those ruby slippers Samantha! They are quite lovely and you are also lovely in that brilliant red orange and teal. You seem very captivated by the tones of orange lately.
    Your helper is so darling and looking like she loves assisting. I love the way you're smiling back at her in the last pose!

    1. Ruby slippers! I love that Judy :o) Yes, orange seems to be a bit of an obsession at the moment :oP XXX

  15. Not frumpy at all. Actually quite cool in the metallic red, with the slingback and the tiny gold ornamentation. Would snap them up in a second if I saw them and wear the heck out of them.


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