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Monday, 6 February 2017

Old Favourites and New Beginnings.

Navy Shift Dress, Leopard Tights & Block Heel Brogues | Fake Fabulous

February is probably my favourite month of the year.
The gloom of January is over (thank goodness!).
The snowdrops are pushing through.
It's also my birthday month and a time to reflect on the year that's passed.

For me, February is the time for a fresh start and new beginnings.

Navy Shift Dress, Leopard Tights & Block Heel Brogues | Fake Fabulous

As I approach my 43rd birthday (When did that happen? I am still 21 inside!) I am making a few changes to the blog.

One of them is my NEW monthly newsletter!

I hope to fill it with loads of things that you can't find on the blog.
Plenty of gossip and chat.
Answering your questions too.
Everything from specific style issues, to blogging, to makeup.
Anything goes really!

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I would LOVE for you to join me.

Navy Shift Dress, Leopard Tights & Block Heel Brogues | Fake Fabulous

Because of the big blog changes I decided to wear some old favourites today.
Starting with this navy dress.
{see it HERE }
This navy dress is on it's last legs, and has been worn to death.
It is starting to wear out but I love it so much, I don't want to say goodbye!

Navy Shift Dress, Leopard Tights & Block Heel Brogues | Fake Fabulous

I teamed it with another old favourite.... these chunky brogues.
{See 7 ways to wear them HERE}

I couldn't resist adding a bit of fun with these navy leopard tights.... Grrrr.

{Read about ways to wear leopard HERE}

Navy Shift Dress, Leopard Tights & Block Heel Brogues | Fake Fabulous

I finished off my look with a leopard top and yellow enamel brooch.
Just smart enough, without hitting the snooze button.

Sometimes old friends are the best!

DRESS: Louche
TOP: Boden
TIGHTS: M&S (I found them in a charity shop, brand new and abandoned)
BROOCH: Vintage

Navy Shift Dress, Leopard Tights & Block Heel Brogues | Fake Fabulous

Do you have any old favourites in your wardrobe?
What about clothes that are on their last legs?

Please share in the comments and please subscribe to my NEW newsletter for lots of extra bits and pieces!




  1. Such a cool and edgy look! Coincidentally I was looking online for chunky brogues. I just love them and there aren't many around at the moment!

    1. I know Gail! I was searching for leather ones and they all seem to be faux leather, or too high, or just a bit frumpy.
      Have you tried Office? XXX

  2. This is such a clever outfit - and I use clever deliberately: the blue of the leopard (what amazing tights!) matching with the other blues, and the tan of your shoes matching the tan of your leopard top. It all comes together so brilliantly. Your hairs looks so lovely in these photos too and really makes these colours sing! Kx

    1. Thank you for your kind words K. This is one of those times when less thought makes for a better outfit. This was a throw-on and when I "plan" it all goes a bit wrong :oP XXX

  3. You make this dress really shine, Samantha!!
    I have to ask a question though? How do you make it so that your dress doesn't stick to your tights? Do you wear a slip?

    1. Thank you Jodie. X
      To be honest I don't know why this dress doesn't stick to me!
      I recently bought a silk dress thinking it wouldn't be clingy but it is a nightmare, even with a slip and all the anti-cling tips and tricks.
      This dress just doesn't.
      Maybe that's why I wear it to death?? XXX

  4. I'm mad jealous of you finding those tights in the charity shop.
    I have a vintage dress that I seem to don at least once a week, more sometimes if I haven't got time to consider my outfit. I add red tights and my red fly london boots and a biker jacket and off I go.
    Good luck with the revamp and a happy birthday when it gets here
    Lynn x

    1. Your dress sounds perfect Lynn...especially with red tights and boots!
      It's not often I find tights but these were someone's mistake purchase. I love having a rummage through the "odds and sods" basket. :o) XXX

  5. Maybe you should have titled this post, "when a dress becomes your buddy" I can easily see why you love it so much but what I truly love is how you've taken what would be a summer dress (because of the open back)to most people and styled it for wear in the cooler months as well! You've got some enviable fashion guts! Your such a rogue Samantha! =-) Those great blue leopard tights are the cherry on top.

    1. Funny you say that Judy but that open back bit left me a little cold (pardon the pun!).... hahahaha. I like to be cosy, and summer is never very "summery" in Scotland :o) XXX

  6. I'm Feb too! When is your birthday? I'm the 21st. Hmmm, sometimes I love February--because of my birthday, but then I also kind of dread it--because of my birthday. I know; I'm so contrarian. I usually look so forward to the day, but I then have to remind myself it's just another day. I want to be absolutely spoiled. Therefore, guess what?! I've started to take matters into my own hands!!

    Samantha, I love how you paired this navy dress with two types of leopard. It's perfect!! Love it!! I might just have to try this. You always give me something new to think about.

    Just keep trying to get the best out of that (adorable) dress! Happy birthday dear friend!

    Love, Annie from Kremb de la Kremb

    1. I'm the 16th Annie and each year I am thankful that I made whatever number it is.
      Another year under my belt.
      Older but trying to be wiser.
      Giving less of a toss about trivia as each year passes.
      Enjoying the little things more.
      Unfortunately this dress may only get a few more wearings :o(.... things are starting to look a bit scabby and scruffy.
      Much as I love an old item modern fabrics just don't last.
      On the bright side I can search for a new "best buddy". :oP

  7. That's a great dress, I love the detail at the back. The leopard print top looks fab underneath it.

    Emma xxx

    1. Thank you Emma. I am not sure if I will ever wear this dress with the back open... The thought makes me shiver! Hahahaha. Bare skin and Scottish weather are not the best of friends. XXX

  8. Oohh I am in love... with the dress. Absolutely with the dress. How aweful it is starting to wear out. Have it copied by a smart dress maker. I am also in love with the way you styled it, the leopard top and tights, the shoes, the brooch... I think it is marvellous and would have loved to copy everything. Can you tell I am enthousiastic?

    1. Forgot to say... and your hair. Love the style.

    2. Thank you so much Greetje! To get such high praise is lovely :o) I am so sad about my dress and it's inevitable demise. I am chuffed that you would wear this look if it was in your wardrobe. XXX


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